Walkthrough Immortals: Fenyx Rising Walkthrough: Guide For Quests, Tartaros Vault, Treasure Chests & Ambrosia

You will likely attempt to play on your initiative, which is great. But, if you’re having difficulties with the game’s flow because you can’t comprehend the rules immediately or need to adjust to certain rules, consider our advice to get started on the game.

How do I make my character?

How you design your primary persona in The character editor doesn’t matter. Female or male with brown or red hair, brown or green skin – no matter what, your name will forever appear as Fenix, and the techniques you’ll acquire will be the same. Therefore, it’s all an issue of taste.

Additionally, you can not have to alter yourself permanently. You can alter gender and the external appearance at any time when you are at the Hall of Gods. To begin, you must select an outfit that you like immediately.

What difficulty should I select?

A difficulty setting can be altered to suit your ability at the start of the game and throughout the adventure. However, we recommend against anything lower than that “Normal” degree of difficulty as the excitement will fade away. The difficulty level defines the overall power of the monsters as well as the duration of specific tasks of skill. However, it doesn’t affect the riddles and puzzles.

The majority of monsters increase their resistance to attack rate. The more you deal with your attack, the more monsters with strong defenses will come your way. But, you’ll get a significant advantage in the course of your adventure, and Fenyx’s techniques for combat get more advanced, and her bonus points for combo chains are more effective. Increasing the difficulty level is a sensible option if you are bored with war. Remember that the health bar won’t get an automatic healing bonus when you are playing at a higher level than Normal. If you play on Normal, you will see that, at the very least, the broken bar will fill up once you have stopped fighting.

What divine abilities should I first learn?

The game allows players free access to various ways to upgrade weapons and skills. Theoretically, you can master one divine skill and improve its nuances before going on to the next divine skill. But, we strongly suggest against this as you’ll need certain abilities to be able to solve the puzzles of mini-dungeons (they are known as Tartaros Vaults).

We highly recommend that you master each fundamental skill of God’s abilities before attempting to master them.

The best sequence is: 1.) The strength of Heracles

2.) Apollo’s Arrows

3.) Wrath of Ares

4) Phosphorus Attack

5) The remaining in any order

The first four divine powers listed are the most likely to be required for solving the puzzles. You’ll be advised if you go into an area that requires using a power you don’t yet possess. The only thing is that the game does not tell the player which power they are not having. It is, therefore, crucial to master all the fundamental abilities as fast as possible.

There is an exception to the attack of phosphorus. The power itself is better in combat. However, it is upgradeable in two steps. By using Phosphor Clone Phosphor Clone, you make a statue made of Fenyx that can be used as a projectile to throw and is also used as the weighting factor to help step switches. This can save you a lot of time in puzzles, in which you’d otherwise need to carry wood crates or stones through the puzzle. Your statue is extremely lightweight. ,Therefore, the step switch can only be weighed down with an attached spring. If you have an anvil foot switch, it meets at most a quarter of the standards.

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What attack strategies are the most efficient?

Fenix has three weapons: A sword, an ax, and a bow. These weapons are found beginning in your game, and you quickly learn how to use the three. Additionally, there are two other weapons available: set spears that poke out of the ground when using the godly skill Wrath of Ares and the hammer when using the power of God called “Hammer in the name of Hephaestus.”

The most important thing to remember in Fmdull is to swiftly eliminate weak and tiny enemies from a group to deal with the larger chunks. As powerful and massive enemies can take on tough opponents, simple button mashing is useless. Instead, keep an eye on them and be ready to react to their attacks and look for counters. Further details on this are available in section “Parry and avoid.”

Find the weak spots in big enemies and eliminate their endurance. If they lack stamina, they’ll be incapable of fighting for even a brief period. This will be explained in a minute.

Sword is your primary weapon. It damages your life bar (the red bar on top of an enemy’s head); however, it has no impact on their stamina (the blue bar above the opponent). When you use the sword, you can make several quick strikes, turning into a long chain of combos. It’s beneficial when you have opponents that are identical in size (or just a little bigger) as Fenix.

The Axe is a potent yet slow tool. One swing with an ax can do much more harm than swords. However, it takes much longer to swing an ax; therefore, the damage per swing is lesser. However, the ax is vital because every strike with it costs your opponent a lot of endurance. When an opponent is exhausted, they become in a state of incapacity for a brief period (it can see stars). This allows you to strike multiple swords in succession at your own pace. Furthermore, then, the ax can travel an extended distance. This makes it a perfect weapon to use when combating flying foes (such as Harpies) or any monsters you need to hit on your head (such as the cyclops).

Bows and the arrow aren’t very effective in their most basic form they are more essential for solving puzzles initially. But a properly placed arrow could make flying enemies move closer. Additionally, the head strike could inflict some damage. Particularly if you are taught to use explosive arrows later within the gameplay. So you can keep an appropriate distance from cyclops when things become squeezed or when nothing is remaining to throw at the head of the colossus.

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The Hammer of Hephaestus is an unorthodox weapon designed to tackle attacks confined to a specific area. It’s also slower than an ax, but it’s useful as a combo-finisher and a cleaning tool when you have many tiny enemies running around you. Its damage isn’t as important as its effect on your adversaries’ stamina. It typically knocks the socks off soldiers of all sizes. However, be careful; every usage also costs you lots of endurance.

Floor spears are summoned by the power of the god’s Wrath of Ares and are particularly useful during attack phases where you wish to knock an opponent of medium size from their feet. Similar to Hammer of Hephaestus, they can also protect you from enemies groupings of weak soldiers. Spears are particularly useful when you increase the power to give you the possibility of many attacks. This power is also beneficial for vaults since it can help Fenyx perform extremely high jumps from a sitting position. A single use can cost you four units of stamina, so make sure to use in moderation

Parry, dodge and dodge

To inflict as little damage as possible during combat, it is recommended to use two methods. If you push both buttons on your shoulder (R1 + L1 or RB +LB) simultaneously and then , you can parry Fenyx attacks that are coming simultaneously from your adversaries. This means she is able to deflect and avoids any damage that might result. But this is only effective in normal situations. If your opponent is using an attack that is critical and easy to recognize by the glowing red color that the attacker is sporting (or perhaps just the body part) and the party is not strong enough to take care of the damage. Therefore, in such a case, you shouldn’t bother with it and instead, avoid it.

To dodge, the command rests at the click of the square (PlayStation) (PlayStation), The X button (Xbox PC), or the button Y (Nintendo Switch) according to the platform. This move can be used at any moment to move across the battlefield quickly. Pay attention to the direction you steer with the analog stick so you don’t run into the weapon of your enemy. When you’re in the right place, it will start the trigger for a brief slow-motion sequence. This happens when you are able to avoid an attack narrowly. Therefore, if you take a precise dodge when an opponent is about to strike you, that’s”the “perfect escape.” Utilize the time advantage that slow motion offers every time you can, as this will ensure that you are rested enough to take on some standing attacks. It’s the reason it’s important to be calm in an argument and not press buttons.

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