Walkthrough Horizon: Zero Dawn Tips: Xp Farming, Level Fast, Find Hides And Meat, The Best Outfits

Farm XP and Level up quickly

If you’re looking to cut down on time spent hunting to earn experience points, focus your time on the beneficial grassers for loot objectives. They are typically in larger groups of as many as ten animals. You’ve seen within our “p”> The canisters attached to their backs make them an easy target that can be blown up quickly. Make use of this. Utilize a fire arrow to hit them in the back using it. The easily flammable canisters will fly into the air within a short period.

You must ensure that you capture a Graser, which is located within the group of animals, as you’ll also injure the other Greasers nearby. Be sure to pursue the remaining creatures in the machine since they’ll run away and remain close to each other.

This is an additional chance to eliminate them. Keep your eyes on herds until you’ve removed the final Graser. This will allow you to take the level of Aloy (In the interval between seven and 10) and move to the next stage, with just three or four herds.

Increase your XP by upgrading your kills

If you want more experience points from your creature killings by machine, make sure you vary your kills and don’t kill them all the same method. At the end of every kill, you’ll be given an account of the kill with bonus bonuses for each action.

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For instance, you could get extra points taking out fire arrows or traps. Ambush kills and combinatorial attacks (such as shock arrows or ambush assaults) are also feasible. So, the points you collect at the end of the game add up.

More XP: Take out wildlife riding

If you’re hoping to earn some experience points “on the fly” without putting in a lot of effort to achieve it, we suggest you get on your horse better. In the end, if you are riding down an animal like a wild boar or smaller wild animals on a horse and earn experience points, you’ll be able to do so without ever having to leave your horse and walk away.

Capacity to carry more in the early stages

At the beginning of the game, you’ll need to open your “Craft” menu and explore your options in the “Carrying Capacity” section. Expand bags to the maximum extent you can. Then, you don’t need to take your loot home. You will also not run into trouble in battle.

You can carry more bows and keep more potions in your storage. Make sure to check now and again and check out what’s currently manufactured for you. There’s nothing more frustrating and particularly time-consuming than looking to determine whether you have enough space on your shelves.

The things you require to construct these bags are typically found in the wild animals that roam the world, i.e., wild boars, foxes, rabbits, raccoons, or even fish. You should not have a problem finding these natural materials since animals are easy to locate and kill. In addition, if you’ve taken an animal to the slaughter, you will be able to discern if the animal lost something valuable or not just by the color of the marks of prey.

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Every animal supplies you with the raw materials you can utilize to increase specific carrying capacities. They are:

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