Walkthrough Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough: Uncover All Color Stars

The time frame is 45 minutes

Complexity: easy

Click on the button 3 times in order to open. After that, walk along the path until you come to an empty small crate. Select it, then move to the right , and then hop over the crate with the small one onto the two larger ones. Grab the Hammer. Make use of it to break all crates, and then collect the coins. Also, make sure you smash the trash can one time and break the brown light barrels.

Take the stairs up and then enter the prism square. When the princess asks you to examine the mechanism at the middle. Next, go to the left and smash the stone in blue into ground using your Hammer. Then, move to the left, and then jump to the yellow button in between and between the flowers. Push it until a second flower pops up. After that, go to the rear and find an orange stone protruding from the wall just to just to the right side in the arched entrance. You can jump over it from below in order to activate the mechanism.

Find the paint bucket and try opening it. Hammer it until the bucket is loudly complaining. If you hear a loud scream then proceed to your left. In the course of the fight it is necessary get the paint bucket full, and then battle 3 Shy Guys. It doesn’t matter what cards you employ to fight and your opponents are bound to be defeated after each hit in every case.

After the fight, color inkless Toad and bring the Toad towards your right for life the same manner. Go to your left until you encounter another Toad and then enter his home and try fighting. Important note: Make sure to hit the A button when you perform an attack to jump precisely at the time Mario is at the highest point , not when he hits the opponent!

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Leave the house and head back to the square with the prism. After the discussion, walk to the left, and then jump from the bottom to the memory block that is colorful. Color the Toad to your left, and then enter the store that is next towards the wall. Color another Toad and then talk to the seller on your right. They will offer you battle maps.

Leave the store and paint the gate on your right. You’ll need smash the white areas with the hammer until it’s all green. Similar to the white spots you will see on your wall and floor. If you can color them, then you’ll receive at most a few coins and, sometimes, even a map in exchange for your efforts.

Take on the Gumba that is hiding in the gate. Then colour to the Toad on the staircase. Take it all the way up to the top and reanimate your Toad on the bench in the park. Move behind the stairs to the left and walk into the next most coveted alcove along with an Shy Guy. Be careful of him and then run to the left, and you will be confronted by the following Shy Guy will be waiting to ambush you. You can then color the Toad to your right , and then enter the next zone. You will be greeted by the next, uncolored Toad that is hidden behind which a Shy Guy is hiding.

Head to the front of the room and smash the flower with a hammer, which will refresh your color. Then, listen to the cry for help, and then unlock the blue door to take on another Shy Guy. The door will be opened again, and speak with the Toad. Go to the right , then take off the tape with Bowser writing further ahead after which a staircase will be revealed. Take them down, move towards the left until you reach the prism square, and color three more Toads along with of the spots that are white.

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Go back to the stairs and take out the two crates on the top. Three Gumbas will come after you. Continue to march up, paint the chimney so that you can take a lot of coins. Then, hit the Shy Guy who is close to the waterfall by using your Hammer. It is recommended to use one of your most effective fighting cards in the subsequent match to beat your opponent in one hit. If he fails, he’ll suck your color and regenerate.

Color the waterfall, and then wait to observe what happens. After that, go through the archway that was opened and go up the stairs which will lead you to the red star.

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