Walkthrough Doom Eternal Walkthrough, Guide, Tips & Tricks

The game begins fairly innocently when you enter the first corridor in DOOM Eternal you’ll come across some zombies, who can easily be killed with your shotgun. After a short distance before you’ll encounter the second weapon you’ll need: the chainsaw. With it, you’ll be able to cut through enemies in close proximity and instantly kill them. It’s a great weapon as well as a drawback It requires at one time fuel and ammunition for every (!) other weapons.

The gas fills again with a little delay but this is only for small enemies such as the mentioned zombies. For monsters that are larger (which you’ll encounter in throughout the gameplay) you’ll require three times as much – and that’s only possible through the collection of gas canisters that are red.

We’re happy that we can recommend this game.

We recommend that until further notice: Use the chainsaw only sparingly on small enemies, and then use the ammunition it produces to kill the larger ones.

Just behind the chainsaw, there’s the grate wall, which has the glowing, huge question mark looming over it. This is a secret is only accessible through a slight deviation. Check out the opposite part of the room as you pass through the crates, with the bodies jammed together. There should be a huge fracture in the wall in the darkness. Additionally, a narrow path hidden behind the crack is visible in the overview map.

Then, hit the wall with a lot of force that it snaps and reveal an opening. The passage leads first to a couple of blue energy bottles, and then to an apparently dead point. If you turn around when you look around, then you’ll find a platform in the air above the level. The platform is at the bottom then brace yourself to pick up the question mark that turns out to be an Toy Zombie (Earth).

Take a right turn back to the wall you broke into, and then go towards the opposite direction. There will be a huge stone cube marked with an ethereal green symbol. It is necessary to smash it to send off the blocks across the floor. You can then jump onto it to reach the top that is in front of you. Then, you can grab the green glowing armor and apply that white shining modification to the weapon. You can utilize it to add an extra shot type to your shotgun there are two options to choose from including sticky bombs or full auto. It’s not a matter of which you decide to use as you’ll discover another option within two minutes of gaming

The door will be opened immediately and you’ll need to take out further zombies as well as smash a locked door to reveal the green glow of a crack. The next area is where you’ll encounter the two first real enemies of the game The Imp or the Soldiers. Both are extremely weak and fall apart after one or two strikes. If they are glowing and are able to be killed by using the Glory Kill from close range and get life-energy this method. Make sure to use this method with care and don’t forget to use the chainsaw for fresh ammunition.

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Apart from that you shouldn’t need to pay attention too much You should be active and use these two green jump pads located on the lower part of the level to snuff out any pursuing and take them out from a distance.

All you need to do is continue moving.

Get yourself oriented following the battle by using your overview map . You will then seek out the next, broad corridor, where you’ll find the Codex entry bars of hell is. You then enter the door and have met Deag Nilox. you instantly cut a head smaller. You quickly leave the chamber, landing on the rubble of a totally destroyed street.

Finding the Citadel: The Destroyed Metropolis

Then, take the path until you find another Codex entry: Remaining Human Population Part 1. on the right. Just next to it you will be able to jump over the wall that was destroyed by the building. Thanks to an modified weapon it is possible to make the shotgun’s final type.

Just next to it there is another green glowing crack to smash through a wall. You’ll see several demons below and you must complete with the aid of the red barrels. Before you leap into them take a look at your overview map, and then locate the question mark in front of your location. Then, turn left and gaze upwards until you spot an unmarked corpse. This is where you can jump up with the help of a double leap and track down an alcove by using the the toy Doom Slayer.

Take a step down at a moment, not concerned about the huge drop the height of: In reality, the Doom Slayer suffers no damage regardless of how far it plunges. It will land on a different section of the road destroyed that is partly down and up. In the beginning, take out all enemies before moving to the upper portion on the highway. There , you will find shimmering green armour floating above you, and an orange crossbar. You can jump against the bar and jump across the obstacle.

Search for the Citadel. fight with the first Arachnotron and the heavy Cannon

You are able to land in a tiny dark brown canyon. You you immediately see a hint of what’s there when you’ve completed the tutorial. As per this, you’ll meet the first Arachnotron which is a massive brain enclosed in a sturdy steel skeleton, with the gun that is in the top. According to the theory you can take out the gun, and reduce the strength of the Arachnotron dramatically. But, there’s an issue with this that you do not have the proper weapon to do this so that you can utilize this advantage to its fullest.

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Set yourself on the bottom of the ravine. Look down to at the spot where you will see where the Arachnotron is. With shooting with a shotgun it’s difficult to kill his weapon specifically, even with the fairly precise full auto mode. At the very least, when you’re out of ammunition then you’ll need to leap into the air and slice off one of the monsters that lurk behind him using chainsaw.

Don’t attempt to take down this weapon at any cost. Instead, you should use an auto full or the sticky bomb mod to shoot straight at the brain. Once the arachnotron is blue, you can apply Glory Kill to regain your loss of life energy. You may also recharge faster by dealing with any other enemy.

However, after you’ve cracked the Arachnotron then use the remaining enemies to continuously play the game’s mechanics. Keep relying on the glory kills, and occasionally employ the chainsaw to gain familiar with the continuous shift in attack strategies.

After the fight after the battle, a gate opens and opens up the next weapon, A heavy cannon. A crucial tip to remember Do not forget to open the bolt of precision in the next weapon modification you receive! This is the best way to take out the gun in an Arachnotron

In general the case, the heavy cannon is an extremely effective weapon because it’s extremely precise, and, on top of that, you can gauge the amount of extent of the damage to your adversaries. This is crucial to trigger the enemy to commit a glory killing. Therefore, we advise you to take a stab at the area using the heavy Cannon instead of using the Shotgun.

Just ahead of a building that is burning it is possible to climb up the stone wall and activate the blue glow Automated Map Station to complete your overview map of this level.

Although you could go into the space on your left from a second earlier, you’d be better off moving straight ahead in the archway and observing the glowing green lamp. Keep an eye out for the massive bell in the ground, and then climb up the ramp that is right of the. When you come back to the top, you’ll be able to see a damaged platform above you, as well as an armored green suit that you take.

Return to the ground and look for the ruined wall. To the left there is a massive building that has the neon light in turquoise “SCOTT”.

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