Walkthrough Layton’S Mystery Journey: Katrielle And The Millionaire Conspiracy Solution To All Puzzles And Tasks

Collect hint coins

You are able to purchase hints from developers who will aid you in solving the various puzzles. It is possible to find clue coins by meticulously checking the screen at every place to find anything that stands out. If the magnifying glass alters its image when you walk over it, it’s either an exchange, clue, or even a secret clue coins.

Use the pad for characters

For certain challenges, it’s useful to note the possible answers or sketch lines as an example in order to test mazes. In order to do this, use the block that creates a transparent paper over the game in question.

“Layton’s Mystery Journey Solution: Prologue – Cat and the Tramp

Puzzle 01: K for cake

“K.” is the first letter “K” must be created. In order to do this, you have two small and one large wooden triangles, that can be turned and moved. The bigger one you rotate so that it’s long side facing the wall, and the left-hand side is can be pointed. The next step is to put the two triangles that are in the middle both at the top and bottom and the top one with the tip facing upwards to the left, and while the lower one has the tip facing downwards to the left. This will create the background look like”K” “K”. Video:

By solving this first puzzle you’ve completed your entrance. Now that you’re done you can now play the first case “h2”>Layton’s Mystery Journey Solution: Case 1 to whom the bell rings.

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In the photo Click on to the upper part of the lamp to locate the clue coin. Following the explanations, click the church tower, and then the pointed. Go back to the tower, and talk with Inspector Hastings. The clue windows will appear. place your clue (file) inside the lower portion. Then , talk to the passerby directly to the right to the left of the camera, Schnurrbert.

Puzzle 02: Tooth of Time


In this puzzle, you must figure out how many times a pointer has to be rotated until the desired duration is achieved. The answer is 0 because you are able to sit and wait until the time has achieved. Choose the map, and then click the square directly in on the tower’s front two times. Speak to KOK Booker and add one of the clue pieces (metal theft). Contact Inspector Strife Then talk to the jogger to the right. Video:

Puzzle 03 Bladder burst


If you assume that these columns consist of B, C, D, E and F from the left side to the right and 1-5 from the bottom to the top, you have to move the following bubbles into the squares sequentially: 4 to D3 5, C3 to 5, D3, to C2 3 to E4, 2 , B3, to E3 4 , and F3, to F4. Video:

The tower can be entered via the map. On the clockwork, click on the spot indicated in order to add the timer. Speak to Terry and then place three clues (Just restored clock hands) in the lower part of the dial. Next, look at the left dial on your clock’s tower.

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