Walkthrough Hitman 2 Walkthrough: How to Turn Off the Targets in All Missions

In the first mission you undertake, you must first carry out an easy burglary before shooting anyone. Find the one house you can see from a distance, then remove four cameras. four cameras all around you with the pistol you have silenced. The next step is to gain entry into the house. However, all the doors are secured. To do this, you’ll be able to see an unlocked Garage door that is linked to an distribution box. If you have the screwdriver, you can open the box and the gate.

To get there, go towards the back of the building and see a water pool. With the help of the glass wall, you can walk towards the edge of the pool and insert the screwdriver. After that, you can close the distribution box for a moment and let the garage door open.

The garage is accessible directly. Walk through the door to the left and walk into the spacious living room. You will find a small, round table right in front of the huge television, and it is on this that there is Militia’s Mission Report. But, it’s not the information your client is looking for, so you need to continue looking.

The living area has a staircase that ascends to the highest level, the top floor of the house. If you turn back and continue towards the right of the staircase to enter the bedroom with a bright light and pick up the file from Global Dynasty next to the bed.

It’s not the information that you are looking for. So, return to the stairs and head to the opposite area, where you’ll find the PC. It’s not secure, and you’ll not be able to access it with ease.

Visit the alcove on your left. Here you’ll find, among others, exercise equipment as well as the bust. On the left wall is a painting that hides a hidden mechanism. If you activate it, you can open the emergency room.

In the panic room In the panic room, take the select and the dolly with a password towards the left. This way, you can use the computer, but you must wait until the lady Alma Reynard arrives. Alma Reynard is the first target to eliminate during HITMAN 2. If you can, do it undercover…

Night visit (liquidate Alma Reynard)

However, you’ll need to contend with not just Alma but also some dozen guards in and out of the building. It is therefore not recommended to just walk back to your living room. At the very least, you should attempt to disguise yourself before the event.

Check out the panic room and walk down the steps to lead you to a different exit. It is linked with the garage, and a single guard is likely to turn his back on you. It is easy to take on her, pull her into the grass outside the garage, and then put on her clothes to cover your identity.

In the future, you can pass any security guards that have greyed out on your radar. For all white adversaries, you need to be vigilant for them, as they will be able to identify you despite the disguise and alarm. They’ll also require just a couple more seconds to detect your mask.

Alma is likely to be in the living room, making phone calls. So, for instance, go back to the garage, open the door to the east side, and gaze directly into the living area and to her back. Of course, if you’re sly, you’ll shoot the lady in the head, then disappear. But her body won’t be located using this “tactic,” and that’s why we have a different option for you.

It’s best to wait until Alma is done talking to her phone, then she walks up the steps with her boyfriend Orson and then toward the bathroom. Now, go through the doorway to the south and turn to your left after an open shelf. Behind it, you’ll find another door on your right that will take you to a different staircase. Then, you can climb them, then change direction and return to the balcony. Be sure to stay to the left and slip past the glassed walls.

And lastly, you’ll be at an unfinished area with a window open through which you could enter the bathroom you’re looking for. If you instantly take cover and hide behind the bathtub, you will not be noticed by Alma, or Orson will ever notice your actions.

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You must wait until they enter the bathroom and Orson is in the shower. Alma, on her side, has been applying makeup before her mirror. This is why you can shoot and aim her with your silent pistol. But wait until Orson is enveloped by hot steam and can no longer be seen by Alma before firing the trigger. Then, if you wish to keep him from finding the body, immediately conceal it or get it out of the way Orson in the shower. Bathing.

Night visit (Escape from the ship)

It is now time to return to the beginning of the mission. There, you’ll be confronted by guards. They can be avoided by sneaking between the bush and the next.

The boat that you took to arrive here is also secured. Therefore, you’ll need to devise some kind of escape to entice your thugs away. To accomplish this, make a second turn and focus on the illuminated vehicle with three guards.

You can aim your gun at canisters on the loading zone at some distance and cause them to catch fire. The subsequent blast is enough to send guards on the edge of their seats. They rush immediately to their cars. That’s why you go between bush and bush before you escape on your boat.

Miami the Finish Line: Pretty in Pink (Find Incriminating evidence)

Target: Sierra Knox

In the parking garage between the track and Bayside Center, you’ll come to a person who has discovered evidence that is incriminating to Sierra Knox. He plans to blackmail the racer using the evidence and has already scheduled a meeting with Sierra Knox.

You’ll be able to recognize the blackmailer from a distance because his costume is one of those sly pink flamingos that mascots the event. If you start from the starting point at the entrance to the event immediately to your left as you go through the Bayside Tunnel and take a left on the opposite side to enter the Parking Garage. Once inside, all you need to do is walk straight ahead and head towards the man who’s currently talking to you via phone.

Then, wait for the phone call to start the story. You’ll find out that the blackmailer misplaced his vehicle remote. However, first, you’ll need to control him, then dress in the mask costume and then take the parking ticket. There’s no secure place in the vicinity where you can place the body of his unconscious. You can put his body in the shadowy corridor to the west.

Just to the remote control: You will discover precisely the location where the blackmailer stole the owner of the costume. On the other hand, the blackmailer is only two meters further south and at the center of an intersection. Be careful: If you come across him in costume as a mascot, the mascot will naturally signal the alarm. Therefore, dress in your regular clothes, grab the car remote, make sure it is evident on the ground, and then grab the costume.

In the next step, you’ll have to find the vehicle of the blackmailer located in the parking lot in the northeast corner between pillars 06 as far as 07. With the help of the car remote control, you’ll be able to access it without attracting any attention and hence collect the evidence incriminating.

Pretty in Pink (meeting with Sierra Knox)

Now everything is in order, and you’re required to travel to where the blackmailer is arranging in conjunction with Sierra Knox: the hotel garden located in the Southwest corner of the zone. Be aware that the overall map has been turned upside-down! This is why you’ll see the southwest corner on the top right of the map and not in the lower left!

To access your destination in the Hotel Garden, you need to get back to the Event Entrance and walk to the south of the many people who are there until you see the VIP zone just to your right. The mascot is disguised; you can simply walk into it and immediately look towards the red-colored, narrow pathway at the corner. It will take you towards the left and to the Race Guard Area, which all you need to do is cross.

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On the opposite side, you will be able to see the small, enclosed passageway of the hotel’s gardens that is secured. Bring the guard your documents, and she’ll let you into the garden. Important: You must attend to a brief conversation with her before being allowed into the hotel’s garden! If you don’t, then trouble could be in the offing because, strictly speaking, you haven’t yet been granted permission.

Then, you’ll have to be patient and sit in the meantime and chat in the presence of the guards. In the end, Sierra Knox will appear in an alleyway on the side. After a few minutes, she’ll leave her men and demand the documents. Then, give them to her. Stand in the trash hatch and decides to burn them. This is your chance—one push to ensure that Sierra Knox is history.

An Ideal Machine (Dress in the form of an engineer)

Target: Sierra Knox

Because one Kronstadt mechanic quit their job, The Sierra Knox team needs a new member. It’s a good thing to consider…

In this story, getting rid of any weapons you have at the beginning of your preparations, which could include the silenced pistol or piano side. The truth is that you will need to walk directly from the entry point to the event by a security officer who is standing in front of the welcome sign and stop you.

Then, walk across the crowd until you’re just a few inches from a passageway with Parking marked across it. To the left, you’ll find another passageway that will take you to the stand for spectators. If you stay to the right, you’ll arrive at the mentioned Kronstadt mechanic.

Follow him through every step and watch his every move as he leaves his work. He’ll then head to the bathroom, where you’ll be able to take him out without being noticed. Make sure you don’t end up drowning him. You don’t want to harm innocent people, are you?

Dress him in a mechanic’s attire and then carry his essential card back to the pit. Additionally, you could cover the mechanic’s body behind the dumpster to ensure that he doesn’t get noticed at any point.

The Perfect Machine (Sabotage Race Car)

Due to your disguise, you can access the VIP zone to the east without any hassle and proceed straight into Kronstadt’s workshop. Kronstadt Workshop. However, here you’ll need to look for mechanics and guards who might be able to identify you even if you’re wearing a disguise. So, head to the corner marked with the narrow pathway indicated in red. Follow it to the left until you are before a large entryway. Do not look at it; instead, open the door to your left side to access the workshop. You will then climb up the stone in gray and walk to the red first door to your right.

Now you are working in your workshop and require the right tool to derail. To accomplish this, purchase a pneumatic screwdriver, and you’ll discover two within the room that faces southwest. They’re positioned on a red box before which there is a mechanic in the way who will be able to identify you even though you’re disguised. So, you should throw coins in the corner to the room’s right. Wait until the mechanic you are talking to makes the sound of jingling. Then, you can quickly grab one of the screwdrivers that are pneumatic and walk out of the room.

You can now head to the northwest room inside the Kronstadt workshop and speak to her head mechanic. You can recognize her by her headscarf and the reality that she is the only female member of the team. She instantly hires you, and that’s the reason you are now able to head to the wheel that is located between the two gates of white. You can click on it and then sabotage it using your pneumatic screwdriver. Everything else will be taken care of in a logical manner.

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