Walkthrough Monster Hunter Stories Walkthrough: Guide For All Monsters And Quests

After some hours of play, you’ll be in “p”&gt. You are allowed to go part in side quests. Pay attention to the demands from the villagers as well as other players you meet during the game. Always look over the quest boards to determine if there are new tasks to be completed, and do not be afraid to finish the tasks you have completed earlier. It is not uncommon to receive valuable items and cash.

Find the various items you can encounter in the game. It doesn’t matter if its herbs, ores, or insects all have a purpose. Sometimes you’ll need things to give quests, and on another occasion, to create objects. Be sure to follow the rule of thumb that it is better to gather more instead of struggling to get enough raw materials later. Next, take a look around the waters and lakes for fishing spots. You can identify them from the shadows of fish in the seas.

If you spot a monster’s hideout, go explore it. Take each egg that you. If you’ve got too many monster eggs within the stable, you’ll be able to sort them out. Because you do not know what monster eggs you’ll receive ahead of time, it is best not to abandon any nest to be left. Instead, be aware of the clues given by Navirou. Now and again, there is a unique egg in nests; search for it.

The Binding Ritual

Take a look at the intro sequence. After that, before you design your character, you’ll probably receive additional information in the form of the game. Our instance included a Rage Blade outfit and a Rust Shard. After that, select “New game” and play the next scene. Soon after, Lilia calls for you. She claims that she has seen an egg that was huge nearby. And a brief conversation with Cheval follows and is also with Lilia and you. Finally, Lilia proposes the team break up to search for the egg more quickly. The remaining two go away, and you are free to move.

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At the bottom of the screen can view your map. Take it to the north. After a few steps, you will see a container to the left side that you can look at. To do this, press A to release the berry that is colored. To the east of the container, there is a tiny dead-end in the top map. The herb is removed along with the dye berries. Rejoin the intersection and head north. At the next intersection will encounter Cheval and talk to him using A. Then, head to the dead-end west and take your Unique Mushroom in the area. Also, you will find an old tree where you can take a bit of honey. Take that as well.

Reverse direction to Cheval and continue north. Before you reach your next junction, you’ll hear Lilia’s whistle. It was deemed to be an indication. You can then go towards the dead-end to the east and take the heart-shaped plant. Then return to the junction. Check out the skeleton, and you’ll find the small monster bone. Go north, and then go west until you reach an empty. You will come across another Unique Mushroom to take home. Return to the primary road and continue to run to the north. In a few minutes, you’ll come across Lilia. When you get close to her, a sequence begins. Lilia has found the egg that you were searching for.

Lilia is adamant that the group make the egg. Cheval reminds her that only the Rider with a Binding Stone can accomplish this. Lilia does not hesitate. She suggests the most effective option for you is to become an actual Rider. Without further delay, she starts the binding site that is also used to create the character of your Rider. Select your gender, and add other settings to personalize your character. If you’re happy with your hair, face, and other options, type in the character’s title. If you can’t think of an idea, you can ask for one suggested by clicking “Create the name.”

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It does not matter what gender you select and the way you dress. It’s all about the aesthetics, but there aren’t any advantages or disadvantages. That’s why each character you create is identical in terms of the stats. You can confirm the character’s creation if you’re satisfied with your decisions. The sequence will continue by binding the rite. While it wasn’t the real thing or were the stones binding stones, One egg begins to break its shell. It hatches into a Rathalos, which Lilia immediately notices. The three then return to Hakim to re-enter the village. Hakim, along with Ratha.

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