Walkthrough Dishonored 2: The Legacy of the Mask Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks, All Main Missions

To help you navigate your way through this world Dishonored 2 as an assassin or Avenger, and avoid becoming the victim too easily We’ve compiled a list of helpful general guidelines that work on Corvo and Emily. Corvo or Emily.

Work in the dark

It’s a stealth-shooter this time but unlike Call of Duty. For Dishonored 2, you’re better off choosing the quiet route instead of running across the middle like the infamous bruiser. When you reach the location that’s protected and full of enemies or traps, take an instant and assess the situation. of the situation before proceeding.

Restore as frequently as you can

If you do decide to quit If you do, nothing is as frustrating than to realize that the save point you used to last is a long way from where you started. To ensure that you don’t feel frustrated that you’ve wasted an hour of your time playing with no results You should press that save icon as many times as you can so you can return to your failed mission.

Use your powers

Remember the fact that Corvo and his pupil Emily Kaldwin have special powers. If you are stuck with the standard methods or items at any moment in the game, check out your capabilities. Sometimes, a teleport or even your heart will take you farther.

Do not hesitate to flee when you are in doubt

If you ever have to face superiority you’re not ready for, get your legs out and get yourself a name for yourself. With the teleporter, you’re much faster and you can make your enemies fall in no time. Search for hidden dark rooms, alcoves or other objects that you are able to hide.

Check the keyhole through.

When you are opening the door to enter a new room, be sure to check the room’s condition prior to opening it. It is possible to do this simply by checking the hole in the key. This way, you can avoid the possibility of running straight in the direction of adversaries and thus, possibly, swiftly find the death.

Reprogram Watchtowers

In the larger areas, you can frequently see watchtowers within Zertum. These huge structures generally cover the entire area and shine light over the person who is. If you’re spotted by them, an alarm usually goes off and you’ll be surrounded by enemies in a short time.

Additionally, watchtowers carry guns of their own that shoot at you. If you’d like to make use of the power of these watches then you’ll have to modify them. This can be accomplished by using cable tools. Ascend to at the very top, and then attach them to the top.

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Cable tools can be located either in the world of games in Dishonored 2,or on the black marketer. Installation of cables can be beneficial in large areas with lots of enemies in the game. If you are planning to create a mess We do not suggest using the cable tools. In this scenario it’s enough to empty all whale tanks.

Bring enemies to the wall of light

The walls of light of Dishonored 2 are brutal towards you, but also your foes. If you don’t have altered them to your own purposes and are walking on them, it is a risk. However it is possible to abuse the wall’s light to serve your own needs.

Take a close look at the surrounding of the walls. There are cables that run across the ground, and connecting to them. If you’ve found them, you’ll locate a control cabinet at the end of them. You can open it and connect your cable tools that you’ve found there.

Now , the walls of light are playing with you. This means that you are able to easily walk past them, while your enemies cannot. In this scenario, entice the guards to stand behind the walls of light and let them go inside. They will be burned and get free quickly and easily.

Make an investment in the technology of teleportation

Few capabilities are as valuable as teleportation Dishonored as the ability to teleport. This ability allows you are able to travel into a variety of locations. This item also comes with various different levels for expansion. You can invest your runes in this amazing gift and you’ll gain access to a lot more areas.

Strangle helps keep the chaos at bay

If you’re not sure you want your ending to Dishonored 2to be dark and sinister be sure to not take out as many enemies. If you’re still unable to observe your enemies, simply take out your enemies using choking attacks and then put them in an unlit corner. This way you can eliminate enemies who are troublesome and avoid becoming a murderer.


After the short introduction take on the role as Emily Caldwin. Start in Dunwall. Follow the road straight until you reach the gate, then turn left and up the stairs toward the end. There will be an unfinished wall. To your left, you’ll be able to see a fire burning underneath the shelter. Slide underneath the grille. On the opposite side, you’ll see an entrance gate that swiftly increases and decreases.

Run towards it, then slide underneath the gate until you reach the opposite side. Repeat the process with the second gate. After that, walk through the steps on the left, and plunge in the channel that is above ground. Under the grate, swim and leave the water to the left.

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On dry land , you’ll see a few crates. Climb up to the chain of steel that’s rusty that is waiting for you there. Take a ride on the roof and follow the goal across the roofs. Follow Corvo. Once you’re with him then you’ll move on to the next section of the mission and you will need to learn how to be sneaky.

Your master is walking around an animal carcass. Your objective is to take on Corvo by securing him behind. Then sneak in behind Corvo and hold him in stranglehold until he gives up. Repeat the process in the next step. This time, however, you don’t need to put him in a choke.

Corvo is holding a key that you can pick up from Corvo. You’ll be able to enter the next room. This is an area for shooting. Place the crossbow on the table, and you can practice shooting at the targets Corvo prepares for you. Shoot the bottles first.

After they are destroyed, shoot at the lever located on the right-hand side of the room. It will smash down the door on your right. Once that is done, enter the shooting range, and then continue on the road towards Corvo. Now , the fencing begins. Follow Corvo’s directions to fight with swords and block his attacks.

Then, you’ll continue to learn how to snare an opponent in a sword battle. This is the last thing you will go through together with the father. After that, you will go through a summary of what happened in the previous section and the heroic feats that Corvo has achieved.

Then you’re back as Emily. You’ll receive a signed ring from your personal assistant. Then you’ll be in a banquet hall. Emily is greeting guests as well as Corvo. There are more conversations that follow. You get to know an envoy of a certain Duke Serkonos.

There’s a real surprise in the baggage that is Aunt Delilah Kaldwin who is the elder sister of Emily’s mother. Emily. The next thing you see is a real turn of events. Emily is sacked from her supposed aunt and you as well as your father are surrounded by her adversaries.

In this thrilling scene it is now your turn to decide which character you would like to take on in the next adventure. Do you pick Emily and Corvo? If you decide to choose one then the other one will change into marble. The marble will not suffer this fate. You will be transported to an observation tower.

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