Walkthrough Call Of Duty: Vanguard Walkthrough: Guide For The Campaign, All Trophies & Achievements

Mission Phoenix is the first campaign of Call of Duty Vanguard and it also marks the beginning the walkthrough. Your quest takes you into Hamburg around 1945 and you’re on a train which is moving towards a train at a rapid speed. Once your fellow passengers have crossed the bridge their own train, it’s now time to follow the train. In this mission you can complete the trophies/achievements “Ticket Control” and “Beware of Trains”

Jump on the train to Hamburg

Be careful, as even though the game won’t offer a prompt to jump, and it’s not essential to hop onto the other train, If you’re not careful, you may be caught in that gap in between two trains, and end up dying. It’s a messy beginning to your first adventure. Be on guard.

Once you’ve reached your destination on the other side, you’ll be required to go with your companions towards the cabin. In the next events, you’ll be able to earn the achievement or the trophy “Ticket Control”, for this, you must take out 15 enemies standing on the roof of a wagon.

To gain the achievement you need to beat 15 enemies while sitting on the roof of a wagon.

The train car will be crossed directly ahead, and you will you will meet Polina on the opposite side. She will shoot the enemy soldier on your behalf So, save your ammo. The sniper will prefer the route that is across the roofs of the wagons you should take the route across the train that is to your left. To prevent the risk of hitting the ground, start with a brief sprint.

The two enemies who are the first to be immediately ahead and one out in the open and one inside the carriage, are easy to be eliminated quietly using the knife. To accomplish this make sure you sneak up on the Nazis and press the appropriate button. To the left of you are two more enemies. Shoot one of them head-on while the other one is eliminated by your companions nearly at the same time.

Get back on the other train, with a quick start and stealthily follow Arthur. When he informs that you of the closed door you’ll enter the left-hand side in the train. Unlock the door to the carriage and remove two Nazis to your left who are hiding in the area, just to the right of the doorway.

Beware about train tracks (achievement/trophy)

There are enemies standing in front of your face that are going to attack you with a ferocious force. You have the benefit of numerous covers, and your fellow soldiers will take care of the units of the enemy. If you switch between trains, ensure that you make a jump in the air in order to stay clear of landing onto tracks, which are absolutely deadly.

You are now able to move freely. This means that you are able to climb on the roof of the train just a bit further. There will be a lot of enemy trucks close to the trains. Make sure you take out the owner of the truck to ensure that he does not end up dying along with the other filled soldiers. This is how you can unlock the achievement or trophy “Beware of train tracks”

After tackling the initial wave, walk across the train carriage, and watch for the constant fire coming from the train to your left. Get behind the crates in order to stay clear of being struck, and then defend yourself by using an unintentional fire, or even a carefully-aimed grenade prior to moving through the door. You are able to leave the truck which is now following you the road to Wade.

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From the next roof you can take out the next group of enemies. Then, leap over the truck that is between two trains and onto the left train. From there, you can continue your journey. If you’ve encountered problems to this point then you can get past the next enemy by not going through the train car but just over the edge to the left. This way , you can hit the Nazis into the rear.

Control of Tickets (Trophy/Achievement)

As you make your way towards the cab, you’ll be able to repeatedly climb on the roofs of train cars. Do your best to eliminate all Nazis as you can from the roofs in order to take down 15 enemies while standing on the roof of a wagon, you’ll be awarded the achievement or the trophy “Ticket Control.”

Be aware that only killings when standing on the roof of a metal structure with three hatches count as killing. Any other position like the roofs of vehicles loaded with or wooden beams are not considered to be a kill. The killing of truck drivers even when standing on the roof doesn’t count. Additionally, you’ll need to get moving faster or your fellow soldiers will kill all worthy targets.

If you aren’t able to kill 15 enemies in this method before you reach the station, you’ll need restart the mission and attempt again.

After you have reached Polina and run through her to the left and climb the ledge that is at the rear of the railway car in order to move ahead. Follow the train and you’ll need to fight off enemies a bit further ahead, with the capability of a machine gun. It’s now time to hide behind the vehicles loaded with weapons and then take out one enemy at one time.

To accomplish this, sit on the edge toward the tracks and utilize to use the “prop to the side” command to look around and shoot. Be sure to not remain in the position for long, or else you’ll be at an increased risk of taking many hits. The Nazi who is armed with a machine gun should be your first the upper hand in your efforts of course.

Now , you have to confront the soldier who is in an heavily-armed half-track vehicle. You could take him out in the same manner as the group of enemies before and let your comrades and let them explode the entire thing. Shoot the log leader to your left a little further ahead. Then, jump onto your friends.

Always, the loose boards will show you the best places to jump from to avoid hitting the tracks. Be sure to sprint quickly when you’re instructed to do so, or your mission is an unfinished job.

Infiltrate the base of the submarine

Take the other passengers out of the train, and then head towards the big area in the front of the main. Take the machine gun along the way as there’s no reason not to get cover behind the next intersection and put the Nazis under the glare of fire. But, make sure you prioritize the enemy dogs while doing this, as they’ll turn into a bigger problem.

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Repeat the game. You must run along the tracks, get into cover then watch until the train is about to go through, and then kill those Nazis from the opposing side of the tracks by shooting from the cover of an automatic weapon. Like always, short shots of fire will bring more benefits than continuous firing which is why you should take your time making sure you are firing and aiming properly however be aware of any explosives.

When you get close to the area of operations, a gunman is likely to be seen on the walkway that is over the entrance. You should eliminate him first. Find a second beautiful cover with a view of the entry point to the base. Take out all remaining adversaries. When the red smoke begins to appear, you can make use of blind fire to kill Nazis who rush out.

They’re always with dogs that follow in a second wave. Watch out for them and kill them immediately, or else you’re done for. The next step is to follow your fellow soldiers inside the base as well as into the control room on the left. Review the tables to the left and continue your mission in following sections.

Secure Phoenix Information

Watch for the conversation to begin as you go through the papers on the table. Then assist Arthur to move the table front of the door to make the other side. On the other hand you can grab the sniper gun that is on the barrel to the right side and shoot the submersible’s soldiers that is under fire.

After that, you will ensure that you take responsibility for the Nazis in your area. Naturally, it is possible that you may already drop a grenade in the initial round of shooting to reduce the entire combat. You just need to follow the right path. Keep your distance and finish off all opponents with the sniper rifle, and then grab new ammunition and grenades out of the crates, and you’ll be safe.

Pay attention to the soldiers that keep moving to positions above yours and make sure to prioritize them in the fight. Don’t get caught up in the messages that tell you to speed up your pace You can take your time all over the world. Then follow Webb as well as Kingsley towards the second submarine making sure not to hit your fellow sailors on the jetty that is above the position you are in.

Before you step foot inside your submarine could prefer an instrument that is better suited to restricted spaces. You can choose from the numerous corpses. As soon as you get inside the vessel you’ll be faced in a direct confrontation against Nazis in the dark hallways. Be quick to react and be prepared to deal with enemy before they can start firing.

Once you’ve completed the opening and you have entered the second, you must fight three additional soldiers. By using rapid fire , or a well-aimed and targeted grenade, it is possible to take them out without having to fire one shot. This is how you get to the crate, and hence the end of the mission.

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