Walkthrough Rage 2 Walkthrough: Tips & Tricks, Data Pad Locations, Nanotrites & Nano Crushers

This is the very first mission in Rage 2 and thus the beginning the adventure. In the beginning, you must decide whether you’d like to play either a male or female, but it will not make much difference on the plot. Once you’ve settled on your preference take one of the Sidewinder firearms as well as the Wingstick on the right and wait for the brief sequence. After you’ve completed that, take Lily outside and begin the mission of pressing the General Cross.

Do one adversary that appears just ahead of you. There will be plenty of time for a perfect headshot. Press the button on the zipline to activate it. Once you’ve reached your lowest point, it’s time to have finished with the next set of opponents. Time, in conjunction with Lily’s aid, should suffice to kill your opponents’ slowness with headshots. Once you’ve crossed the square, walk towards the courtyard.

When you reach the end of the road There is a final enemy who is waiting to be saved by you. Do him a favor, and pick up the field cells that were dropped by him. Then follow Lily to the steps. You will be witness to the outcome to Ranger Jersey and then have the chance, or more so the obligation, to get his gear. There is a size for everyone Don’t be shy and don’t forget to put on your suit.

Enter the courtyard

With your new armor , and carrying your new weapon, the Ranger assault weapon, you are now heading into the courtyard, and again, chasing after your fellow Lily. With your new weapon you’re now able to blast the skulls of your enemies , even at medium range. Take advantage of this fact and your wingsticks, and the next set of foes will be laughing about. In the higher levels of difficulty you shouldn’t get too tight . If you’re unsure, make use of the provided cover and let your teammates assist you.

Take a walk around the area that is filled with debris and, when it’s signalled to you, you can use the grenades and eliminate the next group of adversaries in one single swoop. If you need to the additional ammo and grenades to use with your rifle in the wall as well as obstacles. After that, follow the next marker and walk over the obstacles, and then through the water until you reach your next point of interest. There, aid your fellow comrade to defeat the attackers and take the staircase that is marked through the red light.

Your goal is at the opposite end of the structure made of metal. Take the purple ladder if need wingsticks then go through the lower transition to metal and get rid of the enemies who stand within your path. At more difficult difficulty levels, you could make use of explosive barrels to gain an advantage. As you climb under the debris, then tackle the next wave from the opposite side. Because the enemies that are already there aren’t aware of your presence until now it is possible to take them out in quick succession with a headshots.

Then, you must go beneath the damaged rolling gate and move to the rightside, where you’ll find an energy pack. Continue to follow the route through the flames to the next position you want to be in. This is where you can test using your new overdrive. You can slash your enemies, and continue to follow the corridor . Single new enemies will appear in your path but you’ll be able to take them down since they don’t fight in groups.

After you’ve removed this particular enemy from the hallway ahead which one of them is cosying close to a corpse or get close enough to the end to the hallway, other hostile units will appear. One of them will come right at you and assault you with melee (quickly remove them with the headshot or engage in melee too) while another one will appear over. The two of them you must get rid of first, and the rest will be the end will be a cake.
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As you climb to the top of the ladder. traverse the structure, and remove the adversary on the other side. After that, follow the debris to the bottom, and you’ll begin another set of steps. When it’s over, following having met Erwina Prowley and General Cross The mission will move on to the next step. The next step is to get into the Presidio.

Explore the Presidio/Enter the Ark

Grab the datapad straight in front of you, along there is a ranger’s report on the ambush inside the canyon. Beyond that, near the half-buried workshop is a different report “Vineland the tank base is lost.” From here, head to the east, towards the huge building, which is reddish; it is located northeast of Presidio. Follow the building behind it and look around the corner to find the next datapad. you’ll find the datapad that reads “Prowley’s entry for Project “Legacy”.”

Follow the path marked returning to the location from where you started and grab ammo along the way, if needed. The metal scaffolding will discover a locked entrance and an hand scanner. You’ll need to engage with the scanner to continue your route. Then, enter into the Presidio for a listen Prowley’s holon messages inside, until the very final. After recording the message, you are able to explore the Ark within the Ark itself.

You must now walk to Ark 401a, and walk up to the door, from where you will need to activate your attention until the structure is ready for you. Step inside the Ark and engage using the Nanotrite Injector to master the Dash and to test it in a secure environment. Then, go back into the main room in order to connect with your aunt who died or to get new instructions from her. This will start the next main mission, “Power Outage,” “Wasteland Celebrity” as well as “Ground Station.”

Keep in touch with Lily to get more information about your goals, how you can find them and what you’ll need to do in order to get resistance fighters to your side. Also, you will be given your first project: Basic Training. With your project points you will be able to access the menu for your vehicle, which will give you your own car The Phoenix. The initial main mission, “The Ranger,” is now complete.

The power failure

It is the 2nd major mission of Rage 2 and it starts immediately when you locate Ark 401a within the Presidio. You can use the nanotrite power Dash and allow Prowley give you his instructions. Now , the challenge is to find John Marshall in Gunbarrel. Gunbarrel is situated to the north of Vineland. While you are there you must eliminate the first roadblock to the game. If you do this, you’ll not only get $200 and the three points for project from Loosum Hagar.

If you aren’t caught up in the various places take your navi through Gunbarrel within the area of quarry. Contact Guardsman Spartan Vambrace who is located right in front of the gate into the town, and you’ll find out that Marshall is in search of skilled fighters. Marshall is located to the west side of the town. Through Gunbarrel, you’ve also gained access to your first trading town in which you can purchase and sell goods as well as register vehicles and utilize the speedy travel feature.

Reach the sewers/reach the turbine

Go to the west side of the city and discover the dud bar then follow the steps down until a sequence immediately begin to introduce your to Marshall. Marshall will give you the next task. This will lead one to the eastern part of Gunbarrel which is where you must be able to enter the sewers. It is only possible from now on. When the gate opens for you, then enter the elevator that is behind it, and press the lever to begin your journey down.

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At the bottom, follow the route of the corridor and finally the stepladder which will lead you further in the downs. Continue to follow the length of the corridor until you get to an Ark 402a. Then, open it and use the shotgun used in combat to shoot it. A tutorial is followed that introduces you to the advantages of combat that this gun offers in greater depth. The training will be explained to you , and then you can make your journey towards the turbines.

Take out the mutants attacking in the ark. Then follow the your journey towards the goal marker. Keep an eye on crates and gather the mutant spores when they’ve been dealt with by their creators. You can, for instance, walk down an incline halfway, and then find the crate stuffed with natrites. Keep an eye on the ground.

Be on the lookout for mutants armed with explosives, especially later on in the mission. If you shoot them, it will trigger an explosion that could injure or even kill opponents like you. Be sure to keep a safe distance when confronting the enemies. Then, you must fight the hordes of mutants until you get to the iron lock that you are able to open with the help of a wheel.

Engage with it, and be aware of your enemies by firing explosive projectiles located in the room behind it. Because they are quite far away, it’s recommended to utilize shooting with a pistol or rifle. Follow the corridors until you reach the turbine and you will be able to get it free to Marshall. Before you interact with the new marker for the target, it is recommended to take advantage of health and ammo infusions. There is plenty of both in the region.

Abadon Warlord The Abadon Warlord

When you attempt moving the wheel when you try to move it, you will be confronted by an Abadon warrior appears, and announces that war is declared against you. When you begin the battle, get away from one side and then follow the steps up to there. From there , you can take on the war master a little more secure. But be aware of the grenades that are thrown up. Make use of your own grenades as well as the shotgun’s aiming device shoot powerful single projectiles towards the monster. Be sure to keep moving or, better yet move your position regularly to avoid the rain of attack.

It is recommended to shoot at the head of the creature until the helmet is shattered and you’re able to finally get the right amount of loss. Refuse to attack normal mutants once you sense them coming and then tackle the larger opponent. Once you’ve got him to the floor All you need to do is switch on the switches marked and use the wheel before you can end the mission at an end.

Then, return to Marshall with the help of the elevator for freight. When you are in Marshall’s arsenal talk to him and Marshall’s plans (Kill and destroy) will be unlocked. They will improve the combat features of your characters. “Power Outage” has come to an end and you are able to go on to “Wasteland Famous” and “Ground Station”.

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