Walkthrough Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Walkthrough: All Missions, Not Deadly, Bone Artifacts And Paintings

General advice

What are the new capabilities available?

Billie Lurk is not much more talented than the main character Corvo Attano. She is also able to utilize the abilities of the Outsider. How do Billie’s abilities differ, their purpose, and how can you utilize them effectively during battle? We’ll provide you with the following table.

Swap locations

This is the most bizarre of them and is by far the most beneficial. With this capability, you can decide where you would like to teleport before a fight or attack. After you’ve determined the place, a black ghost appears at the location and stays there until you activate the power.

For instance, if you enter a room in which two guards face one another, you could secure space behind the other guard to attack before attacking. If you attempt to attack the first guard and get caught by the second guard, you can switch locations to enter directly into the room from behind the second guard. You can then get the second guard out too.

This is a great ability to confuse opponents and help you gain an edge in battle. The most important thing to remember is that if you wish to be 100% exact, you should keep a backup of your actions before every move to repeat failed actions.

Hook mine

The weapon can be utilized effectively to create confusion, break groups apart and make corpses disappear or tear them apart. If you drop an explosive near an enemy, this weapon will draw the person towards you. This could result in the person being ripped apart.

If you wish, you could utilize this hook mine to cover corpses. If you’ve killed a guard, you can secure them to ceilings before another guard being in and may find the body. If you have the proper timing, you can also make corpses vanish like this before guards can enter the area.

Rat whisper

Also, the smaller rodents that you can utilize for your benefit. If you see a tiny number of rats, you could use this skill to hear what they say. Rats can provide you with great tips about where you can hide treasures or hidden paths in their conversations. If they can provide you with helpful information, it is recorded in your mission diary so that you will always be able to access it.

Sight Far Sight

You will have complete control of your rooms and the position of your adversaries. Additionally, you will discover important secrets and information, including certain combinations or areas where bone artifacts can be found. Billie can use this ability to take her body out and gazes around her surroundings.

She can stop time in this method, move around rooms to make enemies’ vision cones apparent, and travel to places she cannot reach within her body. Use this skill to find out your enemies’ locations and uncover their travel ways.

Combines wide vision with place swapping

It’s true; Billie has the wonderful ability to combine many of her abilities, like both abilities Farsight and the ability to swap places. This means that Billie, as she floats through rooms that aren’t connected to her body, can identify points that she then teleports to a while back in her body.

If you’re in an area surrounded by guards, this could enable you to find the point you can teleport to easily. Utilize this skill in rooms where it’s impossible to get in or out without being noticed by foes. Additionally, if you have to get out quickly, using these two abilities is worth it since it stops time when you utilize far-sight.


The power of this is scary. If you can sneak up on people, you can get their faces and then move around the world disguised as their identity. The person that you “stole” is left in a state of utter unconsciousness.

You’ve probably guessed the meaning behind this. By using this power, you can specifically identify the faces of guards with significant status or even civilians that aren’t visible to the public and be able to walk around in peace. Utilize Mirage whenever you enter zones where only certain people are allowed access.

Dishonored 2: Death to the Outsider Mission 1 One Last Fight

Additional missions

“Let Burn the White Dog”

“Industrial espionage”

Our frightened heroine Billie is escorted from her home and heads to her new home at the Albarca Baths. This is where your guide Daud was supposed to reside. Check out all the notes in your room you’ll discover. Mainly the sheet titled “Orders” is crucial for you. It will provide you with an update on the mission objectives for the future mission (see the image). First, get from the room and glance at the board to your left. You will find information on additional tasks you could complete in this mission.

Take a deck and walk to the left of the vessel. You can exit the Dreadful Whale via the gangplank on that side and head to the shore. Follow the path to pipes. Here you will be alerted to the unique talent of Billie Luke’s “Rat to Whisper.” There is a small collection of rats. Do not be afraid to scare them away shortly. Once you’ve acquired the Outsider ability, you’ll be able to listen to their whispers. Find out more about it in the section about capabilities.

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After that, walk through the steps to the wagon. Then, sit in it and go into the spa. You’ll find dead dogs as well as a diary in the vicinity of the station. Once you arrive at the station, tear the window with a nail and climb up. Then you will reach a different section. A blue guard is watching your desired poster.

She’s distracted, and you are in a position to knock her unconscious by launching the back of your hand. Then, take her back to where you left from. To the left of the sign, you’ll notice an old fence with an old cart underneath. If you climb it, you’ll be able to cross the fence.

Instead of walking down the steps and falling into the arms of two guards, take a small object and then run through the green space to just the left of the staircase. The guards will not be able to see you if you walk away. To the left is the pathway to the restrooms.

Throw the object at the stairs to distract the guards. After that, jump down and walk into the entrance. Then, go up the stairs on the left, and you’ll be back in the wide open. This area is a non-violent zone in which the people living in the zone will not be threatening you so long as you don’t do anything violent.

After you’ve climbed the steps and down the street, it is time to take a left. There is an entryway to a home. Inside, you’ll find a locked entrance at the beginning of the floor. The door next to it is a cabinet. In the jar that is within the lower compartment is an unlocked key. If you open the door, you’ll find a bone artifact (Shaky hands) and another key that is hanging on the wall of the room.

Note this house since you can pass the two guards right this moment through the balcony. It’s possible to do this by jumping over the apartment’s balcony. Return towards the street; it’s safe since only civilians are there.

There’s no reason to cover your tracks or stand in a slumped position. The mission marker will guide you to the bathroom. Speak to the lady in the hallway and attempt to unlock the door in the next step. The woman will allow you to enter for 100 cents. Keep in mind the promise.

You can follow the blood trail through the basement when you are inside. You’ll find Daud locked up beneath a grate when you reach the basement. He is placed in an armchair. How can we free our former mentor? There is a control panel on top of the grille. It is the main key to freedom. However, its access has not been allowed. It requires a key to unlock it.

Before you begin your journey for the task of freeing him, examine the picture of an Outsider just above the boxing ring to the left. It’s one of the few paintings that is found in this stage. Get up above the boxing ring to take it. Once you’ve released Daud, you’ll have no possibility to take the painting home.

You can search for the cubicles on the left side of the boxing rings if you’d like. There is money as well as the elixirs that help your body. After you’ve searched for everything and you are ready to go upstairs. Pay the lady at the door 100 cents to let the door open for you. You won’t have to worry about it; you’ll receive your money back.

The woman is walking through the door right in your face. Simply strangle her and place her in a protected area. You can search for her afterward, and you’ll get the money. Enter the kitchen on your left. A person is holding an electronic control key. You can sneak over to him from behind.

You’ll see the key being hung from their belt of his. Strangle him and remove the key off of him. If you’d like, keep exploring the kitchen and will find an Elixir. Just to the left to the left of the counter lies an artifact called the bone Artifact “Familiar Smell”. In the back are some bottles of Rat Elixir.

To complete the additional game “Industrial Espionage”, you can now take these bottles out of the game. Try smashing the bottles with a knife. The only thing that is missing is that recipe which is available to discover at the person who you have just killed. This means you’ve completed this task and will get some 450 dollars at the end of the task.

It is easy to earn money. You can go through the one-second door in the section and discover yourself on the top floor of the boxing ring located in the basement. Enter the door to the right. The next one is bone artifact (Mobility) stuck in the vice. When you open it, the object will fall.

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Explore the room from top to bottom. You’ll find additional elixirs, fossilized whales, mining equipment, and writing. Continue along the hall but don’t get until the end. Enter the door on the right, and then go to the left. There are two ovens as well as a guard on the other side of them.

She is strangled and hides her body. Keep running until you reach the finish. You will arrive at an area where you can discover several mines. After you have finished working with them, go to the door on the right side of the building. In the back, you’ll find Jeanette Lee. Her name is the target. We’ll guide you on how to get her out of the way.

A companion is in the same room as her. Try to frighten the other from the room with a throw of an object in the left-hand corner. Be aware of your movements in this area since Jeanette is amid the dog kennel. If you walk up to Jeanette, dogs may start barking, so you must be alert if she changes around.

Strangle her partner in the left portion of the area. Then, observe Jeanette for a while until Jeanette comes back toward you. Inflict a blow on the woman from behind. Then choke her unconscious and then take her to a different room. Remove the key from her before leaving and come back to the same room. She also has her the Bone Artifact “Heavy Blow”//b. Be sure to get it back from her before heading back out.

One of the dogs at the kennel is a dog of white. The name of the dog is Milky. To complete the submission “The White Dog Shall Burn”in this mission, you could attempt to locate and kill this dog, as specified in the mission’s instructions. Kill the dogs as they remain in the kennel, using the weapon you have at your range.

Take Milky home to an incinerator located on this floor. Place him inside and push the red button in and between the furnaces. The furnace will perform the job, and you’ll discover his ashes inside the hatch a few minutes when you open it. It’s done. Once you’re done, head into the corridor and then run through the cellar that you’ve already completed.

By locating the keys to control the panel on the “suppression device” in your bag, You can now free your former teacher Daud. Prepare yourself for the fight. Once you free the boss, the boss, everything goes off. The boxers of the club fly away and aren’t going to hang out waiting around after the boss is free.

The task is over, and you will find out exactly what this old dude has been doing. Before leaving the room, enter the area that is to the left of the boxing rings. In the area, you will discover an office. In this place, there is another bone artifact, dubbed “Zephyr”, as well as several coins.

Make sure you look at the bodies lying on the floor of the boxing arena. They are filled with coins and letters that can prove useful to you. For instance, the body just above the grate holds lots of cash. Before you go on a hunt for it, there’s an artifact made of bone that you can get.

To accomplish this, head to the locker room for boxers and then go to another room. Take a look at the ceiling. There is the shaft (see the picture). Take a leap over the pipes to the shaft, and you’ll be able to access a tiny, hidden room. In this room, you’ll find an interesting bone Artifact, “Healthy Appetite”

Once you’ve finished, climb back up the steps and go out on the street. There are now a lot of security guards in the zone. Instead of rushing directly towards the road, return to the apartment in which you located an artifact made of bone. Take the balcony up and then descend to the street.

Get around the guards’ field of vision by this method and then sneak by them. If you’re at the bottom of the stairs, climb to the top of the wagon, which is on the right. You will eventually reach the pipes at the bottom of the track. As you climb, you’ll stay clear of any guards that follow. Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll arrive at the corrugated iron roof.

From there, you can gaze out over the street. From there, you can go to the left and then jump into the light that is shining on the street. So, you’ll remain hidden in the dark and won’t be noticed by guards. From here, you can go back in towards the railway. The wall that was destroyed is a good jumping point. Once you’re on the wall, you’ve completed the task.

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