Walkthrough Metro Exodus Walkthrough & Tips, Find All Diary Entries & Postcards

This is the initial mission of Metro Exodus, beginning immediately following the introduction. The game takes place trapped in the sewers of Moscow to discover other survivors and show that those who survived the Metro aren’t the only ones in their genre. In this initial mission, you will be at the start of learning the basics of controlling and how to use the objects you drag.

Continue along the corridor until the end, switch on the flashlight, and then open the iron door to the left. In the back, as instructed in the game, pick the lighter and then use it to burn the webs of spiders. Then, follow that tunnel towards the left in the same direction in which a creature that had mutated was running just before. After that, go back into the passage to your right. There is a new magazine in the corpse’s area to the left.

You can now climb into the former train car and follow the corridor until the rear inside the room. There is where the frustrating weaves are easily smashed by using a lighter, ensuring access to the area without any obstructions. Then, follow the route until you arrive at the tiny room with the corpses in which one of the creatures hunting in this area will attack you. Press quickly and repeatedly the button that is indicated, and your attacker will bless each time.

A couple of meters down the tracks, you can see the next telepath just before the lens. Keep the gun in place and give it one smooth shot. Turn to the left and see the dimly lit desk next to a locker. There is the prized “Torn Notebook” that is among the entries in the diaries. Take the best piece and continue following the tracks further in the tunnel.

Take out the two enemies now threatening to strike you, and then grab ammo from your backpack in front of the two enemies if you need to. Your route now leads through the next wagon left behind the campfire. If you decide to go the wagon once more, it is imperative to leave quickly; once you’ve killed the beast behind it,, waves of monsters will pounce on your location. Therefore, instead of wasting ammunition and ending your own life, go straight ahead and contact the door in front of you.

in the Metro One Week Later

After you’ve been released from the hospital bed, get around the doctor and point your attention to the right to discover the next treasure. Take the “Patient File” and then go on. Go through the gate and remain on the right side, where you will hear your wife and her father fighting. Engage with them at the front door, keeping them occupied. This section will be over while the team will end after the following week.

Tips: Before opening the door for Miller and Anna, look around the room in the anteroom. The locker hanging from the left to the left is the first postcard you will see during the tournament.

You’re back in the post-apocalypse wasteland, and your wife is calling for you to return. Follow her but do not go the whole way. Because just one floor down in an old house, there’s the next popular item, “Dusty Diary.” The kitchen is next to the entrance and near the window; you’ll find the other postcard. You should take both and then walk back to the hall, where you’ll continue following the steps down. You can squeeze through the small opening and then drop down. You’ll have nothing to do now except follow your companion.
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When you reach the department store that was once a department store, you must kill the two telepaths, go to the area next to it, and ascend the escalator. Your route will take you through the bus, which has an additional collectible. For instance, “Schurr’s Note” is found on the seat close to the skull. Find the item and proceed to follow the way out.

Tip: Just next to the bookshop, leaning against the door, is a dead body. Pay attention, and you’ll find a collection beneath its feet.

Take a cross-section of the square and remain behind the wife of Artjom. Only fight telepaths who also strike you. Most of them are going to run right by you. Before proceeding to look around, you should look at the school bus right next to the tank. There are new filters as well as some ammunition. Begin by bringing your friend back to climb the cliff straight ahead. Then, just sprint towards the back and stand until the train is at your spot.

Moscow” Shot or Enemy Base / Marshalling Yard

When the undead have taken over you and Artjom defeated them; you’ll be in a pit, surrounded by a myriad of corpses. From here, continue to follow the path, always ahead. Get beneath the tree trunks, and take the two medipacks at the end of the trail, among which you could immediately use. In front of you, next to an unfrozen corpse, is the next collectible. Beware of the feathered creatures that surround you, and follow the path of the place, past the old cars.

Then, go through the telepath’s body and directly into the sewage line. Squeeze forward, and Artjom will shimmy through the other pipe. Follow the path and climb the yellow ladder in front of the grille. Keep to the right because soldiers are waiting on the left side to attack anything foolish enough to shoot out. Keep going down your shaft until you reach the entryway to a tiny room where only Andre is locked.

Base fine

You can exit the room and walk on the opposite side of the fuse box. Here you switch off every switch, creating darkness. Then, you can sneak around the fence and enemy soldiers towards the next ladder you climb. First, be seated and run across the footbridge to where you must lay down to move forward. Then, take a sneaky approach to the only enemy from behind and eliminate him.

Then, open the door on your left, and pull the cans off the ground in front of it. Now you can use them to throw them at the enemies away by making a sound. Then, throw one of these cans in the direction that the soldier who has the flashlight turns away. Your new friend will unlock the door on your right, and you’ll be able to squeeze through it and make your journey behind it. As you crawl through vents, walk into the next room, and then open the sole door in the room.

Watch for the happenings as well as the return of Andre. Let him hand you the necessary equipment and then sneak through the courtyard. Stay hidden from the first guard in the cable drum, and remain there until he departs. Then, get past the two soldiers to the left side, seated on the fence talking. Next, get on the cable drum and eliminate the one enemy in front of it. You can also disable the light by using the fuse box.

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If you’d like to reach your destination without being noticed, go to the back of the fuse box, over the pipes and ventilation shafts. This will help you stay above the heads of your adversaries and enable you to travel some distances without fear of the possibility of being caught. Your goal is located at the bottom of the pipes, next to the door that is lit green. If any of the guards become indecisive and keep their eyes at the gates for too long, you can distract them by throwing the toss of a can.

Within the building, take off your mask and move on. Take the more powerful pistol on the desk’s left side, loot the lockers behind it, and take the collectible from the table next to it, “Memo.” Go to the opposite end in the space, pick up throw knives out of the barrels, and run through the door next to you and into that marshaling area.

The yard for marshalling

It’s all about sneaking around, except if you don’t want to use up all your ammunition. Be sure to turn off regularly lighting sources and lamps to reduce the chance of being observed. For starters, go to the right, and then extinguish all lanterns. Stay behind the guard in front of the wall and by the crates as you move toward the left. And aim at the top of the second guard leaning against the wall. Then, quietly end him with a sharp knife. Take out the second identified guard, and place him behind.

Then, wait until the next guard turns away from you; then stealthily approach him from behind and make him go to the ground too. Continue along the road, and you’ll meet Andre and the guard. Keep an eye out for the guard to turn his back to you, and then take him undercover to get the guard out in silence, as did the other guards. Finally, speak to Jermak to free him. Take a moment to watch the events before you go down the stairs following Anna.

Get together with your spouse and assist her in clearing the area of foes. If you are now interacting with the console to turn the turntable, there will be enemies directly in front at the moment of transition. You should take cover behind the table crushed by Anna or just to the console’s left by an entrance made of stone. Suppose you wish to loot corpses and the lockers before you go to replenish your supplies. Then, take out the enemies.

After a short time and you’ll be on the second floor. Help Anna get rid of the enemy. Then follow her to the big wheel close to the locomotive. Eliminate the enemies here too. After that, you can approach the wheel to engage with it. Another procedure follows.

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