Walkthrough Master Detective Pikachu Walkthrough: All Chapters Solved

Master Detective Pikachu is an adventure game where you, like Tim Goodman, search for your father, who is missing. You’ll receive help from a distinct Pikachu that you only comprehend. The story is told over multiple chapters. The story is based on finding clues that must be identified correctly to solve problems and the subordinate questions. Additionally, you will have to solve various choice problems at multiple moments.

Look around in every new area, space, or room. A magnifying glass icon will pop up if you can examine an object. The eye icon signifies areas that can be zoomed in on and let you look many things. Also, you can talk to everyone and the Pokemon you meet. Even after you’ve made slight gains in the narrative, You can find new details this way. It doesn’t necessarily need to be clues. However, they can be useful, as they may offer helpful hints to help you find the answer quicker. This walkthrough will only highlight the necessary conversations to resolve the issue.

The bottom of the screen is where you can view the clues you have at any moment. If you’ve forgotten the most crucial clue or wish to go back and read something, then you can look it up there if it’s relevant to the investigation. The indications are classified into evidence, witnesses’ statements, people, and Pokemon. In the final solution, we will highlight clues you find from a conversation or by looking at the surrounding. Pokemon and humans are recorded automatically after the initial encounter, usually in cut scenes.

In a chapter, you must complete one or more of the tasks and other questions that are subordinate to them. To accomplish this, you’ll need to conduct your research. You can check the current status any time you want on the lower screen under Investigations. Here you can find every task in the chapter and their subordinate questions. If you’re willing to complete an assignment or answer a problem, Pikachu will contact you. The solution is typically by sketching that, for instance, shows the surrounding area or a particular scene. The sketches have accessible places where you must fill in the appropriate clues from a specific selection. If a particular sequence has to be used, I will point this out within the answer.

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Master Detective Pikachu disrupts the game often through short cutscenes and automated conversations. In certain instances, quick-time events occur that typically require rapid or even less swift responses. The events that are quick-time represent action scenes in the story. They’re not difficult to understand. In most cases, you only need to push a button at the right time or a rapid rate.

Apart from the story, you can find optional Pikachu sequences throughout the game’s course. Some are tied to chapters, and others appear randomly throughout the game if you contact Pikachu by tapping icons on the screen. In this walkthrough, we will tell that you can find chapter-related Pikachu sequences.

You can select from three different save states if you are starting an entirely new game. Unfortunately, it is not possible to copy saves. However, it is possible to re-start every chapter in the chapter’s overview after completing your first attempt. But, you’ll need to save the state, which will then be erased. If you’ve chosen an option to save, it is still necessary to decide whether or not to switch to the standard or advanced mode. The simple method isn’t different in any way and only offers the ability to access an assistance function anytime.

Complete walkthrough for First Chapter Part: Tahnti Station

After you’ve started the game, you’ll get to see the intro scene. Through this, you’ll encounter Pikachu as well as Tim. Additionally, you will observe thieves Griffins who steal necklaces from a tiny little girl. You’ve already completed your first goal: capture the griffins, and return the necklace. This is the first step as a primer for the game’s fundamentals. In the beginning, take the Griffins. After a few meters, you will encounter a concise sequence where you’ll have to finish rapid-time events.

After a brief conversation with Pikachu, You continue. The handles are gone however, you want to recover the chain. To do that, you need to find out where the stylus that was stolen has gone. There are clues to these two styluses through the man wearing a violet shirt (one stylus is running toward the parks) and from the woman who is in the middle of the gate that rolls (one stylus has traveled toward the banks). As you aren’t certain which of the griffins is wearing that necklace, it is necessary to collect evidence. Check the print of white paint of the gate that is rollingand The Red ketchup prints that are on the machine that vends (one proof each)

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The evidence provides you with different conversation possibilities with witnesses. Speak with the man wearing that purple shirt for a second time and you’ll find out that the stylus which was running towards the park had an trail of red coated with the ketchup ( clue). Based on Grebbit, the Pokemon Grebbit you discover that the stylus that has a red tails has the chain. This means you have everything you require to complete the problem. The first task based on clues from sketches is about to start.

Note: “Find out where the stylus was running to. ”

Now, you must ensure that you match the right evidence and witness declarations to the free box marked with question marks on the sketch. This is accomplished using three stages in the situation.

1st field to the left with the red, field on the right: white2nd field Grebbits testimony

3. Griffel is located in the top field

The job is completed, and you know Griffel has left the park. The next place you must go is the park.

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