Walkthrough Life Is Strange 2 Walkthrough: All Collectibles, Trophies/Achievements

In this chapter, you’ll create the story of Sean and Daniel’s brother. This is when you select particular words in the scene and dialogue. Additionally, there are small decisions that impact the conversations you follow and specific reactions. The more important decisions, however, can alter the course of the game in a significant way and change the relationship you have with certain characters.


Through the game, you’ll come across a myriad of collectibles. You can buy some and utilize them for future assignments, while others can simply look at and learn about their past. Souvenirs are special items. You can get them in the game. They are only available when you mix things up correctly and cooperate with your partner.


You’ll get all the trophies/achievements in Life is Strange two if you finish each episode and take all their collectible items. If you stick to our guidelines and follow our advice, you’ll receive every collectible trophy in this game.

Episode 1: Roads

in the Neighborhood

The episode starts with a car ride that was captured on camera. The accident occurs in the two boys’ house, and the officer is removed. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can take action about the incident. The next scene will take you back to the past and shows a glimpse of the everyday life that the brothers share. Sean leaves on the bus to school and engages in an exchange with Lyla.

They are discussing the coming party and what they’d like to do. When you get to Sean’s house, your neighbor Brett has a snide comment. You sit on the patio. He’ll play a significant role later. The first step is a minor decision to be made.

Lyla is willing to make you an offer to find out if you’d like to have a smoke with her. Of course, you can decline or accept. But, this moment isn’t a decisive factor in the game. Only the conversation following this shifts. The two of you plan the night and then write down what they’ll need for the event. Once she has completed the list in her palm, you can talk about her painting talents.

She asks you to remain best friends beyond school. You can either answer no or say yes to her. Based on your response, she will give you a response to this. You’re dad Esteban as well as your younger twin brother Daniel is waiting to greet you at the apartment. You must decide what you will take the candy you just bought.

It can be given to your brother, you, or your father. It isn’t significant. However, you’ll be to be asked about it later in scenes. If both of them are gone, it will be a matter of the home in the household. The tables are where you’ll discover documents and bills which tell you how hard your father has worked.

There isn’t a collectible item, but you can find some. Take your time in the room and examine everything you see. You will find a postcard and an official certificate on the bulletin board. The main goal is to find things to take to the dinner party.

It is essential to have food, drink, and a blanket. In the kitchen, you’ll discover the refrigerator. There is an image of the family. Inside the fridge, there is a bottle of beer. You can decide if you want to drink the lemonade or the beer. Drinking water is served.

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You need food to take in. In the cabinet on the right side of the fridge, you’ll discover a storage cabinet. Inside you will find food items. There are packets of chips, cookies as well as candy. You must choose between chips or cookies because the sweets are meant for your dad.

After you’re done When you’re done, you’re free to explore the place a bit. For instance, you’ll see that Sean would like to be on the map to impress his girlfriend tonight. However, you cannot visit Daniel’s and father’s rooms right now, but you can go into your personal space.

There is an electronic music system to the left of the entryway. If you look around the room, you’ll find many interesting items. Most important, however, is the nightstand. You can open it and find a book within. Flip the book over.

Sean discovers some condoms Sean believes he’ll need in the evening. Just to the right of the nightstand, there’s a computer. Take a look at what’s playing right now. It’s hilarious and tells you some details about Sean’s hobbies and his personal life. While walking around your home, you constantly receive messages from acquaintances. You might read them, but you’re not able to respond to them.

1. Draw sketches

The table is equipped with an interior cabinet to the right. If you look inside, you’ll find a hash pipe. You can use it whenever you wish. After you’ve searched for everything, lie in the crumpled bag on the other side of your mattress. Sean will begin to sketch sketches.

This is the very first sketch you can draw during the game. Next, Sean takes over the room, and with a swipe, he will create drawings of the space. Repeat this process until Sean decides that the picture is complete. After the sketch is full, you will receive the award or trophy “Sketchy” immediately. Once you have finished, leave your home and search for your brother’s room.

It is possible to have a short chat with him. He seems attracted to Lyla and also. It’s possible to tease him for a moment. You’re off to the basement for your father when the conversation is finished. In the room with the washing machines, you will find a cupboard (see picture).

On the upper shelf of this cabinet, you’ll find a few washed blankets you’ll require for your evening party. Grab them and start collecting money from your dad to pay for the night. He’s in the garage doing his best to fix his vehicle.

He asks you to give him a wrench. The wrench is on the table. It’s not the right one. Your dad continues to send you away to search for the right wrench. You both talk about Sean’s future later on.

The father of your child discovers you’re looking for money to pay for the event. He asks you to be honest about what you would like to spend the money on. It is your right to reveal what you require to spend the money on. Your father and the money will give you tips to avoid getting in a vehicle with a drunk driver.

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If you are lying to him, he’ll give you $20. If you’re honest, he’ll provide you with 40 bucks. You can make use of the money in the future. You can continue to hug him when you’re done, should you wish. After that, you appear to have everything you require for the celebration. Sean himself will declare that it’s time for you to go.

As you return up the steps and you find your backpack at the front of the building. Sean puts away all his things and realizes it is time to talk to Lyla via Skype. So, off to the room you go to call Lyla. Both of you chat about the night to come.

Daniel arrives and introduces you to his brand new costume. Much to Sean’s displeasure. The little brother vanishes shortly following, but. Lyla directs you to Jenn’s website, where she’s posted what she was wearing for her evening. Daniel is also leaving the house to hang out in the sun

Optional Alternative Optional Decision: Attack Brett or ask Daniel

You can post comments on Jenn’s Facebook page. After that, you can take a walk. Brett, along with your neighbor and Daniel, have a heated argument. This is the first episode in the story in which you need to make an important choice. Do you want to ask Daniel what happened? Or do you pursue Brett?

What happens when I want to talk to Daniel?

If you inquire about Daniel, You will get some harsh words to say to the little brother. Daniel apologizes, and the two return to their homes. Brett is furious and insults both of you on the way back home. Sean responds by giving Brett an adolescent punch in the face. The situation gets worse.

How will I react if I assault Brett?

If you challenge Brett in the face, Brett defends himself verbally and physically. The two engage in a fight right in the midst. Brett gets smashed by the stone. He injures himself badly. The police officer arrives and is misinformed about the situation. The policeman cannot intervene, and a gun is fired, striking your father. In the end, the officer is taken away by a baffling force.

This was the scene that was recorded on video that was shown at the beginning of the series. If you are attacked by Brett the next time, there’s an argument. In this case, there is a moment when the gun will be fired, and it hits your father. In both instances, the father is shot down. Sean awakes soon after the events and cannot believe what has transpired. He takes his brother’s hand and runs for him from the approaching police. The first episode is finished.

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