Walkthrough Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough, Guide, Tips & Tricks

Make use of the map

The map is an essential instrument. In one way, it shows you which direction to take next The location you are looking for is indicated automatically. Additionally, any items you’ve discovered are noted on the map. If a space has been highlighted with red it means that you did not find, activated, or opened anything in the room.

You can heal yourself quickly and thus be later

Sprays and healing plants shouldn’t use in excess. Don’t heal yourself immediately with every hit or bite But wait until the health indicator turns at “Warning” or “Danger”. Jill and Carlos are slower to move after sustaining major injuries and walk with a hunch over and grumble. Additionally, the edge of your screen become blood red and the music gets duller. After that, you apply an therapeutic spray, a red-green mix of herbs or a combination of three or more green plants.

Make sure to use ammunition in a controlled manner.

While ammunition is no less scarce than it was back in the beginning however, it is still important to use it with care. Every enemy has weaknesses and can be easily defeated with a specific weapon. According to the rule of thumb the larger the beast and the greater the power of your weapon must be. Remember to mix explosives and gunpowder to create your own ammunition:

Mixing instructions for ammunition:

Keep the knife close by

It is your personal life-insurance. In contrast to the remake of part 2 of the story, it will not break. The zombies that attack it can no longer be repelled automatically by it. Make use of it to attack zombies who are lying on the ground. You can then poke them in the legs. Sometimes, the enemies you think are dead aren’t dead even. This means you don’t get any unpleasant surprises and you can then follow up with the shotgun once the zombie has risen. This knife can also be employed for Charlie figures as well as all wooden boxes in order to preserve cartridges.

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Always make space in your inventory

It’s an old rule but it’s still valid Do not pack your bags to the max But always leave a little room. It should be between two and three slots in order to take items and other important things while traveling. Be sure to put grenades and ammo in a stack that are the same kind and mix the herbs.

Shoot red barrels

In several locations around Raccoon City, you can find red barrels that explode when struck. In the vicinity, there are several zombies circling about. Attract them to the bomb and eliminate them all at a time. Because of the force of the explosion you must keep a distance to not be shocked by it.

Utilize the dodge

The new dodge option lets you avoid an attack at the very last moment. To accomplish this, hit the shoulder buttons (R1) (PS4) or the RB button (Xbox One) when you are facing the attack, and steer in the same direction. But timing is a challenge and dodge is slow. So, practice by playing with the first zombies in the middle of the game in order to gain the feel for the correct way to use. A good dodge will trigger the player to slow down for a few seconds by pressing L2 or LT immediately after you have rolled away to instantly attack the weak spot of the enemy.

The camera can be adjusted correctly

If you have the option, expand the view field to eliminate the cameraman out of Jill. This allows you to observe more of the surroundings and identify dangers that come into view from the sides earlier. Reduce the speed you aim at to slow down the crosshairs that are placed over enemies. This allows you to target weak spots with greater ease.

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Reduce the crosshairs speed.

You can decrease the crosshairs if they are over an opponent in the Controls options. This will provide you with peace of mind and let you strafe weak spots more efficiently. Test the level of slowdown little to determine the best setting.

Levels of difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty. If you’ve selected one at the beginning it is the final one. You are not able to change the difficulty while the game is playing.

Our solution is built upon the level of difficulty Standard.


This is the easiest difficulty level. The game will assist you with an aid to aim that helps you make headshots more comfortable. Your health will automatically recover until a certain amount. It is common to fight less powerful enemies. Additionally, you’ll get more ammunition while crafting and will have access to an assault rifle from the beginning. Furthermore, you’ll get additional slots for inventory.


This level is akin to typical difficulty. Don’t waste too much ammunition and healing items, and you’ll be able to complete the level in this level.


This is the hardest difficulty level. It will be tougher on enemies, and have to use less ammo and healing equipment in general, and will also get less ammo while crafting. Also, you’ll take more injuries from attacks.

If you are playing with “Standard” as well as “Veteran” and you die often at some point the game will allow the option to switch into “Assisted”. If you choose to switch to “Assisted,” you are unable to reverse this..

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