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1. Repair melee weapons

As you advance through the story and progress through the game, you’ll acquire new melee weapons every turn, including baseball bats, lawnmowers, table legs, and axes, among others. But, these weapons, after combat, are limited in their shelf life. You can determine the length of time they will last using the percentage in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. At the beginning of the game, there is no need to choose which weapon you are using, and you can change it anytime. However, as you can upgrade these weapons, it can be frustrating and risky to depend on the notion that there’s an unfinished weapon in the wild. This is why upgrading your weapons with scraps is better than just letting them break.

2. Upgrades to melee weapons for build

Freakers are highly durable. Even with a heavy baseball bat, you’ll require a lot of hard strikes to make them safe. So, make sure you upgrade your bat as soon as you can. For instance, you can “refine” a baseball bat using a nail box. Unfortunately, the damage to the bat will increase substantially due to this. It is even more appealing to convert the baseball bat into an ax using an ax blade. It swells the hell out of it.

3. Look in every police car for ammo

The ammunition for rifles and pistols is scarce. But, whatever number you discover, the sheer number of frightened people and other enemies will never let you down to the limits. So, never miss an opportunity to find ammunition. Sometimes, ammunition is found accidentally when you rummage through abandoned structures or when killing enemies with guns; however, a completely safe source is located in the vehicle trunks regardless of whether they are simple street cars or SUVs. In most instances, you’ll find an ammunition box in the rear. It is, however, recommended to make sure you use your ammunition in a controlled manner.

4. Make use of gasoline and explosives when eliminating nests

In the initial one hour of gameplay, the instructional video recommends that you utilize Molotov cocktails to destroy Freaker nests. This is usually the simplest and the most efficient method. However, there are other alternatives. Each red container contains an ignitable substance. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an explosive crate or red gasoline refill tank. One shot will blast the container to the ground. It is essential to use this advantage to ensure you have enough ingredients to make Molotov cocktails over the long term. There are three critical items to make them: bottles, rags, and Kerosene. There are usually these in your house; however, not all of them.

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5. Do not approach hordes without first investigating the surroundings

Freaker hordes can kill you in seconds if you just sit in front of them. If you don’t prepare, it’s an unwise choice. You’ll need weapons in good condition, with plenty of ammunition for close-range combat and in an extended distance. You’ll require a lot of healing, but most importantly, you’ll require to know the surroundings. You’ll need to make use of everything available. You must know where every gas can is in the area, where explosive crates are, and where you can purchase an additional melee weapon should it be lost. Weapon.

The trick is to separate individual Freakers away from each other or draw the crowd into a narrowed area so that you can take them out without getting overwhelmed. Keep in mind that Freakers are highly adept climbers. Therefore, you’re not safe at the top of the regular home or NERO bumper. But you’ll be secure at the summit of a mountain. However, you’re not going to stand a lot of a chance out in the open with ordinary weapons. So, you’ll require a strategic plan. Hordes can be found throughout the day, and you should be cautious not to get caught in an influx. But, you’ll see them more frequently at night than during the daytime.

6. Keep your bike in good shape

It can be a hassle to keep repairing your motorcycle, and it also takes a significant amount of scrap metal which you must collect first. However, it’s vital as there’ll be the time when you’ll have to escape in a flash, and you’ll not be in a position to be attentive to the smallest detail of the surrounding. Also, you’ll need to be prepared to leap off a tiny rock without fearing the loss of your life when you crash. As an example, there may be a time when you’re on the way to your next destination when you suddenly come across a crowd. Again, there’s nothing wrong with turning and fleeing; you’ll have to look at the following free area and speed up, or else the Freakers will likely take you away from the fire seat.

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However, not all freaks will take you off the hook. Squatters are also known to extend ropes along roads or attack you. They may even take you down from the trestle using a sniper gun. If you cannot defend yourself effectively, then at least your bike will likely be in good enough condition to allow you to borrow it again as soon as possible.

7. Make sure you secure NERO stations before returning power.

NERO stations come with digital security locks, which you cannot open until power is restored. It’s typically a straightforward issue. There’s always a red gas container for the generator nearby. But, when you turn on the power, the alarm message is sounded by tape at the megaphones located on the rooftop of the building. The sound is so loud that it draws all the freaks nearby and puts you at risk. In the worst case, an entire group of people will come to you.

Before starting the power, you need to climb on the top of the bunker box and remove every speaker. It’s worth the effort as, within the NERO bunkers, you’ll find the supply box with a NERO INJECTOR. It will give you (depending on what you want) an increase in health, stamina, or more concentration. So, it is recommended to go to each NERO station and start them up.

8. Beware of rash actions at night.

Freakers are awestruck by night. Once it’s dark, they come out of their holes and appear quickly everywhere. You can’t even walk 10 meters without getting hit by Freakers. Therefore, if you’re lacking ammo or healing and are not prepared to fight in a crisis, It’s better to locate a shelter and stay there until dawn. There are also couches or cots in bunkers to get some sleep. But, this will not improve your health, so you’ll never be healed by sleeping. But you’ll stay safe throughout the daytime.

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