Walkthrough Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Walkthrough: Guide For All Puzzles, Crypts And Tombs

The journey starts with an introduction in which the control mechanisms are slowly taught to. It’s not a problem to follow by first climbing from the hole and then climb the wall. Look for the bright spots on the stone, which you can grab onto.

Discover Dominguez

Some cut scenes begin playing the real game Cozumel the town of Mexico. You discuss the next steps with your companion Jonah until he brings Dominguez’s notice. Now you’ll have to find Dominguez down within the urbanized city. To find him, go through the city, past the fountain on the left and continue to follow the route in the big crowd to can see him with a couple of people standing in front of the brown gate.

Trace Dominguez

Dominguez immediately passes into the gates, however the gate is tightly secured. Lara is therefore looking for a different route and automatically steps over the gate. You have to keep following Dominguez. This is not a issue due to the linear structure of level. When a gate is closed before your eyes and you’re moving at a the normal pace, you will need to figure out how to get around it.


Find another route to the Ausgbraung and study the region

To your left to the right, you’ll find an underpass that has an impressive blue glow roof. To the left, you’ll need to climb a wall at which point Lara will reveal her identity and take off her bow.

Stop the execution

A couple of meters further you will have to climb through a pipe to stumble on two criminals who are determined to kill an archaeologist. It is possible to stop this by smashing your knife through the rear of one and killing the other by headshots.


Find the temple’s entrance and then descend the cliff

Then you will be at a ruin in which you can loot several crates of materials. To the left, there is an elevated staircase, which you will climb the next.

The game will show you further climbing techniques, thanks to which you can leap and hang onto the wall to climb safely. After the next platform, you need to jump onto the rock that is hanging from the top and climb until you reach the wall on your left. Then, you can descend to the platform beneath you and then jump to the next rock ahead of you. If you make it to on the side to left from this, you’ll be able to climb back up to the level.

Then you can jump back on the wall before going higher. The next rock is the one you must scramble to the left and then carefully climb down until a part of the rock falls off. If you have enough momentum you will be able to leap to the left edge and then climb the corner to the right.

Then you are literally suspended in the air, and then initially to stop. It is now time to abseil as low as you can and then jump back with enough force onto the platform that is further back.

Exploring the ruin

It is then that you enter the cave and walk through a couple of tiny openings until you arrive at the first big cave. To the left is an ancient Mayan statue that you can view. In the back, there is a mural: The Heart of the Serpent (Exodus or Mam). To your right, you can see an opening that’s blocked by a variety of bits of timber. You can however shoot the rope that is wrapped through the middle with your bow and break the obstruction with a powerful snap.

To get to the entrance in the back, you’ll have to crawl under a trap , then crawl across to the right, through an narrow shaft. In the next room, you’ll be able to make use of your survival instincts to locate additional sources. There’s also a small alcove to the right hand side, and you’ll find some useful items that are buried beneath the earth.

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If you walk towards the northwest corner, and then turn to the east, you’ll find a support beam can be climbed. Once you reach the top, walk in a straight line until you cannot move any further. Then, leap across the wood beam to the right or on the other end of the room. You’ll then walk to your left and find the casket in where the remains of the pottery vessel (Exodus Mam) lies.

In addition you’re in a dead-end in the absence of the deep underground lake you’re standing before. Ergo, jump into the water and dive into the depths first, so that you can get hold of the relic Shell with Carvings (Exodus / Mam).


Find the hole where light illuminates. Now , you need to swim through it, replenish your oxygen supply with an air bubble between and dive into to a narrow shaft at its end. Do not let the threatening moray eels frighten you. Then, finally, press the button in as many times as you can before Lara is trapped between rocks.

When you land and you’ll see on your left side a dark, dark alcove with walls that are crumbling, however, you’ll only be able to break it up with a strong knife. Thus, you must turn back and locate an Archivar Map that is situated in the southeast and follow the tunnel your left. You must be attentive, as the walls are adorned with ugly stone heads which warn you about an entrapment. Actually, Lara activates it immediately and that’s why you should be quick to get out of the way.

There is the pit, which is small and has spikes in the bottom. It is therefore necessary to jump up the wall, then climb upwards, and you’ll find yourself before the pyramid.

To reach the top of the pyramid and to reach the platforms for bells

The road to your right will take you to several bell platforms. It is necessary jump from one platform onto the other until you’re close to the wall. Since the bell platform that follows hangs too high the wall, you are able to hop against the wall and then double leap up to the floor of the stone.

You could theoretically leap to your left from the bell platform. But, you have to press it down using your body, and you are still in a bind. Thus, you need to get off bell platforms temporarily and continue in the opposite direction.

If you stay on the right, you’ll encounter a narrow staircase. It will take you to a sleigh that can be pulled and pushed. In front of the vehicle is a wall that you can break by bowing. Then you can push the wagon through the opening, and then he is able to land upon one of the platforms for bells.

This platform is now connected to the bell platform that was previously in use that you had pushed to far below using your body weight. Due to the wagon, it hangs higher. If you go up the stairs that are narrower you’ll find the platform that was there before in front of your face and will be able to jump on it without the platform lowering. The reason for this is the wagon, which is able to weigh down the attached platform.

Hechtet immediately moves to your next platform for bells, and is careful to climb up the bell’s platform. Then, you’ll find a bridge that is broken ahead of you, where you can leap and then climb to the top of the hill.

On your left will find on your left side the report of rearguard (Metamorphosis or Mam). If you take the road to the right and you’ll come across an anchor point that you can connect your rope. Make a slight turn to the left and, from a distance, find the white rope that is wrapped around a beam of wood. When you aim it using the bow Lara is able to stretch an elongated rope that runs between the beam as well as the point of anchor.

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You can then climb higher and see the wall temple of The Moon (Exodus Mam) immediately on the right. When you continue on the next path, you must pay close pay attention to your feet until you spot an untied rope on the ground. It is best to cut it using a knife to break the trap.

The bell will be atop another platform, from which you are able to jump easily. After that, you’ll observe another platform at some distance. It is moving up and will get stuck against the rock. It will then scurry to the wall on the left and climb on the rock.

Lock the bell’s platform by removing it from the rock

You have to free the trapped bell from its rock however, you aren’t strong enough to do it. Check around to find the ramps that are two in one:

First rampis directed directly towards the platform. You will also find a crank that is able to be turned.

A second ramp will take you to an open wagon.

It is clear what you need to do The first step is to lift the wagon off of the second ramp, lift it onto the ramp on the other side and let it go in a way that it crashes onto the platform using full force. But there’s an issue here you can move the wagon effortlessly so that it can roll across the ramp. However, it’s too heavy to turn by itself or even to lift it up.

Look closely at the crank located at the top of the ramp: It’s fitted with a rope wrapped around it which is attached to the round platform that lies between the ramps. If you crank it you’ll be able to turn the platform as well as the wagon, in the event that you’ve already pushed the wagon down. So there should not be a issue to turn the wagon until its white handle faces the ramp that is first.

White handle obviously it is nothing more than an unwrapped rope. The next step is to cut the cable connecting the platform and the crank and extend a new rope between the wheel and the handle using bow. If you are using the crank, move down the ladder in the manner desired. Cut the rope in a second time so that the wagon slams down, then ram onto the platform for bells, and free it off the rock.

The bell platform is loosening and the bell platform to the left of the platform, that was the one you used to climb onto the rock earlier is raised. Now, you can continue to the left and sprint across to a ladder suspended in one go and after just a few leaps over the those bell platforms.

The next path will lead you to a dead-end. If you look carefully at the rock wall you will see above your head is a small grey, light edge where you hang yourself with a double jumping. Then you scramble all to the right, and then climb down to the pedestal that is circular.

Lara is able to solve a simple problem during the cutscene. She finds the dagger that she puts in her purse and stabs herself but it’s at present, and it is quite dangerous inside the cave, so you must leave it right away.

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