Walkthrough Luigi’S Mansion 3 Walkthrough: Tips & Gem Locations And Buu Huu

In Luigi’s Mansion In Luigi’s Mansion, you’ll need to dismantle Sarah Schreck‘s terrifying hotel from head to toe, search for ghosts and free your guests from the enchanting paintings. If you follow these guidelines you’ll be ready to go no matter what.

Be patientThere are many floors within this hotel that are a ghost. However, it’s nothing if you simply walk through. You’ll miss the most crucial element. Therefore, take the time to thorough search each and every area on every floor. Vacuum every corner, make use of the features of your ghost vacuum cleaner and look for clues that are hidden. It’s not uncommon to overlook something because you are accustomed to something.

Combat ghosts in a rational order

In the second floor in the Hotel, you’ll only encounter basic ghosts. In the future, different types of ghosts will join forces and fight Luigi together. In these instances it’s crucial to determine how to deal with them in order to do the least amount of damage and stop the fighting quickly. Find out more information about the subject in our book “Ghost Strategies for Catching”

Use Fluigi

When you’re able to use Fluigi it is recommended to use Fluigi whenever you are stuck. In many instances, he can be the answer to the root of your issue. Just make sure it doesn’t go in water or else let it get wet as it could melt and then end up within your Fluigi canister. We’ll explain more about this in specific chapters in this guide.

As much as you can.

The money is scattered in a smattering of amounts inside the Hotel. There and then, it is sometimes evident, but of the time, it’s concealed. Ghosts can also give you money. Take everything you find as it could help you in the future. The store at the disposal of professor I.Gidd you can get bones that protect you from eternal death, or assist you in your hunt in search of Buu Huus as well as gems.

Utilize the buttons for the shoulders on your Switch controller

The majority of functions on your controller can be performed to you twice. On the normal buttons and the buttons on the shoulders (L R, LZ, and ZZ). You’ll be more flexible when you’ve mastered the shoulder buttons because they be able to use both analog sticks simultaneously. This is crucial in many scenarios. Particularly when fighting boss ghosts. We’ll breakdown the controls for you in the next few seconds.


Luigi’s device during the hunt for ghosts is known as Schreckweg FL-U.. It is the use of a modified vacuum cleaner, which has different features. What you can do with it, and what to be aware of is explained in the next paragraphs.

Luigi and move Luigi and take aim

You can control Luigi mostly using your left stick and it’s done by simply pressing in the direction you wish Luigi to travel. Because Luigi is a bit timid and slow to move, he will not move as fast, particularly at first. But, the more you keep running in one direction and the longer you run, the more likely Luigi is to begin running at a slower pace, just in case you’re ever caught in the middle of something.

The analog stick on the right is used to direct to the head that holds your suction on Schreckweg FL-U. That is how you turn Luigi on his own in-built axis in running and standing. If you’re using the gyro function on the device, then you could determine the level at which you set your sights using the tilt function of your controller. We do not recommend this method, as it could be confusing during chaotic situations.

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The flash that strobes

The Frightway FL-U cleaner comes with built-in ghost light. It’s known as the strobe lightning. It’s activated by pressing the A or R button. The lamp will cause ghosts to come to a stop for a short period like they were frozen. This is the very first step in a plan of attack since when they’re still at a standstill, you can take the unfinished ends of ghosts (more about this later).

It is crucial to are aware of different versions that the strobe can use. If you hold the A or R button for a short time and then press the R button, it’s enough to stop a ghost. Sometimes, you don’t have time to wait and need to take action quickly. So the pressure that is short at the top of your button will be right. If you press any of them for an extended period of time, the strobe will be charged, and the sound is also heard. After you press the button the strobe lights up large and extremely brightly. This is a must in case you’re unable to aim precisely, and just wish to cover a lot of ground using the flash. When fighting in a tense environment, stay clear of this since it takes a long time to fully recharge the flash.


When you hit the RZ button the Fright Way FL-U will start sucking as a vacuum cleaner would. It can suction everything you can imagine as small and big objects, coins, bills books, textiles pillows, and more. However, there are ghosts too. In which case, the resistance is when you are trying to suck into.

Some objects – usually big and heavy objects composed of metal or wood cannot be taken into. Sieh then adhere in the suction mouth. This is advantageous because you can fly them out with an air puff.


The Schreckweg FL-U is also able to blow air, much like the leaf blower, provided you hit the LZ button and then hold it. For instance, you can blow away sand and pile it in the air. However, you can also rotate pinwheels or steering wheels as well as fans. Additionally you can also use it to blast away sucking large objects that are stuck in the sucker’s mouth by using caracho, for instance using it as an object of projectile.

The trampler that uses pressure

It’s a shame that Luigi isn’t able to bounce on this game as he does in the jump-and run games. However, there’s something that’s similar. If you hit ZL and R buttons simultaneously, ZL or ZR buttons simultaneously, Luigi releases pressure from the sucker. The pressure temporarily propels him up into the sky. This technique is known as the pressure trampler. It is helpful when you’re sifting through shelves, and throwing objects over. However, you also have the ability to avoid attacks, for instance, ghostly pressure waves.

The Gloom Lamp

The most essential tools used in games is the Gloom lamp. It is activated by two ways. If you hit the X button on the control panel, or press R and L at the exact same time. Utilizing the gloom lamp using the shoulder buttons lets you move more freely, and this is the preferred method.

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The Suck Shot

Not to mention, Luigi is proficient in the suction shot that is activated by pressing the Y or L button. It is triggered by pressing the L button. Luigi uses a suction cups and the rope hangs. The suction cup is attached to objects, and acts as an anchor point as you can pull the rope that is at the end of the suction cup using the shock pathway FL-U. This lets you move large objects, throw them out, or even open doors. For instance, cabinets. The suction shot is required when objects are blocking the way or cabinets require to be open. However, it also assists in demolition of big containers that can earn you money, or is the place to keep certain ghosts that are ventilated.


If you’ve sucked a ghost using the sucker, it’ll continue to be losing health. It will require a lot of time to recover from just sucking until you be able to weaken ghosts completely. An easier method is to throw ghosts. As you force them into they try to get out. This can be countered with the analog stick to the left in the reverse direction. This will slow down ghosts and at the exact at the same time, charges a circular indicator bar. When the bar is filled it will prompt players to hit the A button in order to throw the ghost you’ve sucked onto the ground.

Slinging is also effective in the event that you have multiple ghosts inside the sucker at once. It could be as high as six ghosts simultaneously when you perform it correctly. Additionally, you could even harm ghosts around you by throwing the ghost that you sucked at an unmoving ghost.

Call Fluigi

If you are able to summon Fluigi out of your tank, the chances increase as Fluigi has all the power Luigi is equipped with – and even more! Hit the R3 button, which will let Fluigi out of the tank (in simple English that means inserting on the left analog stick to the controller like pressing a button). If you’re playing with a friend the game will run Luigi along with Fluigi alternately. Switch from Luigi and Fluigi by pressing R3. You can make use of the potential of both since the character you’re currently controlling is continuing the previous action every time you switch. If you’re sucking, and switch onto Fluigi, Luigi will automatically continue sucking. You can also put two suction bells in a row and pull on them simultaneously to eliminate weighty objects.

Fluigi is made up of goo and is able to move through bars, or slide over manhole covers that are made of rods of metal. Beware: Fluigi does not like water.. Every splash melts him which reintroduces him in Luigi’s tank. This can be a major problem in certain puzzles.

If you play with two players In pairs, the other player is able to take control of Fluigi continuously. This makes it more enjoyable and also makes it simpler to tackle some challenges. Additionally, you stand a greater chance of finding ghosts.

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