Walkthrough Spellforce 3 Walkthrough: All Campaign Missions – Without Cheats

The most irritating features in the game involves the continuous changing of perspective the camera takes when a cutscene is finished. This can cause you to lose your perspective. To avoid losing track of the direction of up and where you are it is recommended to return to the camera’s original perspective, and then only resume your mission.

Best time to strike enemy bases

In the course of battle, it is the perfect opportunity to take on enemy bases. When the enemy forces attack you leaving an empty base to be left behind. The best time to attack is when the enemy’s force has been defeated by your own troops at your own base, then you are the one to invade the base that is empty.

Capture post

The most significant resource in the game isn’t iron, stone, wood or even food. It is the numerous outposts. If you can conquer an outpost, you are granted the right to construct buildings on the area within it. Furthermore, the amount of your units will increase.

Merge heroes

The most powerful units you have are your hero units. Thus, the most dangerous group you can unite to form your heroes group. To bring together the strength of your most powerful warriors, it’s an ideal idea to join all your heroes in a single group.

Make hotkeys smartly

Your heroes are mostly concerned with their capabilities. If you are able to use them swiftly, you could alter the outcome of a fight for the more favorable or quickly lose it. It is essential that you use these powerful attacks as quickly as you can. You must ensure that you are equipped with all the effective spells, actions, and attacks in your abilities menu. Knowing the key to attack and healing spells will make it simpler to locate the right item in chaotic situations.

Some abilities do not improve.

In your hero’s skill tree, there are a myriad of methods to eliminate the points you earn in your skills. But there are a few options are worth it. It is better to concentrate on specific abilities and increase them to their maximumsince you aren’t able to make use of any more than three attack.

Healers within the group

The only two methods to repair damage is via healing spells, or red healing potions. Yria has the most powerful healer to be found at the beginning and is accessible throughout the entire campaign. It is therefore imperative that she be part of your team each time you head out for a mission.

Always be in an additional row in your favorite characters. If she stays in the front row for too long, she’ll be a victim of too much harm in the end and lose her life. Her two greatest abilities are Resurrection as well as Healing Touch. These two abilities must be enhanced through you until the max.

Watchtowers can be built in vulnerable areas

You can’t take it into your hands, and it’s not always predictable, however, certain areas on maps are more popular than others, meaning that more enemies are attracted to that area. These locations are crucial to the success of the mission. This is why it’s an excellent idea to build a number of watchtowers in these spots and strengthen these watchtowers.

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Always have a huge amount of healing potions

If you encounter a merchant on a campaign mission and you see him, it’s best to go to him and buy all healing potion they have in their inventory. If you’re running out of healing potion before another mission is scheduled, look up the map of the world and head to one of the cities that are major like Greychanze and Immerlicht. You will be able to find plenty of vendors to meet your requirements.

Save prior to boss fights

If you see that the game is headed towards a boss battle and you are unsure of how to stop it, we suggest save the game and perform the “test run” against the enemy. If you don’t succeed in defeating him, then restart the saved game and apply what you’ve learned. It is still essential for this strategy to evaluate the capabilities of your adversaries.

When you click upon the image of your foe and you’ll see various values like damaged points and damage done and defensive values for various kinds of spells to the left of the image. Below, you’ll see the other status numbers displayed in colors. They are fascinating, because they show characteristics like immunities or weaknesses. If you are able to read them and understand them correctly you’ll have an advantage in battle. For example, if the adversary is weak to attack with fire, then employ the correct attack.

Rewarding yourself

When you’ve completed a task it is common to have some kind of reward for your warriors as well as an increase in points for experience. To get this reward all you need must do is hit on the green “Reward Recipient” button in the menu for missions on the right side left. You will be taken to a variety of rewards that you can select from.

To figure out the right item for you, we suggest just comparing it with the top gear available currently in your group. We usually give Tahar, the principal character Tahar the most valuable item since he’s in the group in any way.

Create as many units as you can before attacking

Before you start an armed struggle against your foe it is best to be at the absolute capacity of the unit. To increase the level, you must to perform as many outdoor poses feasible. Of course, only your favorite models are able to do this.

Always make use of the top equipment

There are always weapons, items and other equipment throughout the course of the mission, as well as at the conclusion. Before you begin the next mission, check your inventory of gear and then compare it with the what you’ve put on by hovering your mouse over it.

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Sell items that are not being used

As the story progresses you’ll receive new weapons, equipment and things. But, you will not require every one of these. Making sure you have the most effective items available and selling the rest to the retailer for an income is the most profitable strategy to make enough cash.

Commonly asked questions

How can I find traders in cities?

In the cities of major importance such as Greychanze or Immerlicht In the major cities, such as Greychanze or Immerlicht, you can find merchants selling medicines for healing, weaponry, and other things. However, finding them in the crowd isn’t easy. To locate them quickly, you need to use the map. It will indicate where to find traders. They are represented by an icon that has an eagle above their heads.

How can I utilize godstones properly?

Godstones are a highly strategic tool that you must be aware of in order to be successful. If you spot a godstone during the campaign, click on it to activate it. After that, it’s an opportunity to retrieve those who have fallen.

The thing that makes this unique is it means that you don’t need to take them away from the place that they dropped. They can be retrieved at any other godstone you wish. This means you will always return them to the place where they are wanted at the moment. If you have several godstones in use, you could also make use of these as gateways. This means you can always take your troops to the place the area where the fire is. This makes your troops more mobile.

How can I locate amazing items?

If you’re someone who has a fond love for the most epic of items There’s nothing better to grow your collection than constantly looking around the map. When you search every crevice and crevice of the map there are abandoned barrels and crates alongside settlements, individuals or other creatures. If you’re able to look them over for a while, it’s likely that you’ll find something inside the crates. Incredible game objects that you discover often in the second part of the tale.

What is the best place to locate blueprints?

With blueprints, you can unlock new structures and units in the production menu. Where do you locate the most valuable items? Your friends are located in Mulandir. These allies do not just communicate with you, they also give you trade. If you do talk to them, they will give you blueprints which could be bought for a price that is expensive.

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