Walkthrough Middle-earth: Shadow of War Walkthrough: All Missions And Collectibles + Castle Conquest Tips

In the first chapter of Minas Ithil, you will discover numerous symbols on the map. To find every character, look for the Haedir three speedy travel towers as swiftly as possible. When activated, all crucial areas will be revealed with a straightforward mini-game. You must complete all the locations within Minas Ithil before going on the rescue mission with Idril. Therefore, initiating the towers should be your priority in every zone.

Gathering tasks are all about the same purpose. They give you points for skill as well as resources and useful objects. What you need to complete:

Memory Of KankraThere are Three of these in each area where you have to arrange shard pieces correctly by turning the structure. The controller’s vibration will inform you if you move closer to the object. If you’ve completed activating all three memories in the area, you will usually get a skill point along with unlocking the skill perk. This is why you must have a mandatory program for every zone, even though you don’t have the Kankra memories that are often concealed in caves.

Lost artifacts

The artifacts can be found in every area and are usually easy to access. If you’ve obtained all the artifacts in an area, it typically will also be able to earn the skill points along with Perk unlock. Do not be too focused on this. However, you’ll be able to collect all the artifacts during your tasks.

Celebrimbor Challenges

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With a helmet symbol, These are challenges that can be played multiple times so that you can control Celebrimbor. You usually need to utilize a particular ability. You’ll earn the rank (gold or silver) based on the results. The reward is lavish, in addition to a gem, skill point, and Mirian, the currency in the game.


The six Ithildrin pieces per zone that are visible only when in the spirit state are the ones you must take in all cases. When you’ve found the six fragments, you’ll be in a secret room where you need to solve minor problems. They’re pretty easy. However, you simply must put the right words in the correct place in the text. This opens a way to find valuable equipment, typically the set piece.


Within the Uruk outposts, you will find monuments to the tribes. If you reach the top, they can be destroyed using the appropriate button. In addition to causing trouble for those Orcs and the Uruks, you’ll also be awarded Mirian and gems for every destroyed monument. It’s simpler if you kill captains of the outpost before your killing to ensure no alarm is triggered. Further details on this will be forthcoming.

In-game currency, Lootboxes, and currency

The in-game currency used in the game is known as Mirian and is available in the form of rewards or loot and also from Treasure bearers (normal Uruks that have the symbol of a star above their head) or through disassembling objects. Suppose you wish to invest your Mirian into Lootboxes which will give you Uruks and other equipment. But, this is not recommended or necessary in a small amount.

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Save your trapped Mirian and not put it to use in Lootboxes. Using the currency, you can get perks for the siege and defense of castles, which is crucial if you need peace or if your assaults need to be as smooth as they can.

Online blood dragons are a great alternative if you’re still searching for loot boxes. You can take on the role of an opponent and take revenge for their deaths. This will give you experience to your levels, and with every level you climb, you receive boxes or gold Mirian. One thing you should not do is spend any cash on Mirian.

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