Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough: Guide For All Main & Side Missions

Based on the character type you pick at the start your game you’ll begin with a totally different mission for your first encounter such as the corporate rat the nomad, or street kid. Once you’ve completed the mission then you’ll move on to the instructional task Exercise is the best way to improve. Then, the primary and side missions will follow however, depending on your choice of character, you’ll receive some options for dialogue of your own and even solutions.

In our initial guide, we’ve first picked female Konzerner. But during the coming months and days, we’ll endeavor to explore at minimum the most significant distinctions between the nomad or street child.

The Corporate Rat

First, you should take the message by Jackie Welles after you throw up. Then, you’ll be off for Arthur Jenkins’ office, who calls you when you’re on the elevator. Once you’re off the lift, you’ll be greeted by an old acquaintance called Frank. You may talk to him for a few minutes or simply leave him alone and keep walking.

At Arthur’s workplace, you can be able to hear a conversation between Arthur and Abernathy. You can speculate that this is not the first time that he has been deceived by her. encourage him to defend himself. Then you will receive the data shard along with some cash.

After you have left your work place, Jackie contacts you. He suggests a meeting but prior to that, you should follow the marker and then go back to the desk. Then, you’ll sit down on your chair for just a while before using the computer to examine the report on NUSA and Militech among the documents. Additionally, you could use the cognitive booster that is in the drawer and put it to use.

The marker for your destination will direct the way to Jenkins’s AV that you can use for a ride to Lizzie’s Bar and enjoy drinks on the side. When you arrive the life coach will call you, while some people swarm you when you arrive. Remain calm and make clear who’s the boss in this situation. The bar’s bouncer will then inform you that you’re here for business.

In the bar, you’ll be seated on the sofa with Jackie and hand him the data shard when you’ve gotten his commitment to keep it between you and him. Then, you can toast him

Unfortunately, a handful of Arasaka agents will be spotted within a short time, having de-masked you. They will take your computer’s cyberware and demand the data shard that you have to hand over. Fortunately, Jackie intervenes in time before they are able to take your body and take your life. At the end, you fall unconscious and the initial mission of the Konzerner is completed.

Nomads Nomad

You should check the engine of your vehicle immediately, right where the technician is. After a short course of crafting conclusion, you’ll be able to go into the vehicle and attempt to restart the engine several times before it begins to roar.

Your work is interrupted abruptly by a sheriff before which you are able to either bow or annoy him. Whatever you decide, you jump onto the gas to exit the work area and head to your radio station. The entrance to the tower is locked, however it can be opened by a simple strike.

To the high above the tower, you’ll have for your radio’s connection to the box so that you can connect with McCoy. Inform him of your broken car , and proceed to the point of meeting. There , you’ll meet Jackie Welles, for whose the crate filled with contraband you’ll have to unzip the trunk before climbing back into it.

Along together with Welles you travel together to the border. You have to wait for the process to be controlled and then leave. Follow the instructions until you can bribe a customs agent with the money that you received from Welles. In the vehicle, you’ll have to endure a car chase soon after. To do this, take a seat in the passenger’s window and fire towards the motors of enemies until their cars explode.

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After you have been secured, you must make an effort to ask Jackie for the money. He is quick to admit that he really wanted to escape with the items. However, since you’re not to find, he is eager to get inside the box together with you. So, you head to the trunk, and click the box, inside of which the iguana lives.

Following another chat The intro to Cyberpunk 2077 begins and the introduction mission is complete.

Streetkids Streetkid

Although it’s painful it, you should fix the broken nose and discuss it with Pepe. He should tell him to locate Kirk who is seated at a table in the upstairs. When you are seated He will give you a magazine. It shows a photograph of a car you could be able to steal. He’s even devised a scheme for you , and will give you the Rayfield master key.

It is then easy to follow the marker lines across the backyard until you see Padre. You can get into his car and start making small conversations until a street trooper is able to stop you. As he is shouting at Padre you, feel free to intervene and intimidate him.

After your ride Padre will give you his ID card, which is engraved with his name on it. Go to the elevator regardless , and make a calls for Kirk Sawyer during the ride whom you will be contacted by.

Enter the huge parking garage, and speak to Rick the parking attendant just to your right. You must now and look for the Rayfield located situated at the rear to one of those blue-lit parking spaces designated as VIP. However, as soon as you attempt to take it, a person named Jackie Welles threatens you with his gun. You could try driving off, but with no success. In addition the police show up and take control of you.

After a rather unpleasant interaction with police officers in the area You are left mostly unharmed in the sewers. Then you meet Welles while the street kid’s initial mission is complete.

Practice makes perfect

This mission is essentially the tutorial, and begins in the same way with “The Rescue. Your missions are mostly straightforward, so we’ll offer a few tips

If you must get a sneaky look at an adversary and then take off from behind, make sure to duck before you move. If you don’t, he’ll notice the snooper.

In the initial sneak-training it is also necessary to be able to duck and use the blocks to protection. Focus on the man on the left. It is necessary to sprint briefly across the view of your opponents however this shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t stop between. If you’re standing in front of the person on the far right, you should keep moving to the left until you get to the steps and the goal.

When you’re using the latest combat strategies you’ll need to win a fight against many opponents, two of who are equipped with guns. Do not let this deter you and make you look threatening since you’ve got a katana on your pocket, which you are able to catch your opponents to the ground and take them out.

The Rescue

Take a taxi together with Jackie and take his steps to the elevator, in which you’ll talk with T-Bug via the phone. Before taking the path of Jackie to the next location, you could purchase an Bounce Back Mk. 1 on the ground in the corner to the left.

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When you walk through the hall, you’ll need to be sure to frighten away the snoozy neighbor – and not worry the fact that something happens to her in the close. If you’ve achieved your target, then break the door. Do not be distracted by Jackie’s crowd, and first look around to find all possible things.

In the second bedroom of the apartment, you’ll find an unidentified corpse. It’s unfortunately it isn’t the Sandra Dorsett that you are seeking. Jackie appears before a different door that you need to open. There is a scavenger behind it who does not look at you. You can sneak towards him while seated and then remove him and place your freezer in his place.

Get sneaky after Jackie and hide near close to the exit. It is also important to locate an appropriate position to sit, as in the event that you don’t, two enemies on the way are likely to see your. So, sit in the corner of the vending machine located in the direction to the right of Jacke.

When the two said villains have walked past your path, you need to take them down. The problemis they are able to turn their backs towards you, and they’re in close proximity to one the other. The solution? Sneak to the left of them and then take him down from behind as Jackie immediately takes charge of the man to the left.

You can now easily get into the room next to eliminate two more criminals from behind and Jackie is taking care of another man. The friend then runs to a door in the back of which Scavenger leader is in hiding. He’s got his back against the wall, which means you won’t be able to sneak up on him quickly. However, there’s a floodlight right in the front of him that you can use to deter him. Stay close to the door, and wait until the scavenger is kneeling before the floodlight. Then you’ll be able take the scavenger out without being noticed.

The rest is pretty much simple: in the shadows of a door, you’ll finally see Sandra Dorsett lying naked in the tub of ice under the corpse of a man. You just need to follow the directions of T-Bug and request the airhypo of Jackie when cardiac arrest is detected. At the end of the day you’ll need to transport the body to the terrace, from where your trauma unit will be on hand to provide all the aid they can.

Inside the lift, speak to Wakako Okada over the phone. After that, you’ll get the second mission. the Mission will start and you’ll be taken to Jackie’s vehicle. On the way the van will attack you. That’s the reason you must take a look out of the window with your weapon drawn and kill the two men on the back first – preferring to do it with head shots that are targeted. When the van is right next to you, focus on the driver. If he’s also dead, then you’ve avoided the risk.

In the middle of the roadblock, you assist Jackie out with a verbal aid, while you are able to avoid the next incident. Following that, you need to go back to your residence to complete the task. Between now and then, you’ll receive another phone call from T-Bug and the associated secondary task the Gift.

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