Walkthrough Deathloop Walkthrough & Guide: Eliminate All Visionaries, Side Missions And Secrets

The most significant boards (superpower): Ether

The tablets you take during the Visionaries are among the most powerful weapons in the fight against your foes. This is particularly true for the Aether that you can capture after beating your Visionary Egor and, sometimes Julianna (the latter relies of the random generator and this tablet is left behind by the good one behind). With the ether , you are able to make yourself invisible for a brief period of time and also make it difficult for the AI opponent. Furthermore when you battle Egor several times and accumulate more aether tablets you’ll eventually be able to get the ghost and flickering abilities.

If the spirit activated, the ether won’t consume any energy while you’re in a still position. This lets you peacefully be able to observe an area brimming with enemies, while remaining invisibly throughout the duration. The flickering on the other side, makes sure it is only little when firing the weapon. You will remain hidden from all enemies.

When combined with a powerful weapon, you are able to take on even huge masses of enemies easily due to these two skills. You just need to make your self invisible, point towards one of your enemies and then shoot at him with your head. The other players will hurry to his body and randomly search for you which is when you shoot them one after another. If you’ve not used up the ether’s power in any way you are able to easily eliminate up to ten enemies in by this method without being noticed.

This tactic can only be used in the limited instances when new enemies instantly appear after an alarm goes off (most particularly in Charlie’s live roleplay as well as in Aleksis the party)

There is no end to the story without a residual

When you start the game, you’re in power. It is always a nightmare to find yourself on the shores in Blackreef after the day or following your death and are unable to retrieve everything you have. But, in the beginning you can finish a specific mission known as Omnipresence which will take you to the Visionary Wenjie area in the Complex area . It activates”the Residuum Harvester.

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After this, you will be able to take residuum out of any object that you can identify from a distance by their violet glow. Then, apply the energy generated into your equipment such as tablets or weapons to store it forever.

It is therefore essential to make sure you take care of the preservation of the leftovers prior to embarking on more extensive exploration trips. In the end, you will greatly simplify your exploration by not having to start over and again.

Each tablet that is filled with of residuum as soon as it is ready

If you’ve captured the tablet inside a zone that you were able to escape to the tunnel, immediately check to see if you’re permitted to hold the device for a long time! If you don’t have enough of the tablet’s contents (which is still very unlikely as the body of the visionary that you killed must have left enough) you can take a few weapons or seals , if required.

Hacking Guns using the Hackamajig

One of the first tools to acquire includes the Hackamajig. While it’s not a weapon in the traditional sense, in certain situations it can help you rid entire areas of enemies in a matter of minutes.

Ballistic guns are found occasionally that are typically installed and ready to fire at you right at first sight. The trick is to turn the tables however and reverse the direction of the gun by using your Hackamajig. In fact, it’s enough to aim straight at it just at the beginning, and then get yourself in cover. As long as you press the button needed to hack, the operation is not stopped!

If guns are at your side You can tell the difference by its bright beams of light they should glow green, instead of blue in order to ensure that nothing happens to you. Additionally, you can turn off each gun with the button, and it will fold into a compact suitcase. You can then take the case and put it in any location you’d like to trigger the gun.

This way you can create, for instance, the narrow opening of a room brimming with adversaries. Once they start running toward you following your first shot the enemies will be brutally destroyed by the gun you have placed.

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Apart from that it is possible to utilize the gun to restart the room.

Apart from that You should be looking for antennas even when doors are shut. If you see one in the vicinity, you could manipulate it using Hackamjig, and maybe let the door open.

Visionaries include farm panels and the residuum

The time loop is the only way to prevent the permanent demise of Blackreef as everyone awakes at the beginning of the day following they die. It can be a little frustrating initially, as it’s impossible to get rid of your foes until the loop is eventually broken.

However you could also make use of this situation to your advantage Since the majority of visionaries have huge leftovers following the time of their “death” as well, and more importantly, at minimum or two tablets. As stated, your most effective instruments, particularly if are able to access the additional capabilities they offer.

Short version: If you complete all required tasks in the area, don’t abandon it just yet. Make sure to take your time to the end of your journey and visit the visionary who is on site to be killed (once time).

Julianna always has first priority

While Julianna is an easy target in the back when she gets into your territory, you must always be prepared to deal with her first. You shouldn’t have to confront her at any time when you’re working on a complicated puzzle, sifting through in a room to find clues, or fighting another Visionary. Thus, you must change the table to immediately (!) begin the search for Julianna immediately after she appears.

Additionally, you must immediately make sure you hack the radio antenna that was set up by Julianna to open the tunnel’s exits. In any event there’s nothing more frustrating than if you forget to do this, escape from the horde of enemies only to you find yourself facing locked doors.

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