Walkthrough Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tips & Tricks You Need to Know: Characters, Romances, Classes & Combat

The game Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Nintendo puts you in the position of a teacher in an army academy to the first time. In addition to the traditional gameplay in the field There’s plenty more to explore with the latest game on the Nintendo Switch

Which house should I pick?

One of the first questions you’ll have to answer at the starting of your game one regarding selecting a home. There is a choice of three options: the Golden Stags, the Blue Lions and the Black Eagles. The house you pick but has a major impact to the plot. The faction you select will determine whether you’ll have a distinct set of characters to play with. We will tell you which house is appropriate for what style of play and what you have in order to get characters from different houses:

Romances and characters (improving relationship)

The most important thing crucial to Three Houses are your students and your coworkers. If you interact with them, you don’t just get to be acquainted with the exquisitely designed characters and their stories, but you also build friendships to them. In a comprehensive table, we will explain how characters Byleth could form a bond according to gender and what support ranks they can attain with respect to one another. There are also many suggestions for how you can enhance your relationships with a person in the shortest time possible:

Exams Classification of characters, changes, and sealing – as it happens!

To stay ahead in the battle, you’ll eventually need to establish yourself generally with different characters. Which classes exist that you can choose from, what advantages they possess what is the process for changing to a different class functions and when you are able to gain any level, and the things you require to be able to achieve it, you can read about it here:

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Making the most out of the classes you take

To ensure you don’t waste time in class to get the most out of every weekly activity for your classes Find out how to prepare for your classes and explain why it’s sometimes best to skip visiting the monastery.

Tips for fighting How to win every fight

The meat in the game. With these strategies will help you make the most of your terrain as well as take crucial hits more frequently, and make sure you’re keeping monsters and other big enemies in check. We’ll also help you to increase the effectiveness of your unit by utilizing an hidden advantage one or more of the following:

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