Walkthrough One Piece: World Seeker Walkthrough: All Missions, Treasure Chests, Equipment & Plans

The world is yours in One Piece: World Seeker! After you’ve watched the opening sequence, you’ll be in control of the popular pirate Monkey D. Ruffy. Contact the yet undiscovered female, Jeanne, and then take the west-facing path to head towards the first goal, Sapphire City. According to the legend, Chopper, your comrade Chopper is in Sapphire City and, as per his nature, takes care of wounded.

To Sapphire City! – Prologue

Midway you’ll learn how to jump and fight with Ruffy. Take out the marine, pick up that jewel piece. Just a few yards further you’ll discover how to defeat enemies silently by securing them from behind. This is before the mission is to take you south towards the lighthouse. If you see soldiers in the direction are switched on with no additional effort, then you’ll be able to walk toward the structure and discover how the future pirate king can extend his arm.

Then, Ruffy recognizes the bridge that connects to the Sapphire City. Therefore, jump down from the lighthouse, and then walk towards the latest marker for destination, just prior to the bridge itself. At the top, you will find the three marines, and then move towards them and get them out. Be aware of their movements so that you are capable of securing off from behind. Your actions, however, don’t affect the development of the story at this point.

For the Church

Finally, you can get into the town itself and engage in a conversation with Marine adversary Gordon there. The conversation will be initiated instantly, so don’t fret about it. Then, you’ll be able to take a look at Ruffy for a while free within the city. There are a total of nine treasures within the city. Be aware of the smallwhite areas on the map. They they represent smaller objects which must be taken by you.

If you’re looking to avoid fighting, stay clear of the southern section of the city as there are marines also in that area. Instead, go over the bridge towards the opposite part of the river. Then, from there , you can enter the huge square that’s slightly to the south. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want to explore, you can visit the port in the south , and the base to the north. You’ll be treated to some unique items. If you’re interested, go to the monument in the front of the church and you’ll meet the naval adversaries Gordon.

The Marine Base

The marines currently conducting interrogations on Gordon are going to attack Ruffy directly, with ammunition made of sea stones. In this way, they will show you how they can switch between them in a flash and remove them. Then you’ll find out that Chopper was captured and brought back to the Naval base located in the north. As of now, you should go to the base. The southern gate is only guarded by security guards, take advantage of the advantage … You can also hold yourself against the wall and avoid the opponents.

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Tips Amid the tents of cloth located to the northeast of the base are treasure chests that you will discover in Sapphire City.

Find the tower marked and ask it to show you how to utilize observation haki and ranged attack. Then, you must make use of this information and eliminate the soldiers who are stationed there. After you’ve completed this, walk up to the new building then interact with it. Finally, free Chopper from his jail. This will conclude the first chapter. It will also instantly begin chapter 2, Amber Pirates.

Chapter 2: Amber Pirates

If you have located Chopper in the first chapter, Find Chopper You will go straight back towards the square in Sapphire City. Then, continue to Chapter 2. Amber Pirates. The route will take you to the church, where you’ve previously searched at Chopper the Straw Hat Pirates’ doctor prior to. Jeanne is at the entryway along with the an enemy marine named Gordon. Contact Jeanne for directions on where to take the next step.

Amber Harbor

Amber Harbor, where Chopper takes care of injured patients Chopper tends to injured people, is situated in the southwest. It is accessible by the road that runs behind the church , or by the road to the to the west of the naval camp. Be aware of your route since there is a pirate gang wandering around the region. They are threatening Ruffy not just with ordinary guns, but also using bombs.

Tips: To the west from the Church, near the stand, you will find a wreck as well as a group of pirates with heavy weapons. The ship itself will discover an item from the treasure chest of nine that are in the area. In the same beach, near the cooking area Treasure chest #3 is waiting to be discovered. A little further to the north to the mountains you’ll find four treasure boxes. You can get all of them in one sitting, even before heading towards the port of amber.

Once you’ve reached the spot, go through the archway to the entrance and the area will appear on the map. In addition to your main goal of discover The Thousand Sunny, you can find five unique treasure chests in this area. We’ll show you exactly where they are on the appropriate solution page. The actual location, the ship belonging to Straw Hat Pirates, is located in the southeastern part of Amber Harbor. Straw Hat Pirates, is located in the southeast region within Amber Harbor.
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Tips: To the west of the city to the and north of the mooring zone there are numerous pirates who are a threat. It is also among the five treasure chests located in this region.

Then, locate Chopper just behind The Thousand Sunny and speak with him about the story. Jeanne will appear and inquire about the man who was injured. Chopper acknowledges that he’s not in the area right now, and suggests that he be located in the western area of the harbour. Say goodbye and proceed towards the north/northwest direction. Also you will find a valuable treasure box on the top in the Bison Restaurant. You can find it there.

Stop Captain One from defeating HTML0

Run to the designated spot in the direction to the Bison Restaurant. From there, go northwest to meet the wounded pirate in an abandoned house just next to the walls of the city. He’s in a bind and is desperate for Ruffy’s assistance. Captain Einmann can interfere and Ruffy realizes that he needs to work with different sides. This is a great moment how to alter to a Haki mode. Do this now and take the loudmouthed Captain of the Amber Pirates into the realm of dreaming.

The first step is to eliminate two pirates who keep Einmann company to prevent harm by firearms. Then, it’s a to take on the captain’s assaults using armor haki, and avoiding his jump attacks in time. Your opponent should be able to counter yours by launching a ranged attack at his head , and the battle will be finished in a flash. After you’ve taken Einmann to the floor then return back to Sunny and Chopper.

Talk to your sweet doctor, and you’ll see the time is now to follow the down Robin. The search should start with The Jade Bridge, which brings Chapter 2 to an end . It also commences Chapter 3: Devil Fruit Users. Make sure to wear your prize, the excitement badge, and then go to the north.

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