Walkthrough Resident Evil 8: Village Walkthrough, Tips & Guide For All Puzzles

1. It’s not required to kill every enemy. Many opponents appear intimidating, but don’t allow yourself to be caught in the crossfire. If you maintain a sufficient distance, you can avoid most enemies or at most avoid fighting. This is crucial in higher difficulty levels because you’ll need to conserve ammunition. In lower difficulty levels, however, there’s plenty of ammo or, at the very least, treasures can be found, meaning you don’t have to run out of ammo as quickly. Additionally, you can collect gems when you kill monsters. They drop a few after your death. These treasures can be sold to the seller. However, it’s not wrong to stay clear of a fight now and again. Therefore, you’ll have more reserves in case of an emergency.

2. Pay attention to the environment around you.

In tight spaces, you will often be in a predicament, so it is important to know what the design of the space was. Make sure to note any escape options, and take note of the colors of rooms on your map. The colors will tell the user if they have explored the room or if doors are opened.

3. Make sure to clean each room completely before your leave

The rooms that you have been to are highlighted in different colors. For example, a red room indicates which you haven’t cleaned, meaning it is possible to locate something in a closet, ceiling, or vase. Be on the lookout for lighting objects in the top. These are crystal fragments that a person can remove from the wall using an accurate shot. When you’ve completed your search in an area, it is shown in blue when you look at the map. Because there are likely to be instances where searching is more complex, and in most cases, it is not advisable to delay the search for specific items until later.

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4. Disrupts cabinets and vases

Certain glass cabinets, as well as vases and crates, could be destroyed. Although vases and crates provide a clue by moving towards them that the press of an electronic button could destroy them, you’ll have to use your knife to get rid of the cabinets. Simply smash the glass with the knife and then take the cabinet, if there’s something in the cabinet.

5. Sort your inventory

The space in your inventory is not unlimited, even if you purchase an expansion. You can make room by arranging the things in your inventory to prevent unnecessary gaps. This can make space for one or two additional medicine bottles.

6. Make your purchases available to the shop

Sometimes, you will find items after you kill monsters. For instance, sculptures. Other treasures lie in the area, like wine glasses. They can be turned into cash at the store, allowing you access to more efficient equipment and more space for inventory. The pause menu clearly states what items are crucial to the advancement and which can be traded. You may decide not to sell your treasures which increases the difficulty level. This is particularly beneficial for those seeking a more challenging experience.

7. Always prepare enough ammunition and medicine in advance

Combining certain things to create items, you can make supplies for your supplies. You can find this on the right menu on the screen that pauses. The most important items are medicine bottles and ammunition for your pistol and rifle. But for some items, you will require a recipe before purchasing. Recipes are available in the stores for money.

8. Take a look at all the letters that are lying all over

It’s not pleasant to look through all the letters and notes in complete silence. However, some of them offer vital clues or even an idea of how to find specific treasures. After you’ve learned the game more thoroughly or played it again, you can ignore the letters.

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Resident Evil 8: GuideThe horror begins

The introduction begins with a flashback to incidents in Resident Evil 7, then turns into an animated short film that recounts the story. Watch both at your leisure.

Resident Evil 8 opens with an intimate scene where our protagonist Ethan meets his wife Mia and daughter Rose shortly before eating dinner. Three years have passed since Resident Evil 7, and the world seems peaceful. The family of four now lives in Europe, away from the locations of their most recent horror incident.

Take Rose with you. Look around the room briefly, then bring your child to the first floor. You can use an instrument and other things, but there’s nothing to do. Bring the child to the infant’s room, but don’t place it into the crib just yet and carry it around with you.

Within the room next to it (obviously an office), it is possible to open drawers, read some texts, and play with Rose’s toy into your hands. This is the (small) crucial scene to come later. It is also possible to roll the ball out of the children’s room to the study. You will be awarded a Trophy or achievement. Keep looking around the room and finally put Rose in her crib. Small things can entice you to engage by putting photos in an album.

Then, go to the bathroom to look around at everything in the bathroom. You can then go back to the floor on which you started. The food is placed on the table. However, before you can have a good time, something awful occurs. Mia is killed, and Rose is abducted. Unfortunately, Ethan can’t defend himself. He’s also taken, hostage.

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