Walkthrough God Of War Walkthrough: Story, Optional Areas, All Wrath Chest Puzzles And Side Missions

The game begins slowly and gradually as you press the right shoulder button several times to trim the tree. As you place the tree’s fat trunk on the shoulders of your back, walk straight towards the boat and then follow the river upwards. You will automatically dock at the first available jetty and follow the young Atreus until Kratos sets the log on his own.

The work will follow the ceremony of mourning. The cremated remains of Atreus’s mother’s body are to be scattered on the highest point, but Kratos doubts that his son is strong enough to take on the next adventure. Atreus must prove his capabilities before the trip and hunt with his father.

The hunt with Atreus in the forest

You follow the boy speeding ahead, and he soon finds a few tracks close to the stream. While you’re there, you can search the area for all sorts of useful items.

Just across the river, you’ll notice an attractive pouch on the ground. It’s filled with hacking silver. This is the standard currency you’ll later be able to pay blacksmiths for creating new armor.

The wide, left-hand path will lead to a stairwell, but you’ll have to deal with it later. If you follow the narrow, right-hand route instead, you’ll find an alcove filled with brown dirt. There are tracks within it; however, according to Atreus, they’re not of deer. If you continue to the left, you’ll come to a small underpass. There is a chest of brown that also has hack silver.

Once you’ve crossed the underpass, you’ll be right by the steps you’ve seen from afar – so you’ve walked circles. The stairs are next to the artifact Lost & Found and again in the dirt. The game instantly informs you that there should be at least three more of this type.

Follow the boy as he climbs the steps and jumps over the gap and the tree’s trunk. The tree trunk, the deer that is frightened by your eyes, appears in a flash. The next path takes you to a massive stone, from which you clean another chest with hacking silver to the right.

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Then, you’ll arrive at a bridge the deer has destroyed. In essence, a portion is blocking your way. This is the reason you must grab your Axe and throw it at it. After pressing another button, the ax will fly back into your palm. It is beneficial.

Then, you leap over the gap in the bridge that has been damaged, and Atreus is directly at his back and pursues it away, which isn’t exactly pleasing Kratos quite so much.

In the next section, it is impossible to move freely and walk behind Atreus as if you were walking on rails until you see a Draugar dead beast that instantly strikes you. You’ll need to take out the Draugar and all others in the same area by slicing it with an ax. It doesn’t matter if you make use of strong or light attacks. The key is being quick and not letting your guard down for long. Dodging or blocking is typically not needed with these easy adversaries.

The only exception is if Atreus informs you of a draught coming from behind or to the side, you instinctively avoid it by rolling and then redirecting yourself.

After the battle, Atreus wants to continue following the stag. However, before following your son, take a look around. In the distance is a crossing point, at the bottom of which is decorated with a prominent circle symbol. The road to your left going west is the one that Atreus seeks and will take you further through the forest. However, beyond this, there are two more routes to choose from: straight towards the north and another towards the right, towards the east.

In the direction of the north, straight ahead, you’ll arrive at a norn-shaped chest that cannot be opened as easily. It is necessary first to smash a wooden barricade and then break three seals. They are within this same area. You can identify them through the blue glow of the runes displayed in the chest.

First seal you can poke at left of chest.

Second sealis just behind it in the southeast, just to the left of the entryway.

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3. The 3rd sealis left to your left in an open sarcophagus.

It is possible to crack the seals using an well-aimed ax and then remove an Idunn Apple from the chest of the norn.

Retrace your steps back to the intersection with the emblem. Now examine the path towards the East. It leads to a small chest located to the left of the route. You can search at the next dead end for hack silver and end with a chain, which can go down into an underground pit.

In the pit, the wolves will be waiting for your presence, and on the left side, you will find an artifact lost and found. In the south is also a sarcophagus containing hack silver. After you’ve gone through all the possible pathways, you will need to come back to the intersection and continue to follow Atreus.

Atreus is then chasing the deer and finally ends up at an old temple as the boy pauses to unlock the door. Atreus continues to run ahead and stumbles over several Draugars. But they’re not aware of them yet, so you could be a bit of a surprise by putting an ax in their backs. However, be mindful that afterward, you’ll need to get the ax using the triangle key just as when you’ve destroyed the obstruction on the press. This is because you’ll cause a minor damage using just your hands. The situation will alter as the game gets more complicated.

The Draugar inside the temple are more aggressive than the ones outside, which is why you’ll have to be more careful now. Be on guard when they begin to leap and jump around or turn to the side. It’s better to knock down one Draugar by blows that are easy to hit and others that are in close proximity by using heavy blows.

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