Walkthrough Ever Oasis Walkthrough: Help With All Dungeons And Puzzles, Expand Oasis

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Accept the demands of every person you meet during the game. Although you are able to theoretically concentrate solely on the main storyline, without having any new inhabitants and stores, it’s going to be a lot more challenging. Remember that you have the option of adding all your players to your team of combat at some time within the game. As each member has unique capabilities and talents, you must have the appropriate skills on the ready for all tasks. If you do not respond to residents’ demands and they don’t stay in the pond because of this, you’ll end up short of certain skills very quickly.



Avoid fighting too often. You’ve seen enemies from a long distance, and you can often move them to the left, but you begin to climb slowly up the level. As you progress, you gain higher hit scores, do more damage , and so on. Your enemies will also become tougher and more difficult to defeat and you are able to fight them as your level grows. So, try not to create unnecessary difficulty for yourself , and instead combat the monsters of chaos you meet along the journey. Furthermore, the enemy frequently leave raw materials that can be brought to your shops for sale.


Cacti, smashing vases, and open chests you come across. They also often lies raw materials, or even weapons or parts of armour. You and your fellow travelers should equip yourself with higher-quality equipment, so that you’re not traveling with your primary weapon every single day. Also, you should go through the Wandelbaum often to check what new recipes are available that you can utilize to make various items. Be sure to keep enough potions for healing to carry around, since they could help you save your life along the route.

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Use points to save points and travel quickly


Save points aren’t only utilized to preserve the game state, but also have additional benefits. They offer fast travel options to one another, meaning you can quickly jump to later like, for instance, more secluded parts of caves. In addition, they will help you and your party members once you make use of your save points.

Ever Oasis Walkthrough: Prologue

In the beginning of the game, you must choose any of the 2 free save points, and then select which gender you want your characters to be. Choose the eye and skin color and type in your preferred name which can be as long as 9 characters. In our walkthrough, we selected a male character, and chose to leave our default character name Tethu in the same way as. If you’re happy to all the settings then you begin the journey. You’ll be introduced to the tale of the offspring who suffered the effects of the turmoil.


After the prehistory is followed by a chat with Niaka. He requests that you follow his instructions. With the help of wind magic you’ll be able to make Sand hills by following his instructions. When the conversation is finished there is a map in the lower part of the screen. To the left, you’ll find two small arrows. Follow the lower arrow to proceed through an archway made of wood. Then you will come to the area where the sand hill has built up. Find some of the hills, and keep Y in place to perform your wind power.


After clearing the two piles of sand an odd purple plant will emerge. Take a step closer and then attack it with your wind-powered magic. Niaka will arrive and will call you to leave the vine as soon as possible. Niaka will remove the plant using an even stronger spell, and informs you that the plant was actually a chaos vine. Niaka offers you another reward for taking out the mounds of sand. You will be awarded 100 Dew Jewels.

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Additionally, Niaka has the next assignment for you. He is asking you to take care of those who live on the Great Street. You should speak to the shopkeepers and customers to understand what they feel about the inhabitants of the tiny little oasis. Take the street to the left, and after an hour you’ll be on The Great Street. Chat with anyone with a bubble over their head. You’ll also need to go into the store. Inside, you can select”Talk. “Talk” option at the top of the screen. There are 10 people you must speak to.

You’ll discover about, amongst other things you will discover that Niaka is your bigger brother. You’ll also get some items from one the characters that will be placed in your inventory. Follow the top of the two pathways to the right until you come across Niaka. Talk to Niaka. The conversation abruptly ends as the oasis is attacked by Chaos. Niaka takes off for The Great Road, follow him. In the Great Road, a gigantic monster appears, and Niaka becomes involved in a battle. In the next sequence your brother takes you under his spell of wind and forces you to leave the desert. Watch the actions on the screen. The game will save itself automatically.

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