Walkthrough Dark Souls Iii: Ringed City Walkthrough: Entrance, All Areas, Bosses & Weapons

You’ll have to master all of the main game in order before being able to play the DLC 2 of Dark Souls 3. Go towards the final beacon, dubbed Furnace of the First Flame, and it will take players to the ultimate boss. Don’t take a trip to the top of the hill like you do and turn back. You’ll see a brand-new light in the alcove to the rear right. This will lead you to the rubble pile.

If you spot the spot, activate the beacon. Immediately quit the building and speak with the witch who is carrying stones. Take the roof buried to your left, and then take care to stay on the round ledge, which will take you to a light. Be careful to climb across the platform once a while and then head for a narrow ramp. Several ghostly demons will appear beneath you when you are on the edge of the ramp. You should be prepared for them to come towards you and kill one after another.

When no enemies advance, make a move and find the demon to your left carrying a wand and threatening you with dark missiles. Make sure to take care of him by walking toward him and avoiding his attacks by jumping in a lateral direction and then throwing him into the abyss from a distance. Alternately, you could be sure to engage in an open duel with him but be vigilant for the handful of demons emerging from the ground in front of you.

After the fight, look for the staircase that ascends to you and kill a ghost demon. Make sure you get up the hill and devote your attention to the creature on your right. Take it out and make sure you have your shield on. Make a circle around the monster and strike it from behind after its pounding attacks are not working.

If you’re lucky, however, the monster can jump up, then you can dodge the next top attack by rolling backward. Do the same in the berserk attack where the monster initially throws a punch at you, then spits out loud noises, and then leaps upwards. In both instances, you must avoid engaging in a counterattack since your opponent can ring the next attack in the nick of time.

Grab the titanite piece located just in front of the wall. Ascend the next step. Take the aquamarine dagger, and walk back to the bottom. Make sure you look towards the ramp you came from and walk towards it. Find the object at the edge of the platform. Try to grab it, but the ground will sink under your feet.

Return to the object, and jump when the ghost demon appears off the floor. Take it down and look out for the opponent further back, which will transform into an invisible cloud. It will be necessary to avoid it in the final moments by turning around when it starts to fly toward you. Once you’ve dodged it, you’ll finally grab the object that is an actual soul. Find the body back of the wall, surrounded by a chandelier. Walk towards it until two ghosts come back. Then, jump around, kill them, and grab your Sparkle Titanite.

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You can turn around to find the titanite scale farther back. Two ghostly demons with wands are sure to be awestruck as you are near the scale. Then, turn around and go up the stairs leading to the fallen bookshelves. Then turn left and enter the small alcove, which has a murky hand-crescent. Return to the beginning, run across the cabinet’s narrow and twisted sides, and keep an eye out for three ghost demons who appear on your left. Be alert and watch for the single demon to change into the cloud. You can avoid it by jumping in the opposite direction and taking care of the other enemies.

Get out of the building and head to the left. When you hear a shout, you should take shelter by the corner to your left and wait for small bullets to strike the building wall. Then, go around the corner, jump to the floor, and get covered with the stones to your right. Finally, find the attacker you saw just a few seconds ago and discover that he may be a skeleton sporting angel wings that hover in the air.

Then, after his next attack, sprint to the alcove on your left and take the divine blessing before returning to the stone. Place yourself on the left side so the skeleton’s attacks are reflected off the rock. You can observe him and shoot the angel by bowing to him. In theory, it is possible to take down the angel with a bow or crossbow and an arrow from this spot. However, he’ll come back within a short time without any kind of reward.

Then, follow the wall to your left and grab the lightning orbs. Find the door on your right and examine it. You will see two knights on your left. Attract the one who is kneeling by bowing. Take him on a fight and then return by the front door. The other knight should be enticed to your side and fight him within the structure. Your opponent is powerful and is carrying a remarkably long weapon, but it is prolonged and could easily be attacked from behind following one of his missed shots.

Find the body sitting in front of the coffin. Turn around and enter the room on your right. Stay to the left until a ghost demon holding a wand is visible, and stay clear of the ghost cloud as it is threatening you from the right. Find the old coin in the corner, and go to the building to your right.

The room is composed of three rooms; within each, two to three ghost demons are seen. They crawl about on the floor as usual while others attack you using their battle staff. The first area is a granite boulder; in the next room, you’ll find an extended, murky team. The issue is that an additional one is born when you kill an undead ghost. The revives continue until you leave the area. So, focus on collecting the items mentioned and go quickly.

Take yourself out of the structure and walk through the slope. Do not be afraid of the collapsing tower, tucked above you between the walls. Instead, run backward until you reach the door. Reverse and destroy the person with just two or three blows. The angel skeleton will be killed, and you’ll receive the sparkling titanite.

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Return to the wall from where you saw the lightning urns, and then carefully stroll towards the wooden platform at the corner. Remain away when the ghost demon appears from the ground and kills it. Take up to the right three times and then take the hard steel ring +3.

Return to the area where you killed the figure and enter the door. Leap one of the platforms simultaneously, and continue to follow the downward slope. Take on the next dozen ghost demons before advancing towards the titanite chunk on the left side, hidden between a piece of dirt. After that, you must take care of the creature emerging from the mud hole to your left. Make sure to step back a bit before the beginning of the battle to ensure that you don’t slip into the depths of the abyss during the subsequent fight.

Take a walk to the platform in the pit. Take the bones of your home and return to the beacon. Speak to the stone Witch again and inquire about the surrounded town. Continue on the same path as before when you get to the two knights and then fight with them again. Enter the damaged wall and cross the tower that was destroyed earlier. Talk to Lapp and follow the trail and walk up to this platform.

Make your way towards both ghosts, and take them down close. Walk along the narrow path and then slash some other demons. Be careful not to jump to your left; otherwise, you’ll end up back in the pit and face the monster! So instead, walk down the opposite side and look around until you spot the knight further back. Take him down with your bow, and then fight him until the hole you’re in.

After you’ve defeated your opponent and removed yourself from the dead end, you’ll be back in the area where ghost demons are constantly showing up. Find an alcove that has a Projected Healing miracle and a gap in the wall on your right. In front of the gift is an evil demon that you need to take in any way. In other words, don’t stay for too long in the battle and then jump over the gap quickly after you’ve seized the magic.

When you fall, take on the knight that you fall on and then kill him with a melee. Be aware that you’ll need to be quick since a second knight is likely to be seen from the side afterward.

After the battle, find the soul at the dead end and then continue in the opposite direction. The next thing you will see is one of the corpses carrying the War Banner of Lothric. Then, turn around and leap across the gap in the railing. Jump down the next platform and illuminate the beacon at the bottom of the slope.

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