Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Star Wars Solved

Furthermore, after these two areas, we’ll offer assistance with the challenging tasks that enable you to collect gold-colored stones. We will also tell you where to make your personal characters, such as. It is recommended to gather as many studs as feasible during your missions in order to utilize them to unlock characters gradually.

Game Mode Story

Prologue: Battle of Endor

In the beginning Chewbacca as well as Chewbacca, Leia (Endor) as well as Han Solo (Endor) are accessible to you in the form of playable characters. First, you must defeat the stormtroopers attacking you. After you’ve conquered the required number of stormtroopers then an AT-ST appears in the scene. You can now construct a multi-set for the very first time by using the blocks that are half way down the scene. Make sure you build the correct option first. Then, jump into the air and then grab the miniature kit on the small edge. After that, remove the trampoline you built and then construct the left-hand choice of the multiple-set.

Go to the next level and grab the grappling hook of Han Solo by pressing the circular button. Repeat pressing it, which can free you from Ewok Wicket whom can now be selected from the available characters. You can go into the forest with Wicket and climb through the hatch. Only tiny characters can get through these openings Three other characters are too large for this. Put the stand towards the left. Once it is on the ground, it’ll form the shape of a stack of blocks, which can be used to construct another set of building blocks.

This time, you should build the left side first, as that’s the route towards the red rock in the back. Take down the climbing platform and put together the second part of the set. Before climbing up to the top of the ladder, with Chewbacca take Chewbacca all the way to the left and then use the two handles that are only available to the most powerful characters. The rope should be tightened on the tree’s trunk with the help of the stick. Press it towards the right until the circle you have drawn is full. Next, climb up on the ladder. Pull the handles back using Chewbacca. Then, you push your stick left repeatedly until the circle is been filled.

After that, you’ve successfully defeated AT-ST and the path is easy. Select Han Solo and then run in front of one of the options for cover. Take out the quantity of Stormtroopers. Also, you will receive an award when you defeat the enemy by using Han Solo. After you’ve beat the enemy, go to the next one. Take out the red explosive barrel in the back left corner then the next AT-ST will become an era of its own. Then there’s a little breathing area, where you can pick up the studs scattered all over. If you follow Wicket to the rightand there are three additional Ewoks.

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Send them the instructions to follow you, and then run towards the left. Ascend the ladder and, with the assistance from the remaining Ewoks and move the logs across the edge. Take the ramp to the right side with Wicket and then assemble the gun on the left side of next’s multi-set. Utilize it to kill the tree trunk , which is blocking the path of other members of the party. It will free R2-D2 which is now playable. Then, set the multi-set up so that you have the middle piece of equipment. Set two characters onto the newly created elevator, and the other on the switch that makes the platform rise. This will allow users access to the new minikit.

The last thing you need to do is to build the best alternative. When you play R2-D2, you can begin the new elevator by snapping the icons on the display. Simply shift the stick either direction until the symbol snaps into position. It’s necessary to repeat this 3 times until the elevator can be activated. You must defeat the three stormtroopers at the top. Then you will be able to solve the final puzzle you were unable to complete in the story. It is necessary to return to free game with an aquatic character to leap into the water puddle.

Go to the right and build the stack of blocks. You can grab one of the AT-STs using Han Solo using the grappling hook. Then press the button when the tiny triangle is at the center. This will force you to climb off over the AT-ST and shoot at the golden barriers that are blocking your path. Continue firing till they burst. Keep shooting and aim the golden barrels to either side sides of the bridge raised to allow it to pass. As you progress, slowly complete the AT-STs that you’ll encounter. In the middle of the fourth, there will be three gold objects. Take them out, and this will grant you a new minikit.

Take a step out of your AT-ST and walk along with Leia to the trio of three to the right. Then, give them the instructions to assist you in using the grappling hooks that are on the object directly in the front of you. Another minikit is yours to play with it. In the background, you can set up the multi-set on the left. Now, change into Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader and Darth Vader, who must deal against the Empire. Take on his bodyguards and make use of the Force to control an arm of grappling. The result is that he will get injured. The bodyguard will be defeated again, and then apply the force on the second grappling arm. Once more, the Emperor suffers. The emperor is now destroyed by the grappling arms of both.

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With the new multi-set, make a mini-tie fighter to the left, and a mini-X-wing to the left. Vader is able to send the Tie fighter at the Emperor with his Force, Luke sends the X-Wing. Then you’ll be knocked to the ground. The Emperor then constructs an energy shield over him. In the back, left and right, you’ll be able to see two objects Darth Vader can throw at the Emperor by using the Force. The first step is to remove the walls behind them using the Force, and then throw them at the Emperor.

After that and you are aiming toward the 2 targets which are located above the Emperor’s ceiling. The rack above is going to crash into the Emperor. Darth Vader faces the Emperor with his lightsaber in the sequence. Hit the keys in the sequence until the circle surrounding them is filled with. Perform this four times, then throw your Emperor off the railing and into the depths.

The scene alters and you’re now in through the Millennium Falcon over the Death Star. Press the fire button to take out the most objects possible during the automatic flight. Certain may be monitored. when you have destroyed all of them, you’ll be awarded your next mini kit. Then, a little later, you’ll take off towards the Death Star. A Tie fighter is in front of you. Be careful not to hit it, until it crashes into the surrounding. You’re now on the top of the tower. You can shoot the blue light objects to break the energy core’s hull. After that, collect the torpedoes with the markings on the move and launch at least three torpedoes towards the core of energy. This is the end of the long introduction.

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