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Tip from Nioh: Kodamas Amrita blacksmith and camp, increase level and ghost stones

Finding Kodamas

Beginning with the first principal game (Island of Demons) In the first main mission (Island of Demons), you’ll be able to locate Kodamas in the other main missions as well as in a few other side missions. They are tiny creatures in green that appear like they’ve lost the ways. Press Circle when standing next to them, to help them find their way. When you reach the shrine where you’ll be honored for your effort If you’ve found the first Kodama that you’ve found, you’ll be granted an award called the “Kodama Affirmation.” The blessing is one that grants you five different benefits.

In greater detail, these include The Oracle Blessing, the Swordsman Blessing and the Warrior Blessing and the Healer Blessing and Hunter Blessing. When you click on one of them, you’ll be given a thorough explanation of the purpose. Select any of five prayers and you’ll immediately get additional amrita, gold or other items like. You are able to change any Kodama prayer at any point in the shrine. The more Kodamas you can find more, the greater the reward you will receive.

Level advancement

Each time you fight, you get amrita. Amrita is a form of healing. Amrita is equal to the souls of Dark Souls. You must accumulate enough Amrita and then click “Level up” in an altar. You can purchase levels to increase your accumulation of Amrita and each increment of one of the numbers is similar to a level boost. You’ll need an additional Amrita to complete each stage. The amount will be displayed in the area for leveling up. If you pass away in the game, you’ll lose all the amrita that you’ve accumulated. It is then possible to recover your body that is in the exact spot you were killed. If you do not succeed and then die a second time, then the Amrita is lost forever.

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Ghost Stones

There you can see spirit stones of different quality. In these ghost stones lies Amrita. It is best to utilize the spirit stones only when you are at a temple and have a small amount of Amrita to level up. There is a limit in 99 spirits stones from every grade, so do not make use of them in danger zones to avoid putting your Amrita in danger.


There are always small glowing red spots during the quests. If you go near them you could summon an incoming returner using Circle. But, it won’t aid you, but it will be a threat to you. If you are able to defeat the enemies, you’ll not only get rewards however, you will also earn fame which can be important later on during the course of play. Pay attention to the level of the returning players, they are displayed by the tiny red piles.


After you’ve completed your primary mission After that, you’ll be instructed to return towards the dojo. There, a brand new tutorial task is waiting for you. If anyone thinks he could get this done and is off. Beginning with the third tutorial task, you’ll learn abilities to complete tasks for learning. For instance, this time learning how you can “make” and make use of smoke bombs and shuriken. Make sure you never skip these tutorial tasks, particularly since they are only for just a few minutes. Make sure to check the dojo every periodically to see if there’s new assignments, only then can you begin to gain all the knowledge.


After the initial main mission after which the blacksmith will be activated. The blacksmith is not, due to the fact that it is an 18-year-old woman. She can help you with various things. Of obviously, forge weapons and equipment. You can you can also alter the look of your objects, disassemble objects, trade bonuses and buy/sell. In order to be able to create items and weapons, you require the raw materials. The better the quality and the higher the quality, the better results. You’ll find raw materials in missions, for instance since enemies frequently drop wood, ingots and other items. You can also find the materials by disassembling items found.

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Additionally, you require the gold that you get through fighting off opponents. At first, the blacksmith’s products aren’t the best however, over the course of playing you will be able to purchase better and higher quality objects by the blacksmith. Be sure to check out what she is offering for sale in the event that often there are some excellent products in her inventory. The inventory changes with each mission, so don’t be too patient when making a purchase.


In the coming days, you will be able to gain access to the storage facility. There is, in fact, are all the objects that you’ve collected from the Tower of London. If you’ve wondered where they were and where they are, now you know. As of now you can keep the maximum amount of 2,000 items/stacks within your storage facility.

Side missions

The 20 principal missions of the game imposed on your shoulders, but also more than 100 side missions. On the map of the world you’ll now see the first one that is “Death to Bandits”. It is not required to play these side missions, however they will earn you valuable level-ups and, often, very good loot. In addition, you’ll be able to play the first Twilight mission. These missions will be unlocked after you have completed the “normal” primary mission. Twilight missions are tougher than regular missions, however they provide more rewards in the form of loot. Make sure you check your level because there’s a chance that you’ll be offered a Twilight mission which requires you to be above 100.

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