Walkthrough Control Walkthrough: All Missions, Hidden Places & Secrets

Control Walkthrough Reception

You begin in the reception area that is abandoned by the oldest building and are initially able to only move to the right by way of an iron detector. On the device respectively, between the two red lamps lies a note with the heading Reminder forbidden items(correspondence).

Then, immediately climb the stairs and turn to the left when you reach the bottom. You’ll find the entrance, which has an orange lamp, and behind the desk is an animated screen as well as an organizer. You can examine the first and then look at the smaller filing cabinet, and you’ll find the matters that the authorities have to deal with(research and documents).

In the hallway, go past the portraits on the walls. You’ll find two toilet rooms near the top of the street on your left. However, you’ll find helpful nothing in these rooms. Thus, turn in the opposite direction and look for partially lit offices, though you’re not allowed to access most of them. The most notable one is the enormous bright, well-lit space to your left that houses, among other things, the most prominent American flag. In it, you get hold of a security order(correspondence) in the corner respectively at the pinboard.

Continue along the corridor until you must make a right turn at least once. You will then be able to enter the room next to your left, even though there has a zappenduster inside. Walk a few steps straight ahead and grab the note about Reminder R4 Reports(Correspondence), which lies in the middle of the room on a wide table.

Continue to the next aisle corner, from where you can be able to enter the room that is on your left. In contrast to the other two rooms, it’s empty, so you must go towards the person who turns his back on you. The man is Ahti, the janitor who is your assistant. Per his advice, you are required to attend the interview, which is why He points toward the elevator. So, in the context of your first task begins: Welcome to the oldest house in the world..

Then things start to get odd: for instance, if you pass by Ahti and turn in the opposite direction, you’ll return to the hallway, complete where the photos are. Also, you’ll see the staircase, the metal detector, and the reception area from earlier. So are you walking in circles? Stranger still: one of the portraits is gone, and a massive elevator with a black face is smiling at you instead. You can enter it and then push the faucets for a trip towards the executive section.

Look for Director Trench

When you step out of the car and walk out of the vehicle, you’ll be in a long hallway. Follow the straight line until you reach the narrow hallway section. You’ll be able to there are offices along the other side. The first door on your left, with a green lamp hanging above it, with the green light, can be opened, and you will reach the Reminder approved terms(correspondence). In contrast, to open the door on your right side, which has the lampshade in red, you require an authorization card that is level 1. This will obtain at the end of the game.

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The rooms that aren’t used are empty, and you should take a break from the narrow hallway. You can go to the huge landscape painting hanging on the wall to the left, and to the left are several filing cabinets. On the cabinets, in turn, you spy the message Trench: Please do not disturb(correspondence). The door opposite is locked; follow the red carpet to enter the Director’s Office.

In the file, you’ll see Director Trench, who appears to have killed himself. Check out his weapons that were used in the case (case documents) placed on the ground close to him. Then the video sequence “Objects of Power(Multimedia) is set to begin. Then you will be in the Astral Plane, where the use is explained through an instructional video.

Astral Plane: Official Weapon

Begin by running through the marble flooring, then leap and jump over any obstacles. Once you have reached the figure, you must kill it as described by the game using the strike known as psy. Then a part of the floor is raised, and you have to be able to climb right away and keep this weapon within your hand.

Aim for the next figure you see from a distance towards the end of the road, then shoot at them. Be assured that you’ll use an unlimited quantity of ammunition. In reality, there are 14 cartridges inside the chamber, and you need to refill them. To do this, it is a matter of waiting just a few seconds, and pressing a button is not required.

The 14 cartridges should be sufficient for both figures, mainly if you target their heads. But, then, a new route will be created that you have to go down, and then other statistics will be drawn toward you. They’re more aggressive than their predecessors. That is why you should shoot at them, then put the weapon under constant fire, and then take a short break until your gun is automatically loaded.

Furthermore, a handful of figures are also seen at the film’s end carrying guns and firing at you. You can calmly attack since the characters behave hesitantly. If you wish to stay secure, you could conceal yourself behind one of the stones that protrude from the ground while you load.

Then a glowing rope appears at the center of the platform. You need to click. This way, you’ll depart from the astral plane and return to the director’s office.

Find out Central Management

The Directorate office is back. Directorate office and you can go through the front doors. The hallway from earlier appears blood-red. Further back, you’ll find three bodies suspended in the air. A short scene begins when you come close to them, and the bodies are brought to life. They were former guards of the authorities who had been affected by hissing. They are appropriately called The Hissing Guard (Research and Records) and instantly take on you.

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You’ll have to hit every hissing sound several times using your new weapon to eliminate them. Your adversaries could also shoot at you, which is why hiding in the alcove directly to your left is ideal. The left-hand side of the alcove isn’t recommended as enemies could be able to move into the adjoining room and attack you from there too.

Are you able to get through the battle? Then cross the hallway. On the other hand, there’s another mystery for you. The elevator that you left earlier is gone. Instead, a signboard that reads Executive Affairs/Central Executive indicates a different corridor to your left, which was also missing prior.

If you continue along the route and follow it, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the Trench and find an emergency number to call. Keep walking until you get to the following post to the right towards the Central Executive. In front of it, you’ll find one small room on the left, an even larger hall that is well-lit. From there, nine enemies are waiting to attack you, so you should run back a couple of steps. Within the hallway, the risk of being attacked is just too high. Instead, let the adversaries arrive at you and then shoot them repeatedly with a single shot to the head.

The room is small, but it offers nothing of interest. It is worthwhile to visit the office on the right of it or to the west after the battle. Inside is a large desk, next to which are several sheets of paper and the Minutes of the meeting of the management(correspondence)

The space to the south is a space for office work; a large gray filing cabinet is on the adjacent wall. On top of the cabinet, you will discover a tape recorder with a recording called FBC Reminder: the building is changing(multimedia).

Then, look around the vast spacious, well-lit hallway to the east. It’s brimming with desks. In the southeast corner, you’ll find another filing cabinet with the dinner reservation(correspondence). Additionally, on the east side, several shelters are accessible by pushing a button. In this case, this will take you to a sink with the Marshal: AWE Investigations(correspondence) as well as a small, gray container that you should also open as well as loot.

In the hall, you’ll also be able to see an additional Central Executive signpost on the east wall that will direct you to the door in the north. The door will lead you into Central Executive. Central Executive.

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