Walkthrough Darksiders 3 Walkthrough: Walkthrough, All Bosses, Humans, Nephilim Cores

At the start of the game, there’s nothing to do. You’re within a decrepit large city, and you must kill some demons as you walk across damaged vehicles. After a few minutes, you’ll encounter a rock. It is the tiny healing piece that you can leap onto. You will then find a crane in front of you holding an air-tight pipe. You can hang the pipe using your barb and swing onto the scaffolding.

On the other hand, you’ll be in the midst of a disaster in which you must combat one of seven sins that can kill you. The first of the seven deadly sins is envy.

Fight envy

Envy is a relatively harmless boss. However, you shouldn’t be expecting to be successful on the first attempt. It comes with three fundamental attack options:

Neid runs forward and strikes you with her powerful weapon. It is possible to avoid being hit when you target her and then jump to the side before the impact. Then, you’ll have a fantastic counterattack chance since you’ll be right in front of your opponent following successful avoiding.

Envy is seen holding her hands to her chest, and a blue-black circle appears beneath your feet. The circle inflicts damage on the person walking on the side or returns early.

Envy is suspended in the air and produces an energy wave of dark blue which spreads out around the form of a circle. Simply jump over it, and you’re done.

When Envy has lost one-third of her energy, she shatters the ground, and then you fall one floor deep into the abyss. Your opponent is floating in the air, making a devastating attack that could cost you all your energy if executed. It is imperative to hurry up and manage to defeat Envy to end the attack.

At first sight, Envy hovers out of your grasp. However, looking around the battlefield’s edges, you’ll see the cube-shaped pedestal. You can climb on it and then return to the center. Then look towards the right edge, find a unidirectional pipe to which you could hang using your barb, and get to a platform located at the left back area of your room.

You can repeat the process, sliding counterclockwise from one side until the following. Then you will reach a platform in front of Neid. Once you’re there, you must leap to her side and execute the triple attack. The range of this can knock Envy off the ground.

The second phase of combat is the same as the one before it. The major difference is Envy now produces two attack waves, or two black-blue circles immediately in succession. Therefore, you’ll need to be more careful before you can defend yourself.

Has Envy lost an additional third of her energy? Then she takes over the ground beneath your feet and prepares for a devastating attack. It is necessary to find the pedestal at the corner, just like you did previously, and then move it clockwise from one corner to the next.

After you’ve taken Envy into the air for the second time, the final fight phase begins. This is very like the first and second one, with the exception (you guessed it) that the opponent will create three circles or waves at a time, and you’re able to dodge more.

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In any event, don’t overlook that you have two healing options for the Nephilim. This means that you can heal your ergo two times, almost completely. It is essential to know that the program will require a quiet period in that you remain still for a while, and Fury utilizes the recovery process. So, don’t delay until the moment before you decide to recover. Instead, go into a corner, consuming approximately a quarter of life energy, then dodge another attack by Envy and heal later instead of attacking as you usually would.

West end: parking garage

Once you’ve cast Envy the spell, you’ll receive The The Talisman of Sin. There will be a hole in the wall to the northwestern corner that you can climb through. Then, you’ll find the tiny healing piece located diagonally to the left within the massive puddle.

You now have to climb into a rock once more and walk through some ruin. Then you finally cross an unfenced area, and behind it, you turn back and stay on the right. The next abyss is crossed due to barbs and pipes.

On the opposite side is a snake-hole Western side that you might not yet use. If you stay to the right, you’ll find three enemies hidden behind a damaged bus and a K leine Lurcher clump. Another one is near an overturned vehicle when you move in the opposite direction or north.

After a short time, you’ll arrive at an intersection, where you will either head straight down a hill or enter a ruined garage to your left. The slope leads you to more enemies and a moderate-sized lurcher. Additionally, you’ll see glowing objects further up. However, you aren’t able to reach them from this direction. Thus, you must turn around and go into the damaged parking garage towards the east.

The first alcove of the garage on the left is uninteresting, and the one to your right takes you to an equally boring elevator shaft, which glows in a stunning blue. The shaft is next to it. A staircase will lead you to higher levels, which are home to more dangers and a moderate-sized lurcher lump.

Therefore, turn back and aim at your shining healer’s fragment. Just next to it, there is a narrow passageway that runs through the depths of the earth that lead you straight to the small cave, which is home to half a dozen demons. After eliminating them, the next step is to walk left to find an open pit and then get out by using the two wooden bars and your barb.

There is an alcove in the pit. There you’ll find a tiny gap inside the wall. Go through it, and continue along the narrow path until it becomes more expansive. Then, you’ll see an opponent from afar who is likely to shoot you. Thus, ensure you quickly move towards the enemy and stay clear of his projectiles by slipping beneath. Get rid of the ranged fighter first before fighting those who fight melee.

To the east of the spot where the enemy shooting was, you’ll find a small clump of lurchers and an emerald-colored stone that you cannot overpower. So, you must return to the ground and then follow the direction north.

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West end: first skyscrapers

You’ll come across an intersection populated by wrecked cars and a reddish brown building in front. Be attentive to the only ranged fighter that irritates you from a distance. Also, at the northeast corner is the more enormous creature that at first seems like a stone, with beige-colored jags. It’s not going to attack you until you disturb its sleep, which isn’t going to happen until all the other enemies in the vicinity are defeated. So it will be necessary to watch the stone while avoiding its attacks and then counterattacking afterward.

Then, look around the northwest corner where the stone creature used to be located; you can grab a strength enhancement, and an orange spider web restricts the pathway towards the left side. Instead take the small lurcher chunk located in northeastern corner.

You’ll find yourself within a crumbling, helical structure in the east. Be aware immediately following the initial turn to the right as you head straight to the corner where there is an obstacle behind which an enemy hides. He is immediately at your back when you come close to him.

On the opposite side of the ruin, you’ll first see the area’s name: Haven. After that, it is possible to enter the structure located in the southwest. It is visible to the left and the left of the enormous tree. Inside, another threat will attack you from behind, protecting the strength fragment. To the east, you must continue to march across the root of a tree. Then, climb down the hill to your left. This will lead to more enemies, and across the corner to the right is a huge clump of lurchers.

The tree root will guide you further to the east and then into the interior of an office. You should then take down the tables to collect a tiny lurcher lump. In the corner to the east, the purple chunk , stuck to the wall. At first, there’s nothing you can do using it with the current resources. But, you’ll be able to get the power ability, also known as the redemption weapon, at the end of the game. Together, they allow the destruction of pimples, in which case an object will appear. In this instance it’s an actual Diamond spar fragment.

From there, go to the left, and you’ll need to break the barricade to reach Vulgrim. Vulgrim is your trader within Darksiders 3, who will trade your souls for items and new levels. Additionally, you can use these snake holes to travel between places. Each of them has a name as is this: Cloudscraper. In other words, we suggest taking all souls you’ve gathered until now to increase your level. This will earn you traits points, which you can use to purchase more energy for life, strength, or even more magic.

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