Walkthrough Dragon Quest Viii: The Journey of the Enchanted King Walkthrough, Talents, Tips & Golden Slime Locations

We will, however, not look into the places of typical treasure chests, barrels, or Jars. So, here’s the most important thing to do: look around every new town carefully, search through every home and smash every jug and barrel. You can also find a lot of treasure chests throughout the open game world, which is located within the landscape. It is, therefore, worthwhile to wander off from the main road occasionally and look around that lies to either side. Then, you will discover all the treasure chests, inside which valuable items are waiting to be found.

The game is played with a day/night rotation. Note that monsters with greater strength roam the area at night, unlike during the daytime. This will also result in more experience points; it’s worth moving through the night to complete levels. If you come across monsters who are no longer strong enough for the player, you can save yourself from fighting by clicking “Chase” on the battle screen. The monsters usually disappear; however, they can leave treasure chests to be found. This is essential for collecting items for the alchemy pot.

Do not sell any things, even if cash isn’t always easy. Each time you discover equipment that is far insufficient for your heroes. But keep them in mind because, from a variety of them, you can make valuable things within the Alchemy Cauldron. Although it’s tempting to make quick money through selling items, it’s better to pursue a monster hunt. You’ll gain exp points and often find some loot along with the essential gold.

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When you start the game, you will discover treasure chests that you will not open. However, keep track of their locations, as once you make the key for the thief inside the alchemy pot, the chests will be open. In addition, you won’t be able to access this Alchemy Cauldron from the beginning. However, you’ll receive it after a couple of hours of play if the time is right to include the location in our answer.

You must keep track of the inventory of your characters. For Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Enchanted King, the loot isn’t placed in the list of your heroes. However, it is placed in the pouches they carry. But you won’t be accessible in a fight. Continue to equip them with herbal healing and other items that you require to move from the pouch into each character’s inventory. Then, you can utilize the items within your character’s inventory for combat.

However, you can move any items your character no longer requires, like old equipment, into your pouch to free the space in the character’s inventory. Make sure that your heroes are equipped with all the essential equipment, as these items aren’t automatic refills. For example, if, for instance, you consume a healing potion during battle, you’ll need manually replenish it to be used again next time. So make sure that your heroes have sufficient healing items.

Utilize the X key to open an additional menu where you can perform various tasks. For example, under “Miscellaneous,” you’ll find, among others, the charges associated with taking photos (once you’ve spoken to the appropriate client within Port Prospect) and the alchemy cauldron if you own it. The photographic safari’s tasks are generally described clearly. So, we won’t reveal every picture. However, we will only highlight those that must be taken in a well-hidden location.

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When preparing the cauldron, be aware that not all recipes you create are ready to use immediately. Some will require a certain amount of time before you can get the finished product from the cauldron. So, keep the cauldron in motion while performing these activities and not carry it empty.

Check out all the bookshelves you find. You will discover recipes for alchemy pot or helpful tips to help you complete an issue. The people who live in towns can offer suggestions. What they will tell you is contingent on the time of day. You might be exposed to different information in the evening compared to the daytime. If you plan to speak to the residents at night, you should rest in the hotel instead of sleeping because you’ll be out of the inn by the evening.

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