Walkthrough Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough: All main missions, side missions, collectibles, gold rating.

Being an outlaw can be hard. However, you can ease stress by following a few fundamental guidelines.

Learn to read the 3 status indicator correctly

Arthur is constantly on constantly on the move and frequently having to defend himself and rides often. This impacts the three status indicators that are Vitality Stamina as well as Dead Eye Concentration. The indicators for these are made up of two parts which are the core and circular force. The power of the temporary shows the amount of energy you are able to be investing, i.e. how long you can go in one go or target through Dead Eye. The display inside lies the heart. The core displays the power available and endurance. If your core is not filled and you don’t have enough power, you will not be able use the temporary power or the temporary gauge will fill very slowly. Therefore, it’s crucial to replenish up the centers of the display frequently.

Sleep, rest and eat

To maximize your abilities, take a break, rest and consume food regularly. You can relax in an open space by setting up your camp. In the camp, you can rest and consume food. In order to do that you’ll need food and supplies. Remember that in the wilderness , you may be snatched away or harmed in the wild by bounty hunter at any moment. A stay at the hotel is generally inexpensive and safer. Enjoy the luxury. You will also get snacks at intervals throughout the camp of your friends If you contribute to the pot of cooking. Be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, Arthur takes a bite of bread and loses strength and agility.

Make yourself invisible in the nick of time

It is possible to significantly decrease the likelihood of being caught during a crime by having put the Arthur’s bandana on your mouth. While it won’t shield you from witnesses who report an incident, it can delay the process which gives you time you require to either capture (or should it be necessary, murder) witnesses or get out of the way.

Beware of unnecessary criminals

It is evident that sometimes things can lead to others and you end up shooting an innocent person on the road or commit other crimes. It’s then an extensive rat tail since crimes are not unnoticed. Witnesses leave in shock. If you allow them to escape they will have a bounty on your back. If you pursue them and kill any witnesses it is a new game since there might be witnesses. A different option is to pursue the witness, then capture them and tie them by rope. In some instances witnesses will promise to keep their hands tight. However, it’s not always possible to be sure of this.

Street murders generate little and create troubles. If they’re preventable so let it be in the main. You’ll avoid many headaches.

Get everything and everybody

Everywhere you go, take your time and look around. Look over shelves and cabinets and open drawers, then step near tables. There are a lot of things are easy to carry along. Food, medicines, tonics ammunition, and a few items that are collectibles. Find what you can from your pockets and make use of those items as well.

Additionally, you must take as many dead bodies as you can. It is not always possible to have time to do this in battles, and you could run the possibility of being shot at over the heap. Sometimes Arthur is forced to flee following a battle, and is unable to take home a sack of loot. It is therefore recommended to visit a dead body at times during battle. In this way, you will be able to collect smaller amounts of money , and things like pocket watches or belt buckles that you can then sell to fences. It is also a way to obtain unopened medicine bottles cigarettes, snacks, and other tobacco products which can help your skin once in a while.

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Always remove your weapons from your horse

There are times when you are required to work in a specific manner without weapons. If this isn’t the case, you should always be safe and remove at the very least one weapon off the saddle of your horse. Nothing is more irritating than having to rush to the horse to retrieve guns in a dangerous situation.

Bounty hunters from Shun

It’s tempting to take on any danger. Particularly when bounty hunters are seeking your presence in the open as your chest gets swollen – you’d like to reduce your chest. However, the truth is that it does you nothing. There isn’t much to be gained and the chance of being killed or badly injured is very high due to the fact that bounty hunters are rarely on their own even with little or no rewards. The more money you have on Arthur the more frequently they appear , and the quicker you’ll be able to observe the radishes coming from below. Pay attention to your radar’s display. dangers are highlighted with an orange border. Be sure to avoid them as much as you can or run to the other direction before they spot you.

Modify your bounty on your own

In each train station you’ll see a postal worker who delivers letters, handles train tickets, and accepts payment from you to seek absolution. You pay your bounty and are able to safely return to areas in which you’re sought after. Is not quite cheap, but a safe solution.

A ride with foresight

This may sound like a joke however it’s vital to Take care to ride with foresight so you don’t bump onto other cyclists (or carriages) and also hit rocks or stones. The most likely thing that happens to you will be the loss of life force , both in animals and humans – which could lead to the unintentional deaths of the two. If it happens an accident with another rider could be considered to be an attack and you’ll end up with an unjust compensation just because you don’t possess the mental capacity to maneuver carefully and cautiously around the corner.

Map of the entire game world (click to increase the size)

Breeding and taking care of horses

Arthur has multiple horses. But, he has only one primary horse. The rest are horses used as secondary ones. The primary horse will always be the one to which your saddle was secured. If it is killed it is possible to get a new one by either stealing it or by taming a wild horse. Furthermore, Arthur will be provided with a horse if the horse dies along with it and awakes at an undetermined time.

Horses that do not have a connection to Arthur are known as temporary horses. They aren’t able to be called nor broken in. However you can alter this by strapping your saddle to an untried horse and riding for a short period of time. When the first stage of attachment has been reached, Arthur can call (or whistle) the horse to him. The commands for this can be found on the control pad located at the top. At lower bond levels, the horse will only obey when it is within close proximity. If you would like to contact your horse at a long distance, you have to achieve a higher level of connection.

Horses that are temporarily ridden and side horses will stay wherever you have left the area you leave them. But only secondary horses as well as your primary horse will be noted by the map. If you wish to be able to access all your animals, then you must put the ones you don’t require right now in an animal stable.

Connectivity to the Internet

The longer Arthur spends with his horse, the more the attachment that grows in intervals. This can be enhanced by riding. You can also aid through grooming the horse, giving food or giving the horse a good lick regularly. This bond can also enhance the capabilities of the horse. The more advanced the level of bond, the more precise the control is when riding. In time, you’ll be able stop the horse in a flash or even turn its back (go in a sideways direction).

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A constant load will increase the endurance of your horse. The more frequently you ride faster, the longer the horse is able to stay at the canter without exhausting his stamina. The stamina rules are the same as those of Arthur himself. The outer ring on the stamina meter indicates the length of time you can go fast or climb up the hill in the present. The inner core, in the shape that of lightning bolts however will show how much stamina remains on the total.

The more and more frequently you speed up the faster, the less energy remains in the heart. If the center is empty the horse will regenerate its endurance very slowly. This is why you must feed your horses regularly and not push the stamina temporarily to the point of exhaustion.

The load is balanced by the horse

If you plan to carry the horse over a long duration, you should be able to manage its weight. Simply pressing the button for riding (X button for PS4 or The button for Xbox One), lets it go slowly. If you push the button again and hold it, you’ll shift to trotting. Trotting isn’t a cost for the horse. any energy when it is on level ground.

If you are looking to canter, it is necessary to hit the button to activate the riding command several times. It is most effective as long as you stay within the speed of the gallop you’re trying to achieve. If you’re trying to get your horse moving it is possible to continue to press the button. This can accelerate your horse tremendously however, it will draw a lot of power off it in only a short distance.

Make sure your horse has a restful trot during long rides and secure him to a post following the journey to allow him to relax and regain his energy. Foods like carrots and oatmeal cookies can boost your energy levels and help strengthen the stamina of your horse.

What should you do if you lose your horse?

Horses can die in a shorter time than you imagine. Most likely , it’s in the course of a gunfight, it’s surrounded by bullets. Collisions can also destroy the vitality of the vehicle. A special care should be taken when dealing with water. A calm river or lake can be crossed by your horse’s swim, if it is still able to swim and crosses the lake or river through the bank that is shallow. If you happen to plunge into deep water or heavy rapids, it could drown immediately.

If your horse has died You have the option of bringing it back to its feet using tincture and the horse’s awakening. The horse is then weaker on its legs, but it can at the very least be fed and again. If you don’t have the medication with you, and leave the spot in which the horse was killed the horse is dead forever and will leave only the saddle and its the contents.

You can pick it up by hand and put it to another animal or go to the town’s stable and take your saddle back there. The third option isn’t ideal If Arthur dies following the loss of the horse, Arthur will receive an unassuming animal upon his waking with his saddle that is already secured.

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