Walkthrough Final Fantasy Xv Walkthrough, Tips, All Main Quests, Bosses And Side Quests

Welcome to the Eos world! Eos the fantasy world that is too dissimilar to the real world because, after all, there are people who drive on country roads, use cellphones, and eat meals in the normal American roadside eateries.

It would not have been Final Fantasy if there weren’t important differences. The powerful gods, cute Chocobo flying birds spells, odd creatures to kill populate the land. This guide will take through the key elements in the game. offer suggestions on combat strategies as well as quest objectives and attempt to bring you through the game as quickly as you can. But, there’s no guarantee of one hundred percent grazing. There are too many sub-tasks to achieve this.

Your hero team is composed (as generally) of four players. The protagonist , Noctis Lucis Caelum. He is a prince from the Kingdom of Lucis and is frequently known as “Noct” in the eyes of his companions. The other characters he has with him are Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus. Each one of them has their own special skill as a companion and in the combat force.

Four of them are set to leave to Niflheim under the orders of the King of Lucis. In Niflheim, Lucis plans to wed his former friend, who is known as Lunafreya to secure harmony between both nations. However, things go different, as you’ll soon discover.

Final Fantasy XV walkthrough: essential tips and techniques

1.) From the beginning I’ll offer a crucial tip to consider prior to starting You’ll definitely need to continue to the story’s central theme, as quickly as you can. But if you are focused solely on the main quests then you’ll have a very low chance of surviving. You’ll need cash, experience points, and equipment. All of this can be earned through various side quests and hunter-based missions that the various residents of the land give you. Spend enough time in each chapter to tackle just these.

2.) Sidequests are generally given to you by the people who you meet during the course of the tale. They’re located in settlements and are identified by the question mark. Hunting and hunting quests, on other hand, can be picked from restaurants at rest stops as well as other smaller settlements.

3.) In any place you can get hunt orders, you’ll also receive information on the area. Very important in this case are camping spots. They let you stay your night there for free and is one way to refresh your life points but also subtracts the points you earn from your experience. Additionally, close to the campsite, you’ll have sources of mysterious elements Noctis is able to absorb and transform into real-world spells. It is important to keep an supply of these elements, for ice, fire and lightning.

4.) When it is dark the danger is much greater at night. risky when you walk (or perhaps drive) across meadows, woods, and meadows than in the daytime. If you’re unprepared and have no idea where to sleep, you must seek out a bed before 8 p.m. by the latest. It is possible to camp out on the ground in a refugium , or you search for a bed that is fixed. This could be in the campervan (cheap) as well as in a motel or hotel (usually costlier). If you’re feeling confident then you’re permitted to travel during the night. But, you must be on be on guard as certain creatures pop up out of thin air and are quite formidable. Combats can be incredibly chaotic and confusing in daylight. at night , they are less of a challenge. This could significantly impact the outcomes of an encounter.

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5.) Make sure you buy plenty of remedies. The royal car (called Regalia) has its own retail store. Therefore, when you arrive in your car you are able to purchase anything you want before leaving. If you’re short on cash, consider selling some of the collectibles you don’t require to complete your quest like old coins, monster whiskers , and other such items. These items are available frequently. They are visible in the countryside and are easily found whenever Noctis is in their path.

It is recommended to always carry at hand a supply of healing potion (heal people) or super healing potion (heal everyone in the group however, with only a limited effect). Additionally, after not more than an hour of playing, three Phoenix feathers are the standard equipment recommended. With the help of these feathers, players are able to resurrect the fallen friends and protect Noctis from dying. If Noctis dies then the game will end and you’ll have to restart the game at the end of the save point.

Elexirs boost all status stats however they are quite expensive. They are beneficial however, don’t just throw all your cash away for them.

Other remedies and potions treat status changes, but they are not readily available at the beginning. Examples include smelly salts that can fix confusedness (when they are confused Noctis is always running in opposite directions to the controls) or maiden kisses that allow you to get out of status as a frog and restore you to human form. A little bump of these is always nice in your possessions.

6) Relics and weapons are in short supply. Spend what you can to improve the quality of your party. As you advance through the game you’ll be able to master the skills tree and be able to provide each member of the party with various relics. This is a crucial ability that must be mastered quickly.

7) It is recommended to take a look at the combat training. It provides you with all aspects of combat , and also teaches one important technique that is to withdraw for a short period. Noctis can teleport across a battlefield using his swords and strike enemies from behind or make an extremely strong attack. However, this feature can also be useful in retreating. When you press the button that is shaped like a triangle (on Xbox One it’s the Y button) for a long time, Noctis will teleport to the next safe place. It can as well be an area of rock in which he hangs out on his sword for a few minutes and burns up his the stamina. It is important to note that he will get back magical powers along with (limited) lives points.

8.) Do not equip your friends with magical abilities. They’ll waste your time and, since spells may affect your own group and your own party, the chance of using them wrongly is extremely high.

9) It’s a bit trite It’s a good idea to top up your tank at least once a month instead of having your car tow. The cost of a tank of gas is an absurd 10 gil. It’s always affordable.

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10) If a battle time not clear enough for you, then change your menus and switch to static battle mode. By pauses, you’ll always be able to see the enemy in which area and how your group is performing. The continuous pauses can be a very painful experience, but it is a good method to ensure your safety.

Final Fantasy XV: The combat system

1.) The fights that you fight in Final Fantasy XV are extremely chaotic and confusing, try to stay calm and pay attention to indications that may be displayed. If you see an symol to match buttons that are square (on Xbox One the X button) and you are able to avoid an attack that is coming, press the appropriate button until the attack has been completed. After that, you might notice a second button (circle on PS4 B on Xbox One). Xbox One). If you respond quickly enough, and then press the appropriate button Noctis responds with a counterattack.

2.) Let each other help. If a character is running through life-points, you could aid him to get back on his feet by using Noctis or offer him a potion to heal or run right to him and hug him. This will give him an amount of HP.

3.) Prepare yourself for fights. The cook of your group (Ignis) learns how to cook different meals during the course of the course of adventure. Utilize them because they’ll give you unique abilities and buffs for the next day. You can however only prepare these meals if stay outdoors for the night or if you stay at a camp (so-called refuges)

If you’re camping or not, sleeping credits all your accrued experience points. It also keeps track of skills points (FP) and also completes levels. Particularly prior to the primary quests. This is the right time to do it.

4.) Make sure to only use spells in situations where you are able to focus at the object and the rest your group is not in the range of effect. Spells can hurt your companions as much as they do your enemies. an enormous blast of lightning could backfire, regardless of whether all your buddies are within the range of impact.

5.) Do not forget to periodically to rest behind objects, or shift into remote areas to help Noctis get back to his power.

6.) If you change the battle mode of the options menu to “Wait” which means that the combat will be conducted in a more logical fashion.More crucially you’ll be able to assess what strengths as well as weaknesses you have in your adversaries by using your status bar. Pick your weapon accordingly.

7) Pay pay attention to the combo bar that is green on the left-hand edge of your screen. If it gets full during the course of a battle, you can start a menu to group attacks using L1 and execute particularly powerful actions. It is crucial to note the moment when Noctis is signaling an attack. If you respond quickly enough by pressing that”circle” button (or B button on Xbox One), you are likely to cause more damage.

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