Walkthrough Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough: All Main Quests And Side Quests Including Walkthrough Tips

There are many paths to the end goal:Many quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance is vast and well-branched. The course differs depending on whether you want to fight, talk or steal. There is also the time issue: Certain tasks must be done within a certain time. If you linger, at the very least, you’ll be unable to follow a particular way to solve the problem and depend on the other options.

We do not claim the completeness of our guide. However, we kept our eyes peeled for every quest and played more than you would in other role-playing games. In this regard, we offer several intriguing options that you could use to finish the quest.

The main point, however, is the main thing that counts in most guides published on GamesWelt We’d like to give you the most simple and least stressful method to get through the experience from beginning to end. That’s why…

Talk talks, talk, talk …we highly encourage you to engage with other people frequently and as often as possible. It’s also worth the mindless asking of many villagers, even if you always ask people the same queries. Every time you have a dialogue, you improve your oral communication skills. The more proficient it is more attainable to be successful in difficult conversations and the greater chance to solve a dispute to your liking through the power of words alone.

Learning through learning by doing What was discussed about speaking and oratory applies to various other abilities. The more you battle with your fists, the better you will be at fighting with your fists. If you practice shooting with your bow, the better in archery. Additionally, many instructors can help you to increase your proficiency. For instance, Muller Peschek teaches you how to pickpocket and lock picking, as Captain Bernard specializes in different weapons.

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The best mattress to protect:After the first three main quests, the game begins, and you be given a room with an actual bed during the narrative (see the main game quest The Awakening). There will be two bedrooms in this room where you can choose to relax. However, only one bed (!) on the right side, behind the ladder, is saved.

Food empty containers: If you ever get hungry or your container is too old, you should look for a food dish. They can be found in various buildings, temporary camps, or even at the fork in the road. It is possible to empty a pot once, and you should let at minimum one game day go by before filling it again. Because many pots can be used, that is the easiest and most affordable way to fill your stomach with food.

Don’t be scared of old food: If you go through your list of items and of food items that you have packed, you’ll notice the column that has the word “condition” (symbolized by a heart that has been torn). Fresh food begins at 100, and it will decay over the course. Naturally, the rate of decay varies based on the kind of food being consumed. For instance, roasting duck leg is likely to be rotten much quicker than a handful of dried mushrooms.

In general, you can take any food item, regardless of whether it’s new or aged. The issue is that if the color of the food is red, you’re suffering from food poisoning. But, the duration is variable and can last just a few seconds with an interval of 30-50 (unless you’ve satiated your appetite with a few dozen apples that have gone rotten). In this period, you’ll barely lose any vital energy, which is why eating food is worthwhile. When your score falls lower than 20 or even less than ten, Heinrich gets unwell for a short period and cannot recover a significant amount of energy.

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Reading Tip: ”

“> Save the booze for trial-and-error passages: If you want to create a manual save in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you’ll either have to find your bed in the mill (which may not be within reach) or drink a save booze. This latter option is, however, only available for a short period and is best consumed with care.

If you’re facing challenging situations (for example, a tense fight or theft which must be planned appropriately), We suggest this trick: put your money in your bed, then go to the tough spot you are constantly failing. Drink a bottle of savior’s brandy, and practice the area until you can master the skill. Then, to stay secure, you can save your bedroom and play the game you saved the previous night, even though you haven’t taken the shot. Then, you can attempt the same procedure again, and you’ll probably be successful the next time due to your experience. If this happens, you must save the passage again and put it on your mattress.

So you can learn difficult sections whenever you want and with no long wait without having to use up the savior drink of your choice.

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