Walkthrough Final Fantasy Vii Remake Walkthrough, Guide & Tips

The metropolis of Midgar is run by one single corporation, Shinra. They are taking planet Earth of their energy, known as Mako to take power from it. But in the process they cause destruction to the planet. The group AVALANCHE has set out on a goal to stop Shinra and to do so by whatever way is acceptable for them.

Together with the former SOLDIER Cloud Strife and his party You set out to save the earth. The new version includes a variety of chapters and elements that were not present when the story was first released. His mission is to lead Cloud through the slums and slums Midgard to the heart of the evil.

Combat system

The most significant innovation in this remake’s combat mechanics. The original game was turn-based, using an active time battle system with Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII remake the combat takes place in real-time. Each character is controlled individually and are able to give commands to other members of the group. You are able to decide on your own who is in charge. Each character has their unique style of fighting.

Cloud is the swordsman of the past. Cloud can change from an offensive stance to an all-around one which is more sluggish but is able to deal more powerful punches and counterattacks.

Barret is the ranged fighter that can hit enemies who Cloud is unable to reach.

Tifa is a fist-fighter. Through her ability Entfesslung she can boost her special attack by three times in order to do more damage.

Fourth and last character Aerith Aerith, who uses non-elemental magic at her enemies. Her unique storm attack Storm is charged, and can do more damage based on the amount charged.

However, the traditional ATB method has also been kept. Each action that is special such as spells, skills or item use, takes either one or 2 ATB bars. The bars increase in time or when an enemy is assaulted.

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Materia and Characters

Character development In Final Fantasy VII Remake takes place in two ways. Each weapon comes with their own set of skills. The enhancements contained in it are new capabilities or enhancements to status. In addition, each weapon comes with their own specialization, which can be mastered when it is regularly used.

Another method of advancement is through it’s materials. They are able to have a broad range of capabilities. From basic healing and elemental spells, to greater bonuses. They typically have multiple levels that are raised with time. Therefore the fire spells change to Feura and eventually Feuga. The summoning materials for the Esper However, they are more specific. The big creatures, like Ifrit or Shiva are only summoned during certain battles, that are usually boss battles. Esper Esper battle with you and have special abilities.

Basic tips and tricks that you must be aware of

1.) Switch characters by. Each character level is simultaneously however, there are elements of the game which require you to be playing one particular character. It is essential to get an understanding of how the characters play, which strengths and weaknesses are.

2.) Explore the areas. Final Fantasy VII Remake is extremely linear. It is easy to determine which direction to take. There’s rarely more than one way. This is why you’ll notice an unmarked fork. In these places, there are always useful things to look for. For instance, a healing item or a brand new weapon.

3.) Switch weapons by. Each weapon comes with its own ability. If you utilize it regularly enough, your weapon will be able to use this skill forever. It is typically 5 to 10 missions possible with only a couple of battles.

4.) Have enough Materia. Every major materia, including the spells that are elemental, must have four times per. For each character, you should get one. If you don’t do this, you’ll have to rebuild the material every time. So you’ll have everything to go.

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5.) Your most important and most effective Materia are Analysis, Fire and Lightning. Analysis can provide very helpful information on enemies and bosses. The majority of enemies are susceptible to fire magic , and the weak point of various machines that play is lightning. Particularly, the two basic spells that every character must be equipped with.

6.) Make the jack-of-all-trades. They’re a great opportunity to understand the world, acquire new methods, and also have valuable or rare items. The Jack-of-all trades contracts are contained in chapters that are clearly organized. The tasks they perform range from traditional fetch quests, to miniature games of their own.

7.) Collect Mogry Medals. They can be exchanged for valuable items, weapons and other essential objects at the Mogry merchant located in the kids’ hideout in the area of the slums, Sector 5.

8.) Use the offers on vending machine. The vending machines frequently offer products at only a fraction of the cost. By doing this, you don’t need to pay full price and you’ll be able to get better itemsthat can be the difference in a fight with a boss.

9.) Keep an eye for the battle reports from Chadley. Most battle reports will do the job however some will require you to take action with care. The rewards of these reports are brand-new Materia that you can purchase at Chadley. In addition, you’ll be able to summon four summoners through his VR-based missions.

10.) Choose the one single language for text or voice actor. There are a variety of languages to choose from. English as well as German localizations aren’t always consistent. In fact, they often offer different and contradictory information. Select a language due to this, and you’ll not get confused and enjoy the most stable gaming experience.

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