Walkthrough Horizon: Forbidden West Walkthrough & Guide: All Quests, All Collectibles Locations

Warrior Aloy is back. To save humanity, she must go into the Forbidden West, an expansive zone full of dangerous amazing machines and thrilling adventures. We’ll guide you to all the essential collectibles such as longnecks, rebel bases, minigames, and hatcheries to ensure you can complete your quest.

Practical tips for those who are new to adventure:

The west that is forbidden to enter is massive. It’s bigger and more expansive than the first adventure Aloy had, and that’s not just because the various machines are more aggressive. To assist you in managing your resources right from the beginning and provide a detailed guide for the adventure, we’ll provide you with the following suggestions throughout the journey.

1. The game shows you exactly where to go.

There are game options the game to choose between two different options. You can either complete the quest by searching out all regions yourself or allow the game to tell you which of the places you’ve been provided in the investigations, similar to an electronic navigation system. If you opt for this choice, you won’t be lost because the game doesn’t simply give you the location according to the crow’s flight path; it sets waypoints to follow simply by following the yellow line on the screen.

2. Make sure you have everything you need, but save one for when the battle is imminent.

Aloy can carry only some amount of healing herbs, such as twigs, stones, and spices. It is also the case for essential elements you require to make weapons, like machines and cooling herbs. Anything that you gather that is beyond the limits of their pouches will be delivered into your Supply Chest. The supply chests are located in cities or campsites. If you happen to have to run out of items, You can pull any items you’ve collected out of the chest and then be replenished.

If there is a chance that a fight is shortly, regardless of whether it’s in an open space or an underground dungeon (a hatchery), don’t gather everything, but keep it until now, as once the berries and all other supplies are delivered in your camp, they’re not immediately available for use. However, specific battles can be so exhausting that you’ll run out of crafting and berries out of your bags before the fight is finished. Also, if no materials are lying around, then your options are limited. So, it is best to leave something standing or expanding, as you’ll quickly collect time during the battle to ensure you have enough bags.

3. Analyze every machine

Machine animals are all dangerous regardless of how big or small they might be. Be cautious and always presume that a machine animal attacked will likely require reinforcements. If there are many, tiny diggers and burrows could punch you in the back when you’re running depleted of healing fruits or potions, for instance. Since you cannot swiftly move from an argument, you depend on them.

Examining each machine in a manner that is at least rough is crucial. For this purpose, hold on to the critical R3 for an extended time while you are aiming the machine. The analysis will reveal, on the one hand, to what elements your animal reacts sensitivity (and to which ones it is not); on the other hand, you can observe the vulnerable body parts. These are the parts of the body that you should concentrate on.

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4. Disrupt individual components of the machine

The majority of animals in the machine have particular weaknesses. They are not just a few but individual components that can be destroyed using a series of targeted attacks. However, this is only possible while they’re still alive. Disassembling a machine while fighting can yield valuable, rare parts that you can either process or sell in one sense, but contrary to that disassembling it usually reduces the animal’s strength so that you can injure it more often with less effort.

The lesson is learned quickly in your first game via a bequest of a tiny amount that grants you an upgrade to your weapon. The value of this instruction is unquestionably universal. Do you have to fight an animal with a horn or a particular gun attached to its tail? Aim it. The body parts with thin walls are more complex to strike than the torso. However, the risk can be worth it, at least when you control it.

4. Find your style of fighting

Horizon: Forbidden West gives you the freedom to choose when it comes to fighting. A lot of direct fights are inevitable, but there will also be instances that you can stop or be able to avoid using patience and strategy. The most important thing is to utilize your skill tree correctly. For example, if you’re skilled at traps that booby traps and prepare for a fight, you must put this ability in your skills tree. This is the same with being sneaky. If you like tripping over high grass to stun your enemies with swift attacks, you’ll require techniques that make you less tense and quicker, mainly if you prefer to take on enemies and make them take on them.

It’s obvious that if you’re an individual who is more inclined to be the first to engage in full contact, you’ll require specific stamina, healing, and attacking skills. After the first six to seven hours of playing, after which you’ve got an idea of what you’d like to play, take a look at the different branches of the tree and devise the plan.

5. Rapid travel time between campfires is free

Aloy can quickly begin a short excursion from any place in the game to an already discovered campfire or another vital spot on the PS5 because of the fast loading times. The game will require food, however. This is not too bad since game meat isn’t scarce. You just need to kill a few small animals such as wild boars, foxes, and hares to get the required heart. You can also save yourself lots of effort if you don’t begin a trip from any place but instead move from campfire to campfire. It’s free of cost. You just need to stand near a campfire, watch the button commands displayed, and hit the circular button. The world map will show. You can now select one campfire to target, click the R2 button, and go off with a complimentary excursion.

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6. Rely on the high-quality recommendation

Each quest comes with a recommendation. You can complete them at an easier level, but it can be quite challenging. It’s therefore feasible, though not recommended to play every main quest in one go. As the game progresses, the chance of wearing yourself out against the boss or on a huge machine adversary increases.

We suggest you take on a side quest or gathering task more frequently. Each time you complete a game, you’ll get between one and three points in the skill tree. You’ll also receive some experience points, increasing your life force every level. This is how you will be able to overcome the gaps in the levels recommended. Also last and not least, you can collect valuable treasures and money (shards9 to utilize to buy more expensive equipment.

7. Shop at the stores

in every settlement.

The weapon system used in Horizon. Forbidden West is not based on linear progression. Instead, it has various weapons with different strengths and weaknesses. In addition, there is the fanned elemental weapon, which is attached to specific weapons. Although this is a disadvantage in that it can make it difficult to tell if the new gun is superior to the one you’re currently using, it is also a benefit that specialized weapons are significantly more effective once you’ve identified the best ones.

It is why you should look over the offers in every settlement where a dealer of weapons has his storehouse. This applies to the clothes worn by Aloy. Make sure to improve the level of your armor and weapons, then spruce them up with the elemental reinforcements.

8. Take note of what Aloy is saying.

Horizon: Forbidden West doesn’t have any actual puzzles waiting for you. However, you may be a duck in a storm because you’re not sure how you can get to a specific spot. After a while of confusion, Aloy will mumble a hint, a soliloquy. Keep these tips in mind, for they are usually helpful comments, not just a hint at your fence.

9. Crack the hatcheries as early as it is possible

The more machines you can evade (i.e., hacking, stealing) and the faster you’ll have the chance to alter the programming of devices for your own advantage. This is only possible if machines in the area haven’t seen you yet; however, you must keep that option open. A bypassed device may be able to fight with you for a short period of time, or it can be controlled.

You’ll receive the details to hack to the core of the machine within the hatchery. Each device is complete. If you do not get it entirely finished, you will receive at the very least a portion of this data, and later on, in the game, you can complete the data in your base game so that you can later master hacking it.

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