Walkthrough Elden Ring Walkthrough & Guide: All Areas, All Bosses, All Important Items

Elden Ring is undoubtedly a “successor” to Dark Souls: graphics, atmosphere, and the ferocious difficulty level are all reminiscent of the original. But some modifications fundamentally alter the gameplay experience and which you need to “get familiar with” as soon as you can:

There’s an Elden Ring map. Elden Ring, unlike its predecessors, features an actual map. It’s like a confession of recording how difficult it is. Without it, the game would be virtually impossible to play because the vast world is huge. This brings us to the next part.

The world of open games: This isn’t a new concept. All areas were interconnected during the Souls games, too, and it was possible to go back to any region you’ve already visited. The difference lies at the beginning of the game’s release: In Elden Ring, you can traverse a vast area of the globe from starting, but theoretically, without finishing all final bosses or challenges. There are some areas you need to be wary of at first, even if it’s because you won’t be able to defend yourself against the creatures in them.

Check the compass: Another innovative function is the compass that will tell you the direction of the cardinal. We use this feature specifically to provide descriptions of our locations and, as a result, give you more information.

Fill heal bottles As is the norm, with Elden Ring, you receive unique bottles filled with sky or purple tears and a chance to replenish your life and skill points. In previous games, players could refill their whole amount by returning to their resting points (then known as “beacons”). In Elden Ring, however, there’s a different option: your bottles will replenish when you eliminate particular groups of foes. This is apparent by the fact that along with the flash of light that is orange (symbolizing the runes that you’ve just taken) and a red flash can also be seen passing throughout your body. Once this happens, you’ll be aware that you’ve received some of the previously consumed bottles.

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Additional Elden Ring Information:

Different kinds of reset point:In Elden Ring, there are two distinct reset points. One is known as grace and functions identically to the beacons found in Dark Souls. It allows you to remain there at any moment and teleport to it, or level up or level up, etc. In addition, there are Marika’s stake tiny statues typically located in front of an optional final boss. If you die, you can choose between your last mercy point or the stake of Marika’s near your body as a reset point. If you select the latter option, only your bottles will be filled. The ability to upgrade or equip new spells is not feasible in the latter case.

Building our solution

The free and open environment of Elden Ring gives you plenty of flexibility in how and when you play the various areas. This was, in turn, a problem when designing this guide precisely because we’re trying to give you a general overview of the game.

We ultimately settled on the following layout. We’ll go over only one map section and then describe each location in each situation. We’ll caution you if a particular area is challenging, and you’re advised to revisit it later (i.e., after visiting other map sections). i.e., after having visited the regions from other sections of the map!

We then begin by describing each of the areas.

We always begin with the route that takes players through the story and the mandatory bosses in the map section. The other available areas follow this before moving towards the following map area.

So, be aware of the bold descriptions of the locations in our text. These descriptions highlight additional parts of our walkthrough, which you must follow.

Chapel of Expectation

The moment you enter the first room, you’ll see a dead body to the rear on the right side, and it has the bloody Finger from the Stainedwith the Stained. If you’ve obtained this, you can open the gate, which is large, and you’ll be able to enter wide open.

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On a wood path, you will see a platform bordered on the left. You will eventually reach an archway that you can cross with ease. But, once you cross the archway and cross the bridge, you’ll be attacked by a grown sprout transplanted is threatening you. And unless you’re a Dark Souls crack, you will not last the duration.

Melina & Renna

Before we walk you through the breathtaking Elden Ring landscape Elden Ring, we have to highlight an important NPC before we begin: Melina. Melina will provide you with a sound that is spectral upon your first encounter and allows you to summon a mount and then sprint across the terrain much more quickly. In addition, it can level you up, and you’ll need the runes retrieved from enemies.

But there’s a caveat: Melina is unavailable for you to start with. Melina only appears after you’ve unlocked and reached three three grace points. The number does not matter. But only points of grace within the open world are counted – not the ones at the entrances to any caves or catacombs.

In any case, we suggest to first read The first step and as well as the Church of Elleh and Before the Gate.

If you’ve got access to the spectral horse, you have access to the spectral steed; you must go to the church in Ellen. There, the witch Renna is waiting for your arrival, and she will call you right away on your horse. Answer the question as soon as you can call it. She then gives you the ghostly bell and ash from the wolves who are lonely. The latter is a tool that you apply automatically using the ash. The ash you receive is a way for users to call three Wolf spirits.

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