Walkthrough Pure Farming 2018 Walkthrough: Tips & Tricks For Money, Vehicles, Animals And Trade

Beginners can begin by playing games like ” My first farm“. In this mode, the game is explained step-by- process and you’ll get smaller tasks that allow you to play around with the different elements of the game in four nations. You’ll earn experience points which can increase the character’s level for ever. Certain game elements are unlockable only once you’ve reached specific levels of your character. When playing in the gameplay mode free play However you are able to do anything. You won’t be held by force and you don’t receive any rules or guidelines, and you could even operate in multiple countries simultaneously by using an airports. challenges are an intermediate mode, offering greater freedom than the original game mode however with more precise, challenging challenges.


Because of the many glitches in the game it’s possible that you find yourself stuck by your utility vehicle stuck on the fence, a tree or any other object which means it no will move forward or reverse. In this instance, open the map and then teleport back to the shed you purchased or the field. It’s even compatible when connected trailers are in use.

Tidiness is only half of the battle

Make a practice of clearing out fields in a neat manner. This is to say, in clean rows from top to the bottom. Then, you turn out of the field and then drive on the next lane back. If you instead drive on the feel of an ad hoc “it works” approach, you could often miss parts within the area. This is particularly dangerous in the course of the campaign, where you must reach the specified percentage of field distance processed.

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Maintenance of vehicles

The faster you fix the vehicle that is damaged and the quicker you repair them, the more efficient. It’s recommended to take note of the maximum speeds on the website and look over the speedometer on occasion when driving. If your speed drops noticeably then it’s the right time to go to the workshop.

Wash Street

Are your vehicles too filthy over the long term? In your backyard it is possible to clean them using a pressure washer, alternatively, you can go to the town and wash your car. Cleaning does not affect your the quality of driving or the longevity of your car.


In a simulator for farming it’s a fact for things to have your farms a long way from each other and you’ll usually be driving in slow cars. To reduce the distance by a little, Ice Flames has come up with some great solutions.


You can quickly purchase various sheds located on the map. They’re not worth the cash and certainly you do not require more parking space for your vehicles, however the useless board huts simplify the game for players: They act like portals. By looking on the maps, you are able to choose the shed you want to use at any time and be transported there using your vehicle and a full trailer. It also works for expensive fields and even the trade center. If you’ve purchased an expensive new car then you can enter and then teleport it back to the shed you want.

Drone buys

Do you want to purchase building or tillable fields but aren’t interested in driving around in person? Make use of your drone to which you can fly quickly over the map. If there is something that you can purchase, you are able to select and pay directly while focusing on the terrain. In the course of the campaign this drone is accessible in the near future.

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Online refueling

Are you tired of driving to the station repeatedly? Don’t worry, as the gas in your vehicle is refillable in an odd manner by using a tablet. Of obviously it’s more expensive than driving your vehicle to the closest petrol station physically. However, you’ll can save time by doing this, as you won’t be teleported to petrol stations.

Assistance Hands

The long-winded tasks like plowing the field could be handed the people. Simply get yourself a vehicle and tools, ready to begin work on the field, as an example, the tractor, which includes plow, and press J to start the job. Then you can employ an assistant to plough the field on your behalf. Most of the time, this method is a good idea, however occasionally problems arise and the workers are stuck in the middle of. It is possible to resolve the issue by entering yourself and moving the vehicle. In the event that you click J again, the employee continues. In the campaign, workers will only be available after they have completed the quest.

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