Walkthrough Ghost Of Tsushima Walkthrough, Tips & Guide

In the first battle, there’s not much you could do other than follow the instructions of your uncle’s lead and eliminate some Mongols by following the instructions for tutorials. If you arrive in an alcove following your death, it is imperative to be aware of the immediate area:

There is a bucket full of used bandages to your left, just to the left of the burning campfire.

You’ll see some food hidden in the dark just ahead of the bucket.

With this basic information, you begin to walk the only possible path and stumble upon the village of Mongols. Since you were unable to use your sword in your battle, you can not fight at this time. So, first, squeeze the crack in the rock before snooping across the large puddle and to the footprints in the ground. You must examine.

In the next home, there will be the whetstone and the armor you have. You’ll meet your first ally when you exit the back door: Yuna. You’ll need to be with her throughout the journey to avoid being noticed in the eyes of the Mongols. Always stay close to her and cover yourself in the shadows when she is not moving. Also, follow her instructions and pick up a few items as you travel.

After you have reached Toru’s home, take a few more things and your katana that is stored in a shallow white container. The story is then rewinded to the present to fight your uncle in a second tutorial which teaches you the fundamental combat skills.

As of now the future, you’ll also need to fight against a Mongol using the spear. Your skills at present will not allow you to stop the Mongol attacks. Therefore you’ll have to avoid these attacks. When his spear flashes. Then, swiftly shift to the side and hit several times to take out the enemy.

Follow Yuna and continue to follow her until you encounter three additional Mongols. Again, the guide will show you how to take on the group of Mongols. Then Yuna is tempted to leave with you, but you hear civilians crying in dire need of assistance. So, contrary to her advice, go back to take out two Mongols. Be aware that they can take more knocks than adversaries from before! Concentrate on one and pound him hard. Also, be on guard for your coworker: If he comes up to you and begins to fight with you, take him out of the way and deal him a beating. However, Yuna will be at your side, bowing.

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It’s not long before you’re confronted by a third enemy consisting of two sworders and a spearman. You’ll be able to quickly catch the first one off guard as they are unable to defend themselves. The second, on the contrary, will block your attacks, and you’ll need to wait until his. Like your first encounter, be on guard for his spear when it flashes, avoids the left, and then fight back.

The game is a time leap after you have stood alongside Yuna in front of Kaneda Castle. Contrary to suggestions from your friends, go straight through the central gate and then learn the game playing mechanics. It’s pretty simple. You can challenge your opponent with a single press while pressing the triangle key. Once he starts to attack, release. It will kill him in just one blow. You’ll be required to kill three additional Mongols as usual.

Then, you’ll battle your way from one opponent to the next. You can keep gaining experience with the controls of combat. It is important always to be ready for sworders’s attacks and counterattacks. Be sure not to avoid but rather attack and parry.

Following another cutscene, you will have to take down the first shield-bearer. To accomplish this, the game will teach you a different attack technique that you will apply several times. You’ll also need to keep the method in mind and use it for every subsequent shield bearer until you have more information. You can also be patient and wait for their attacks to counter or parry, but this is not as effective.

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In a short time, you face your first adversary archer. Two key principles apply to this kind of adversary:

Always keep moving, avoiding obstacles. It is recommended to get rolling in the context as fast as possible.

They will have the top priority if you strike one or more archers! Avoid all others, rush towards the archers, and then take them down. Since they don’t have a shield or melee weapon and cannot defend themselves, they are killed with just two or three strikes with a sword.

After fighting the archer, it is time to get to the bridge, challenge a Mongol a second time, and prove yourself in a battle against him and his comrades. The entrance mission concludes with a fight against Khotun Khan. However, you’ll never have a chance against Khotun Khan. He’ll block all your attacks and eventually take you down in the final battle, which is precisely what the game is looking for.

It is necessary to replay a flashback following your loss, but you’ll just follow the path you gave. You’ll be woken up at the beach, and you’ll need to be aware of the direction of the wind. You can set it to go out each time by moving up from below the touchpad on the PS4 controller. Remember this method since it’s the only reliable compass available.

Sooner or later, you’ll encounter Yuna, and, in the meantime, you’ll need to hide in the pampas grass to stay out of the sight of many Mongols. Get your horse ready, and then ride away until the prologue that plays on your computer ends.

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