Walkthrough Elex Walkthrough: Tips And Help On Missions, Factions, Side Tasks And Skills

Discover this world “p”> Main missions, the various factions and ways to join them, all your companions along with their quests, and, of course, collectibles. In our tricks and tips, we’ll provide you with information and advice, and in our walkthrough, you’ll discover the answer to each query, or at least the solution. So if you’re searching for the hidden places or simply want a walkthrough to save time trying to find specific quest-givers, You’ll locate what you’re seeking here.

I. Without well-constructed armor, it is not likely to last for long. If you wear the proper equipment, do not leave the initial area. You can visit Berserkers’ city Joliet and then purchase at least the initial protection and a reliable weapon.

II Exploration is good, but prudent is best. In the early stages, players could rapidly risk falling into the arms of fierce adversaries. At the beginning of playing, it is recommended to remain on the main routes to avoid encountering an opponent marked by the skull.

III Lone Wolf was last night. It is important to find the partner immediately to make battles and missions simpler. Duras is a good example. I will be with you in a short time and will be humane.

IV. There is nothing useless; everything is valuable. Nearly every item found in Elex is able to be processed or at the minimum offered for sale. If the item is not identified with valuable items, you must save it for later processing.

V. A amount of everything. Make sure you unlock a myriad of skills. Particularly, everybody should think about the science of chemistry, the capability to forge gold, and the capacity to improve and upgrade weapons.


VI. The most powerful armor is available only to those who belong to the group. To do this, you need to meet with the respective head of the group and do all you can to help their members. If accepted, you will not only be given great new products to purchase but also be able to master the skills specific to that grouping. They include the Clerics as well as the Berserks along with the Outlaw.

VII. Searching for homes is fun and typically can yield valuable goods. Be aware; however, when you see a house blocked off, lit, or in poor condition, there is a good chance it’s inhabited. Most often, it’s inhabited by mutants and their lap pets, who you’re not likely to get to know at the start of your journey.

VIII. Silence is a powerful thing. The capability to be sneaky is an absolute advantage for Elex. With sunglasses that display your opponent’s location within the map, it is possible to enter areas that normally would not be able to survive for even five minutes. This allows you to complete challenging missions early.

It’s odd to have the jetpack in such an amazing landscape, but it’s a good idea to try it out. It is not just that the useful gadget allows you access to places you would not have access to without it; however, the aircraft is also capable of taking shortcuts, getting around obstacles and walls, and evading enemies quickly.

X. Your actions result in consequences. Be sure to ask yourself which direction you want to go and with whom you would like to partner. Supporting someone else in every way and shifting your thoughts to consider all possible scenarios only can lead to a decrease in the gameplay in Elex.

The three factions, as well as their abilities

There exist three distinct factions within Elex that you can be a part of during the story. When you join it, you’ll be able to obtain and master the armor and techniques of that group. There are three groups, Berserkers, Clerics, and Outlaws are very different in their attitudes towards Elex, their methods of fighting, and, of course, the abilities you can acquire.

The decision to join a group significantly influences the course of events and how other factions respond to youyou. You can only be a part of one group; therefore, make sure you choose to depend on your style. To make it easier to choose, We’ll list every faction, their pros and disadvantages, their capabilities, and, most importantly, the ways to join them.

When we break it down, it can be said that Berserkers are the ideal melee fighters. Clerics are best used as a ranged class, and Outlaws can adapt to an enemy based on the circumstances, but they cannot climb the high levels like other factions.

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Berserkers (Joliet)

The Berserkers are the first group that you’ll meet in Elex. The tribe of nature lovers is headquartered in Joliet, the capital city. You and Joliet should visit during the initial quest. The Berserkers are against any type of technology, which is why they are not enthusiastic when technology is utilized in their city. They are wary toward the Elex and, when it comes right close to the truth, a stubborn bunch of people.

The Berserkers are the best option for those who want to use magic. After all, it is the only one capable of doing it. As Berserkers, you can use mana, which can be gained by obtaining Elex. But, the abilities of Berserkers are also appropriate for archers and melee fighters. Berserkers must use only handcrafted weapons, such as bows, hammers, axes, and swords.

Berserker – You’ll have to master this skill to unlock other abilities from these two factions. If you decide to become a member of the Berserkers, the basic abilities of other factions will not be accessible to you. Berserk grants mana, boosts the resistance of your character to poisons and gives the ability to design magical weapons.

Magic This skill can increase the effectiveness of combat spells. Each level increases the duration and range of the spells you cast.

Mana can increase the power of magic; that is, it boosts the mana available to do any magic.

Enhance Weapons With This ability, you can increase the strength of your weapons with magical means. This is extremely beneficial for combatants who use melee.

Fan Shot A great option for any ranged fighter. You can fire several simultaneous arrows.

Spirit Shape Spirit Shape With Spirit Shape, you can become virtually invisible. This is a must for anyone who loves to be sneaky.

Leather Skin The Leather Skin This is another option for those who love to walk right toward the enemy. This skill unlocks the ability to boost your armor for a short period dramatically.

The Aspect Warrior Aspect of the Warrior is the perfect option for a dual pact with Leather skin. The aspect of the Warrior boosts the damage you deal with meleeing.

Blood Transfer for the cold magicks in your. Blood Transfer unlocks the ability to transform mana into a life force.

Ghost Wolf – It’s not the strongest ally, but it could help save lives appropriately. The ability to summon a ghost wolf allows for summoning a spirit animal to aid you and your comrade during the fight.

“Sense Life” This will let you know any living animals or humans around you.

“Poison” Aura increases immunity to the effects of poisons more. Poison aura heals poison damages caused by the surrounding.

healing – unlocks a spell that lets users restore their health and friends in combat. Essential for berserkers.

Cleric (Ignadon)

Clerics reside in Ignadon, located in the far north-east of the map of the world and a volcanic zone referred to by Clerics themselves as Hoard. This group uses Elex to make use of its high-tech weapons and is the most formidable opponent to the Albs and relies on advanced weaponry and equipment for its battles. The Clerics have firm beliefs and regard the people of Magellan as unbelievers that must be saved. In their way, they appear to be a stark contrast to the Berserkers.

The people who join this cyber-warriors community can unlock PSI abilities, make use of plasma weapons, drones, and other similar weapons, and learn to teleport for small distances. Like the other groups, Clerics have used the Elex for their reasons and want to return the Earth to the condition it was before it being destroyed by the Great Cataclysm. Anyone who is a member of the Clerics is not welcomed in the southern part area of America and is a part of the Berserkers.

Clerics are a great option for those who love technology, love combat from afar, and are willing to sacrifice pure power for tactical choices.

Cleric is the base skill of this faction. It unlocks the other Cleric abilities to be learned and, once activated, eliminates from you the possibility of unlocking the base skill of a different faction.

PSI CSS0_ PSI skill boosts the effectiveness of all PSI power. With each level, you increase the duration and range of your PSI capabilities.

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Battery increases the PSI potential, which is a good thing, as the amount of available PSI capabilities is greater.

Tech Weapons Craft This skill allows you to create weapons that are cleric from a workstation.

One-Man Army – If you’re not with an ally, the damage dealt to you will be significantly enhanced. This effect ceases immediately when your companion joins you.

Suggestion A powerful tool that can help emphasize your words. Dan Suggestion lets you select specific options to respond to certain conversations. This typically earns you more information or rewards for completing tasks.

The Law of Machines This will enable your character to recognize synthetic creatures and machinery.

Cleaning The ability to clean up HTML0 is a PSI capability that lets you remove negative effects from your character.

Power Shield – For fighters who can range, this is the first option. Force Shield allows you to create an energy shield that shields your body from injury.

One equipped with a weapon This is advised for ranged fighters. This ability can greatly improve the damage you take by using weapons at a distance.

Phase Shift unlocks the PSI skill that allows you to transfer you to a small distance while at the same time producing an image yourself, making the enemy uncertain and prone to attack. Additionally, it is extremely effective for escaping.

The Final Stand If you be involved in a fight in which you are wounded, you will receive a resurrected state with 50 percent of your maximum health.

Projection creates the image you want to portray that draws attacks from your adversaries.

Outlaws (Tavar)

In the desert in Tavar, located in the eastern part of the nation, there is a Fort, the Outlaws home. You can join the ranks among them and discover to get around Magellan through deceit and deceit. The Outlaws are the ideal option for those who cannot get along with the other two factions, prefer to let laws become laws, and are looking to make a living by committing burglary and theft.

The Outlaws are mostly concerned about themselves and their survival. So, they don’t have a specific opinion about the Elex and regard the two other factions as extreme cranks. They’re a mild form of Fallout Raiders, so to say, and they use suitable weapons. The Outlaws prefer normal guns such as rocket launchers, grenades, and other similar weapons. Due to the research into chemical compounds used in the manufacture of stim packs, the Outlaws have become the only group who can manufacture Stim packs and utilize them to fight.

Outlaw can be unlocked after you’ve earned the right enough points to become part of the Outlaws. This skill is the base that unlocks the ability to master the other Outlaw abilities. It is possible to improve your automatic weapons and be more resistant to radiation, and also allow you to utilize multiple substances simultaneously.

Screw apart By mastering this ability, you’ll be able to disassemble weapons. You can either create something you can make with the materials you gather from this or offer these on the market.

Create ammunition By mastering this skill, you can create ammunition independently. But only for Outlaw weapons, of course.

Injection Injection can increase the time between the stims. While at the same time, the magnitudes of the effects are increased.

Create Mechanical Weapons allows your character to create Outlaw weapons on a workbench.

Stim Capacity The name suggests that this allows you to use multiple stims simultaneously.

Maratonic Once you’ve learned this ability, the renewal of the life force is increased dramatically.

Steel Skin The result is that thanks to Steel Skin, it makes you more immune to all kinds of harm.

Watchmaker This skill improves the speed of your attack and blocking.

Scrap Scanner This ability makes objects more apparent to your characters.

Immune Booster This gives your character the ability to be more resistant to radiation, poisons, flames, and frost.

hard Dog The dog doesn’t stumble as fast and is generally able to take damage more easily.

OpinionBooster – for those who aren’t a fan of flake. With the help of Opinion Booster, Jax’s damage is doubled in a short period.

Animal Friend – Because of this ability that weaker monsters are aware of their chances of success and will stop attacking you.

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