Walkthrough Detroit: Become Human Save All Characters

Before we dive deep into the specifics of the individuals, we’ll give you a few general rules to remember throughout your entire experience:

It’s not enough to earn the “Survivor” award to save just three main characters. You also have to save secondary characters. These include Connor, Hank, Kara, Alice, Luther, Jerry, Markus, North, Josh, and Simon. Specific details on the choices you’ll have in each in greater detail are available below in the section on related choices.

Difficulty The choice of difficulty doesn’t affect the prize “Survivor”. Therefore, you can change the difficulty to “easy” without hesitation. This will keep your players from dying during rapid-time events. We recommend that you play on the standard difficulty at least during your first attempt rather than using a manual to play Detroit: Become Human in the way you would like to experience it.

Markus” Story/Playthrough: Take the peaceful path

The Story/Playthrough of Connor: Become an eminent person And make Hank your best friend

Kara’s Story/Playthrough Familie with Alice as well as Luther

This is the way each character lives:





In the next section, you’ll find how you can keep Connor, Hank, Mark, North, Josh, and Simon.

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