Walkthrough Shenmue 3 Walkthrough & Guide: All Herbs, Sets And Important Places

Once you have left Shenhuan’s residence and begin to walk toward the bridge that is green and cross the bridge, you will be in the Hall of Martial Arts. You will be presented with three options to practice to put your martial art to the examination:

You can test the one-inch punch or the horse stance while in close proximity to the structure. Through playing the mini-games repeatedly and you’ll build up your endurance.

You can speak about your concerns with Huang Hu and ask for an opponent to spar with. You can strike him with as many blows as you can, while at the same time choose one of your combat methods using pressing the shoulder. The button combination you will need to use to complete this move is listed in the lower left. Once four bright buttons are displayed in the center on the display, you need to press them as fast as you can. This way you can improve your ability to attack on other hand and you can also increase the difficulty of the chosen tutorial on the other.

You can request Huang Hu to complete a battle with one of the monks he has. If you are successful then you will rise one rank and you are able to fight an opponent who is stronger the next time. There are five in all, and Huang Hu himself fighting you in the final.

The Tao Get Store (Tao Get Store)

The first structure that you’ll find after that green bridge will be that of the Tao-Get store, which is run by the owner Tao Guanzhong. There you can purchase among other things , food and snake power medicines attacks like the of floor kick, spiral kick as well as the blue T-shirt. Concerning fooditems, we suggest garlic, which can regenerate many life-energy for small amounts of dollars.

Additionally, Tao Gaunzhong is looking for people to cut wood for his company. The pay range is 50-70 yuan for each round, and you can repeat the task whenever you want.

Chance games that are played in Joy Park

If you take the downward street to the right of Tao Get. Tao Get store instead of walking toward the square of village, you’ll find The Joy Park. You can play a variety of kinds of games of luck if you swap coins for money in the front entrance prior to.

The two Miao Mingzhu and Jin Heguang provide what are known as lucky boards. They function as follows once you’ve chosen a board and placed your bet, you have to drop one of the balls from the top. It then is rolled down the board, hitting the nails connected to the board.

In the end, the ball is thrown to the bottom of one or more compartments. If it’s marked by the red circle, you’re in the winning position. While it appears like an esoteric game initially but the probability of success is high because of the principle of chaos. We would recommend not to play here.

Xi Xianfei offers a basic dice-rolling game. In essence, he rolls the dice first rolls two dice. The person who has the highest number of eyes is the winner. Therefore, your odds of winning are fifty percent.

The game of luck of Ma Junmin is a lot more profitable than A tortoise race. Whichever one of four species you wager on: You are able to cheer on your race simply by pushing the buttons in the margin as quickly as possible. While you press them the green balls in the corner will fill up and help your turtle to get an extra boost once they are fully filled. This means that the game doesn’t rely solely on luck however, it also depends a of your ability to move. We also recommend using the Yellow Turtle and we have always beat the game by a huge margin.

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The last chance game in Song Qunyou can be played only at 7 pm because the game’s host is not present during the evening. You must choose one of the four fields, and then throw the ball into a bowl that is round. If the ball stays in the exact field you’ve selected then you’ll receive four times the stake you staked back. Your odds of winning is therefore 25%, however you could win more. Therefore, it’s important to save your money prior to playing and reloading , if needed in the event that you’ve lost.

Su Zixiong on the square of the village

Once you are in the square of the village there is a good chance you will see the corpulent Su Zixiong. Su Zixiong is willing to offer himself to be a partner in sparring this is the reason you are able to enhance your attacking power as well as the quality of your combat techniques as you would in that of the Hall of Martial Arts.

The game of chance on The village square

In the center of the square, there is the fountain. From here you can be able to see several structures on one side, and on the other, an unnatural fence constructed of large tree trunks. In the background, you can play two more games of luck:

Xuan Shancun offers the bucket throwing. You receive three balls to throw, and you’re required to toss one in front of another in an arc , with four buckets that are in the front of you. In the event that one of them fall into one of the buckets, you will win the reward.

Xuan is somewhat sarcastic about the fact that you should aim correctly. This can be an error, since the visual arc of aiming does not show the exact direction in which you throw. It is best to aim your bow slightly behind the bucket, and only throw at the moment that Ryo shifts his hand from front to back. In the event that he doesn’t, he will not gain enough force with him, and the ball could bounce back against it from behind.

The possible winners could be Pineapple(Red Bucket), Black Bottle(Yellow Bucket), Digital Clock(Green Bucket) and Mini Soccer(Blue Bucket)

In addition to Xuan, Liu Fang also has a few Lucky Hit boards where, unlike Joy Park it is possible to be able to win two items: A block racing car(left board) and basic bananas(middle board) and an adorable clown toy(right board)

The two outer boards in particular are bad looking, since they’re filled with nails, and there are not many compartments in which you can win. However, we did win both times in addition to a few unsuccessful attempts when we dropped the ball around halfway down the left-hand edge of the table.

Wei Zhen at the sunflower field

This all purple-dressed lady can also be a possible sparring partner, due to which you’ll be able to learn attack strength and combat techniques similar to Su Zixiong.

The Panda Pawn Shop (Panda Pawn Shop) in Panda Market:

The proprietor of the Panda Pawn Shop is Ding Jinquin, and he trades complete sets for everything (instructions first and first and foremost). It is possible to find him in the first place if you’ve found Ke, the Stonemason. Ke.

This is the Prize Exchange at the Panda Market

There is a chance to exchange tokens you won from Joy Park for prizes, however, a lot of it is ineffective junk. The most profitable are the gemstones, as they are able to be sold in exchange for good cash at the Pawnshop.

It is the Kong Mei Goods (Kong Mei Goods) in the Panda Market

Kong Mei Goods is another retail store that allows you to buy food as well as a red T-shirt as well as other products.

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“The Hi-Techland” Panda arcade located in the Panda Market

The building is home to several vending machines, which offer some simple mini-games

For both excite 3 along with on the QTE Title2 you’ll be required to complete a sequence of Quick Time Events. Based on the score you receive you’ll be awarded up to two yellow Big Wheel Tickets from the first machine, as well as Blue Big Wheel Tickets from the second machine.

It is believed that the Highway Star vending machine is an entirely mechanical racing game disguised as. Keep on the dotted line for as long as you can to win the one or the two Red Big Wheel tickets.

In the Wacky-Mole machine, you smash mechanical moles using a hammer. The controls can be difficult to grasp at first because they’re not clearly explained. You must use one of your four joypad buttons to hit each of the moles that are on the left as well as two moles on your left side using an the analog pad. In the end, you will have access or two Green Big Wheel Tickets.

The panda’s Mao Zhi is in the middle

The young man Mao Zhi wants a soccer that you can take home in the egg-throwing game of chance in the square of the village. In exchange, Mao will give you the capsule toy Mobile Crane or inform you of the exact location of a hidden fishing location. But, it’s only the clear lake located between Panda Market and the Hermit Village that you are able to reach without Mao’s assistance. Thus, choose to use the Mobile Crane as a barter item.

Shenmue 3 Guide: Huang’s fishing equipment in the background of Man Yuan Temple Man Yuan Temple

Take a walk from the square toward Man Yuan Temple and just continue on until you get to Huang’s Fishing Supply located at the top of the hill. You have to be at the time of 12 noon to get fishing equipment for rent and fish in one of the numerous fishing locations.

Sage Zhu Tianwen at Twilight Hill

If you go to Twilight Hill, you will walk past the home of fortune-teller Zhu Tianwen. Zhu Tianwen can help you draw two forecasts: one based on color prediction and an estimate of numbers. These can assist you to win the next games of luck in Grand Macao.

Grand Macao on the at-night hill

Additionally, In Grand Macao, you can exchange tokens for cash and then play four games of luck each of which is provided through Song Yumin. Like we said that you must visit Zhu Tianwen before you go to get both a number prediction as well as the color prediction

If you can predict the number your odds to win the Frog Race will rise. Simply type in the frog’s name with the number you got by the fortune-teller. However, you should save the information prior to saving it since your odds “only” grows and isn’t a guarantee.

The same applies to Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon, that operate in the same manner like Joy Park. Therefore, you first have to choose one of four fields, then throw the ball into a bowl and hope that it will remain on the same field. Tap here based on the color your fortune-teller predicted to you.

The game of the Perfect 3 you’re faced with boring hit boards, but you could still play the tossing bucket game.

Wood chopping on the hill at dusk

The other side of the Grand Macao is Qin Cibai in which you can chop wood in the same way as Tao Guanzhong.

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