Walkthrough Farming Simulator 17 Tips To Lws17: Earn Money, Livestock, Forestry, Field Work (Pc, Ps4, Xbox One)

General advice

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Within The Farming Simulator 17, you’ll find a few tutorials that will assist you gain game experience. As opposed to the previous version, which was released in 2000, there are fewer since the developer Giants has made the tutorials in an easy-to-read format. Instead of digging or harvesting entire fields this time, you’ll just have to focus on the part of the field that’s enough to understand how it functions. So, it’s recommended to play through the comparatively short introduction chapters at the very least when you’ve not played one of the predecessors to Farming Simulator 17 before.

100 Gold Nuggets

In contrast to the gold coins used in the final portion of the game, you can embark on a hunt for gold nuggets this time. Start the game by clicking on”Goldcrest Valley. “Goldcrest Valley.” You must run towards the chicken enclosure on your farm and then jump into it. An abandoned trailer in the center of the area can be used as a chicken coop. If you walk around it and on the ground, you’ll be able to see the very first nugget of gold. You can collect it. We’ll not tell you every place they can be found because it could be too extensive by containing 100 gems. The list isn’t necessary when you’ve seen ten nuggets; the remainder will be shown in your maps. They are easily identified through the yellow, unfilled circles.

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Four are in the northwest and northeast corner of the map. Look at the forest areas which are spread along the trails. The small island is visible in the lake located to the west corner of the map; there are two nuggets on the surface. After you’ve found these, you’ll have taken the ten gold nuggets needed so that you can explore the areas as per the map. If you can’t locate the entire collection, Keep an eye out in field 17. Some are also hidden.

However, looking at the map won’t be enough to find all the gems. Some of them were hidden well. Two places to look for them are the red railroad bridges. While one bridge has the nugget near the rails at the mid-point, the second one is over an iron structure. Go to the end of the bridge and then climb the slanted steel beam. Around halfway up, you’ll spot the nugget. Balance over to it and take it home.

Another is located situated on the roof that is the roof of the bakery. The one you see on the map under the title “Denton Bakery” If you’re on the street in front, you’ll notice the enormous muffins in the top part of the bakery. Move to the front left side and sit on the planters. From there, leap onto the first canopy you can see on the building. It could take some time before you get to some of the rooftops. Continue climbing up, and you can use the tiny canopies as ladders. There is a nugget in the upper part of the top of the roofing.

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In the same way, there is an undiscovered treasure on the property, and it is located close to the swimming pool. This is where you can access the top of the building, where the store’s small sign is located across the structure. Look around and utilize all the options available to climb up. After completing all the nuggets, your account will be debited with 1,000,000 euros. This will make financial problems disappear for the moment.

Money generated by electricity

As mentioned earlier in the “p”> So every hour, a wind turbine produces 500 euros, an enormous amount. Create your wind turbine incrementally more and more; you’ll get yourself a little more money. Keep in mind that this will squelch the excitement of the game since if you can easily afford everything, you’ll have no difficulty remaining to play.

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