Walkthrough Man Of Medan Walkthrough: Guide For Secrets & Images, All Characters Survival

There are 50 secrets within Man of Medan, which makes the game very nifty. But, we’ll group them by the chapter you’ll find them in, which means you’ll be able to find them one at a time.


Flight plan (#30):At the beginning of your dive, you’ll encounter a narrow pipe. Pick the option with the flippy dialog, swim through it, and press the button to take your flight schedule.

Flak bullet (#49):Directly after the flight plan, you’ll see an anti-aircraft projectile in the wall to the right.

Lifeboat missing (#40):A few meters from the projectile of flak, you’ll see the alcove where there is a missing lifeboat just to your left.

Important! To be able to discover the entire story to unlock, you should not leave Brad within his safe location! He must remain unnoticed until he emerges in a subsequent chapter. So, you can go on a journey around the ghost ship by yourself, uncovering some more secrets you can’t discover in any other way.

Shock/Dive Story

Copilot Dog Tag for Detection (#20):This secret is incredibly compromised, and that is the reason there’s currently no 100 100% safe method to get it. First, you must examine the pilot’s cockpit within chapter the Dive to take an image of his tag. Of course, this only works if you used your camera inside the wreck chapter.

Within Chapter in the chapter “Scary Story”, you can look at this exact photo when you take out the camera. The secret will then be recorded. If not, then you’ll need to test it again on another occasion.

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Deserted ship

Watch Note (#26):Watch out for the guard that is accompanying you. Follow her until she enters an area and flicks the flashlight. Go past her, and then walk into the next hallway until you find small tables with the note of the guard further on.


Newspaper from 1947 (#44):In the cell where you’ll be held, there’s an enormous table with the 1947 edition of the newspaper.

Note From Private Miller (#28) In The same cell, you’ll take out glasses to the left side and write a note to the right.


Watch Plans (#14):At the starting point of escape, go to the first room you enter on your left. There is an unassuming cart that contains the list of participants.

A letter by Private Reed (#45):Join your group of friends until you spot Julia standing before an open door. Be careful not to enter it; instead, leave and go into the toilet cubicle room. The above-mentioned letter across the ground is the one in the rear.

Technical Log (#7):You will traverse a path that includes an alcove right after which you are able to gaze over the ground. If you go on following that, and you catch up to Fliss, Don’t pass her. Instead of turning left, take the logbook of the technician placed on the table.

diary (#11):You will eventually arrive at a room that has an oval table that has several cups and cards. After you have walked past it, you’ll see smaller tables, as well as the diary.

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