Walkthrough Horizon: Zero Dawn Walkthrough: Tips, Find All Hatcheries, Metal Flowers And Energy Cells

Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough: Robot Hunter Guide – Part 1.

In the huge and rich realm that is Horizon: Zero Dawn, there are a lot of robots all over the counter. They can be avoided or hunted for, but it’s not simple.

Each beast has its method to be killed, especially if you aren’t looking to be used to being eaten by the beasts. Why do you hunt for creatures? They’re able to leave valuable objects following their deaths that you can make use of to stay alive. To ensure that you and Aloy aren’t frightened by the beasts and die in your quest, we’ve compiled some strategies for hunting them

Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough for Watcher

They’re among the first creatures you’ll meet within Horizon: Zero Dawn, and they’re one of the most simple prey machines in the world. They’re equipped with a huge eye fixed to their head, like a target’s head. It also glows.

This is also their most vulnerable point. Simply take a bow, and shoot it towards their eyes. Take your time, and shoot several times into the eye at a distance. Far distance using your bow. If you do not have any arrows, try sneaking in on them.

Try to get the swarm out by using your spear in an attack melee. Be aware of them, however. Eyes are their weakness, but it’s also their greatest weapon. They also emit a loud alarm when they spot you and can startle other creatures in the vicinity once they spot them. Therefore, you must eliminate them from hiding.

Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough: Strider

They will also be encountered quite early in the gameplay. Although they may look terrifying, they’re relatively simple to manage once you’ve mastered the technique. You can unlock Aloy’s Fire Arrows for Aloy and take refuge among the tall grass around the Striders.

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Check out the creatures close. There’s a huge yellow canister at the rear of their backs. You can aim your gun at it and shoot some of your fire arrows toward it. Ensure you maintain the required distance from the Strider to avoid hurting yourself.

Striders explode after a brief period, and they take everything else around them with their bodies. This means that you could also be able to kill others West that is in the vicinity of the Strider. If you strike them, ensure that they don’t pursue you. A flaming Strider could harm you and your family if it explodes close to you.

Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough: Grazer

When you meet these Grazers for the first time will not be able to resist laughing. These animals look and act as if they were deer. The most effective way to denigrate these benign creatures is to attract them.

They typically wander in groups. For a successful hunt, separating them from the herd is important. Utilize your whistle to draw them from your group towards your location. It is best to do this on high grass. When a grazer comes close to your location, it’s the right time to hit.

Stabbing the grazer is as simple as the spear or knife. It is best to strike them on through the chest, starting from the front. The thrust will knock them to the ground. Make sure the herd does not observe you; otherwise, you have the chance of them coming across you and knocking you down.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Walkthrough Longleg

These animals instantly remind you of the ferocious hordes of birds. They are just as aggressive. Be aware when you meet these creatures since they can cause you a lot of damage by yelling. They can stun you with their scream.

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At the same time, they call for assistance in this manner and could lead to your death when you are sucked into the overwhelming power of these birds. Get your bow ready and hit them with the large, gray lungs inside their chests. They explode with each cry from the monsters.

You can also hit them in the chest using the help of a melee weapon for the same result. If you injure the lungs of the victim, they’ll not be able to shout or call for assistance. Do not stop there; however, continue to stab the victim until they’re dead.

However, you can attack at a distance as another vulnerable area can be their rear. In this area, you’ll find blue canisters concealed between their wings. Shoot these canisters from far away, and you could also knock Longlegs out in cold temperatures this way.

Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough: Chargers

The animal resembles an equilateral cross between two bulls and a buffalo and is likely to take you off your step when you make eye contact. So, keep away from her field of sight and put her back to your eyes. You will see massive canisters that you must take on.

If you already have fire arrows in your quiver, you can aim them at them and shoot at them first. After the canisters are blowing up, you can target the next area of vulnerability on their body: the massive horns on both sides of the heads.

After you’ve destroyed the canister, The horns will turn yellow, making great targets for firing arrows. If you shoot them, they’ll collapse in front of your eyes.

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