Walkthrough Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Walkthrough: Story Guide, Find All Documents, Bosses & Tips

A green-colored box While Resident Evil 7 differs significantly from the previous versions, a couple of familiar elements are back. Most useful one is the box in green you’ll often see. It’s not just a place to put as many items you’d like inside it, thereby reducing your ever-growing inventory of items: all the contents are accessible to you inside every crate! This might not seem very real however from a game perspective, it’s a useful convenience feature.

Save often: There are two different ways to save available in Resident Evil 7. The first one is automatic and typically occurs just prior to an event in the story. The other option is not required and can be found as older tape recorders. You can utilize them for as long as you’d like, and it is recommended to use them often after having finished the fight with as minimal ammo as you can.

The game is calm instead of chaotic: Unlike its predecessor, Resident Evil 7 shifts down a few gears and is a relatively slow game. The same is true for fights, and you should not worry even when you face an extremely terrifying enemy. If you take a calm aim toward his forehead and then hit him a couple of times you’ll feel paralyzed for several minutes. If however shooting at him with a rage at first, you’ll cause more harm to him. However, he’ll come to you without a hitch to grab you and, in the worst scenario may even cause your death.

Resident Evil 7 walkthrough: locate Mia in the footage “crumbled house” and escape by Mia and head to the attic

Follow the route after you have gotten out of the car. Go through the primary gate. Make an effort to open it, then turn and continue on the right route. Take the white car that is parked on the edge of the road, then open the door and read the magazine. Left, look at the message and then go through the fence that is broken.

Keep walking, but don’t be terrified by the ravens that are at the corner. Go through the carcass of a dead animal on your left. At the bottom of the path and find the red handbag that is lying on the floor. Take a look, then move it to the side and remove the driver’s licence. In the back, you can enter the porch and then into the house through the back door.

Enter the next door, and check out the closet on the other side of the hallway. it’s locked by an iron chain, similar to it is the primary gate. Go into the kitchen and then take the drawer to your left, which is containing a the photo of a decayed photo. The drawer to your left of you is closed, so take a take a look at the pot as well as the newspaper that is on the table. The left-hand edge is where you can also look at the inside of a microwave , as well as fridge.

Leave the kitchen and turn right. Take the drawer on the left but it’s empty. Continue to walk past the steps. The door that is to the right is a empty storage space and in the next door you will find the living area. You will see three additional pictures which are: the first placed on top of a pile of papers lying on the floor. the next one is on the table that is in the middle and the third is on the chair behind. In addition, near the door to the wall is an illuminated power box where there are three of the four fused.

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Play on the piano’s keys however, the flap closes. Check out the family portrait in the corner to the left just above the fireplace. Then then locate the VCR that is positioned at the television in the upper right-hand corner. The living room is now closed and go back to the stairs, and climb them.

Find the red button, which is located on a long, thin pole that is decorated with an “Stairs” indication. You can push it, but nothing happens as a result. Go to the dresser, and place the tape on top of it. Tape recorder beside it, and it will be used to keep the score. Go back into the recorder, and put the tape in.

The film isn’t like a normal movie you can watch in a passive manner. Instead, you assume the role as the cameraman. The two guys will follow you until you’re at the back of the house. Take a look at the same items like before and you’ll find there’s no drawer as well as that microwave is empty. Additionally when you go to the refrigerator, no glass is rolled out.

You must follow your boss into the living area and follow him to the fireplace. Then, a hatch opens to your right, and through which you can crawl. Then, go to the hole and then climb down the ladder. Take a look at Andre who is standing still behind the wall to your left and make sure you make sure you touch him to complete the recording of video.

Visit the fireplace and look interior. The lever is hidden and you can proceed through the door on your right. The ladder will be climbed down, which will eventually break and you will turn left. Continue along the narrow pathway and swim through the water. There will be one of the corpses halfway through however it shouldn’t be a little scary. Take yourself out of the water and walk through the door next to you.

Continue along the route until you arrive at a brightly illuminated cell. Make a left turn and find the note with the name as well as an axe. The latter is what you need and you can use it to cut off the chain that is locked into the cell. In it, and then go to Mia to wake her up.

Keep following until she guides you to a room , and she is seated on a couch. Again, talk to her and then you turn around. Find the picture on the trolley just to just to the left with the word “E-001” written in the rear. Enter the door and take a look at each doll, both on the shelves as well as the one lying on the floor. If you return, you’ll discover that Mia is gone. A new door has opened on your left, and through it you can walk.

Take the stairs up and go into the hallway that is adjacent. You can try using the phone , and then access the drawer on the left. However, there’s no thing of significance within the drawer. Then, turn around, walk towards the dresser with the brown color and print off the map. Continue walking a couple of steps and you will find the bathroom to your left. Inside, you’ll find two medicine cabinets: one is located in the dresser side of the sink. the second is located on the dresser on the right.

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Take the bathroom out and follow the corridor until you’re back facing the locked door. Then turn around and listen for the doorbell. Follow the door leading you back to the basement and then descend the steps. Then, you will meet Mia once more She will then take aim at you.

You can fight to defend yourself by pressing the right shoulder button continuously. When she is able to regain her senses, and then bangs your head into the wall you can heal yourself by taking a medication. Begin by grabbing her legs. Eventually, she gets up , and then attacks you once more. When you’re lying on the ground, you must go to the right and pick up the axe. Then, hit Mia with it until she is completely motionless. Take the phone from before and grab it and you’ll be able to find another goal.

Return to the room in which you took on Mia. Mia has gone missing however, you are able to grab the axe and try again. Get out of the room and stay to the left, and you’ll find the locked door you had before. It is now open and that’s why you’re able to go through the stairs and walk up towards the recorder.

In the kitchen, go through it to reach the cabinet locked. Take the chain off using an axe, then open it, and then take the fuse. Put it in the power box located in the living room, then walk back up the stairs. While you’re there, you’ll meet the fun Mia who will shove the screwdriver in your hand and bind your body on the walls. You will be able to attempt unsuccessfully to free from the wall, but with no the success you’ve hoped for. Mia will take your hand off with chainsaw (!) and then vanish.

Take the stairs up and push the bar’s button that now functions because of the fuse you inserted. Continue to the next floor and walk straight through the door that is to your left. You will be able to take the pistol, ammunition and the other medicine. Remain in the hallway, and walk across it. Enter through a different door, and enter the room next to it. take the ammo box to your left. Look for the ladder that’s which is leaning against the wall however, don’t climb it just yet. Instead, go into the room on your left to find additional ammo.

Retract your steps back towards the staircase, hold it lightly and then immediately walk towards the rear. Mia will smash through the door in front of you and then attack you with a chainsaw. You’ll need to hit her head around 10 times in order to stop her. To accomplish this, shoot him with calmness instead of firing in a frenzied manner, while you move backwards making a circle around the room, so that you don’t fall against walls.

Make use of the moment after you’ve taken out Mia on the forehead and then she stumbles around for couple of seconds to recover yourself with medicine or to reload your weapon. If you’ve defeated her, soon afterward you’ll be thrown down by an unknown man and then dragged away.

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