Walkthrough Darksiders Genesis Walkthrough: Guide & Tips For All Chapters And Bosses

Each of War and Strife gains five pieces of gear during the game, in which case players already possess a the spirit hook within their wallets before the start of the play. The other four are more difficult to capture through looting equipment chests.

It is impossible to miss any chest since they are crucial to your progress through the game. But, it is recommended to revisit the chapters you have played before using newly acquired equipment to uncover additional rooms and secrets.

We present an overview of the equipment:

Prepal Blade: The chest of equipment will be opened using your Prepal Blade at the end of the first chapter or in the Void Spring or in the Void Spring.

Void Bomb The chest of equipment that contains Void Bomb: The equipment chest with Void Bomb can be found at the bottom of the Old Bridge, where you can be able to visit in the fourth chapter..

Tremor Glove Third equipment chest that contains the Tremor Glove is located within the Chapel of the seventh chapter.

Aether Spark the last chest of equipment with the Aether Spark that you can find within the Altar of the Creator which you’ll go to during the eleventh chapter..

Outpost (South Area)

Be aware that we will show the entire map of the first chapter on our photo, precisely as it is displayed during the play. We also have highlighted the ten fire fleas with the letters A through J. You are expected to locate and kill to fulfill one of the optional side missions. In addition, both numbers relate to the two ballistae you must destroy in the second side mission.

Take a ride down the hill first until you reach one of the initial Stone of summoning in Darksiders Genesis. On the opposite side of the diagonal will be the wooden blockade which can be destroyed, and then behind you will find a smaller chest.

Returns towards the stone of summoning, where you travel to the east, as and under an arch of stone. There is an old wooden bridge inhabited by monsters, which you take out at a time. After that, take a close look, and you will find the wooden platform and a ferryman’s token at the opposite end of the bridge. You can get to it by getting off your horse and then jumping over the flat stones towards the platform’s right side.

On the other side, you’ll find the crossing point, which is located at the edge to the right of which the first dangerous flame flea (A) is waiting for you. You can then destroy your barricade further (or by the overview map, in the direction of the northwest), and you will be able to go to the tiny chest. After that, you’ll arrive at a slightly bigger plateau, which you can dust off a second Ferryman Coin on edge and then take the third lazily-fired fireplace (B) at the edge of the platform.

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Then return through the southeast part of the park, where you’ll come across an enormous, wide rock. The rock’s south side is a long, gray ledge. You can hold onto the ledge using two hops and then climb onto the rock by hopping.

You will notice an ethereal blue sphere on your left, also known as Air Vortex. It will take you up and over an open platform made of stone. This is the next chest, in which there are a treasure maplies. It’s complete of the level where the most important items such as chests, coins, or coins are indicated.

Go down the stairs to discover a glowing green chest of objects further in the future or to the side towards the south. From there, go to the left and go past the stairs that you came from, and you’ll find a lazy fire flea (C).

From the west, you’ll be confronted with a blockade that blocks using your horse. This means you must combat the fight that is taking place in the area on foot, with only a tiny adversary blocking your path initially.

Then, open the glowing purple Epic Chest that appears on the right of the iron gate, and inside the center is an improvement for War known as the Earth Divider. Then, more enemies appear; some of them can enter the gate from the front, and others appear behind you and teleport. Therefore, we advise you to move back towards the chest with the object as you blast the monsters into smithereens using Strife’s weapon.

You’ll need to unlock the gate when the situation has calmed down. To accomplish this, you must hang on the two levers in the right and left wall. In addition, you can have to open a second gate simultaneously. However, this is just an easy way to access your summoning stone.

Take the first of two bridges, and then run to the left, opposite side, towards a platform made of wood containing the GSDHT stone fragment from the Rogue. You can ride over another bridge until you arrive at an apparent dead point. Then, you’ll be able to take another tiny chest and then take home an unidentified ferryman’s token. After that, look around and find an air vortex on your left or, per the map, to the east towards the east. Then, you’ll be able to float on an enormous platform, from which you must fight once more. When the blue-colored barricade in the north turns red, you can shoot and then move on.

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Outpost (north region)

In the northwest part of the outpost, you’ll find a slow-moving fireplace (D) on the left side, resting on an old wooden platform. Additionally, you’ll have two routes to pick from one narrow bridge to the east and an air vortex in the northwestern part of the.

The first step is to jump through a vortex onto the wooden platform. Then, you can move backward or to the north until you reach the second one of the two ballsistae. The ballistae are surprisingly unguarded, so you could easily destroy them. Then, grab this tiny chest and return it to your wooden platform. However, don’t utilize the air vortex until you are ready.

Follow the road to the left, which will take you to two small wooden crates and an old ferryman’s coin. Additionally, If you slide into the rock platform below, there’s the Conqueror’s Wrathstone fragment.

Continue to run east, passing the air vortex and the huge demon skeleton before reaching the narrow bridge. On the opposite side of the bridge is a higher plateau with an elevated wooden platform at the bottom. The only requirement is to sit at the platform’s top and then jump to the left and grasp the spirit hook to reach another level.

In this way, you’ll be able to grab the next ferryman’s token near the edge of the wall and take the lever attached to a cuboid-shaped stone located in the northwest corner. After that, you’ll utilize an eagle hook to lift it onto the wall, utilizing the various ledges. You’ll climb one at a time.

The next endurance match is next, and you won’t be able to retreat as easily this time, and you should believe in War’s powerful attacks. In addition there is an uninvolved flame fly (E) is lurking in the right-hand corner.

When all demons have been removed After the demons are gone, after that, an epic Chest will be revealed. Inside is ammunition called the Charge Shot designed to be used in Strife. Once you’ve put it in your bag, the barricade on your left will vanish and let you access the next hooks in the spirit. With their help, you’ll be able to access the fortress way.

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