Walkthrough Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Guide: Tips & Tricks For Blackout Mode, Mystery Boxes Locations

In the helicopter, you’re seated, and you’re ready to fight. The landing spot is selected, and your gut instinct tells you, “This time, we’ll triumph! The hatch is opened, and you speed towards the ground. However, as you approach, the feeling of a good gut changes into fear. What is the reason there are so many players on the field? What is the weaponry available? What did I pick up? What is it? After the first battle you could not beat, you curse the weapon. What is the recoil like this? So inaccurate! Perhaps it was luck. It is essential to add some luck in each Battle Royale.

However, if you don’t want to depend on luck by itself, You’ve come to the right spot. We have compiled this guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 guide to the Battle Royale mode Blackout We want to reduce the risk of losing your game with solid information.

Before diving into the details in the guide, we’d like to tell you exactly what to expect in the guide, with an outline of the guide.

Weapons Do they fire like a laser or kick out like an emo horse?

Equipment Is this equipment need a place in my inventory, or perhaps one to go in the trash?

Perks Can it help me or complicate my life?

More peaceful landing points Do I ever be able to shop in peace? Or will I be shot in the back?

locations that contain mystery boxes What is hidden within?

Ten Tips and Tricks: Let me know something I haven’t yet discovered!

The best weapon

We’ve divided the guns into three categories for your convenience. Very useful, depending on the situation or personal preference, and seldom useful.

Very helpful

Suppose luck is at your side. If one of your mysterious boxes can give you a Galil, the odds of winning increase. This Galil is one of the most potent weapons available in Blackout is a weapon that has everything you can need: a robust accuracy, penetrating power, and a very easily controlled recoil. The fire rate leaves a lot to be desired; however, anyone who has experienced the Galil in their possession knows that it will not take many bullets to take out the armored adversaries.

A second, somewhat rare, mysterious box weapon that could be dropped by zombies who have died is an MP-40. The is an ancient German submachine gun that can be described as considered to be the most powerful SMG that you can find, particularly in medium-range. In close-quarters combat, There are other options; however, since most fights are conducted at a medium or even longer distance, it’s advantageous to own an SMG that can be mobile and give it a shot from an appropriate distance.

In the case of shooting with the <, strong>two-hander, There are many opinions. We’d put a dangerous-looking weapon in the category of light machine guns. Two barrels offer double the excitement at close distance. However, the speed of fire and the difficulty of controlling recoil fly it at higher ranges. If you’re looking to tear away a fully armored foe nearby and within a short period, there are a few more powerful weapons other than those that are a 2-hander.

There are two weapons: the Swordfish as well as the the ABR223 are both guns with which you shoot at volleys. This increases the weapon’s accuracy and helps to manage the recoil, however, at the cost of the speed of fire. However, we have found that the Swordfish as well as the the ABR223 to be extremely deadly instruments, especially for those who have high accuracy. If an opponent does not know exactly where you are when you fire the weapon, the chances of him being able to respond in time to the precise shots of these two guns are low.

If you come across one of these weapons Koshka, Paladin HB50, Outlaw or SDM and you are one of the lucky owners of the Sniper rifle. Because of the vast distances you can see and potentially engage an adversary, it is recommended to carry a sniper gun in your arsenal. Any weapons listed above can do what you need, but the Paladin HB50 is the most effective Sniper rifle available.

The KN-57 and ICR-7, the VAPR-XKG Maddox RFB, and Rampart 17 are the main weapons in Blackout. Assault rifles are the mainstay and final solution in most fights and are useful in virtually every scenario. We particularly like these two models: the KN-57 and ICR-7. The addition of a few parts and excellent sights are both indispensable. Our opinion is that this model, the KN-57 without additional parts, is the most powerful assault rifle available today.

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Personal preference / situational

The War Machine is a potent weapon that can be obtained by snatching supplies and is particularly useful in a closed-door environment, where it may even take out a whole squad. It’s a very rare weapon that can affect your mobility and be an obstacle to you during an open fight.

The Hellion Salvo rocket launcher is designed to tear apart helicopters and quads. Similar to it’s cousin, War Machine, the Hellion Salvo affects your mobility. There’s nothing as satisfying as knocking an encircling helicopter from the sky. Make sure to target it, then wait for the aimer to latch onto the car, and then take a moment to enjoy the fireworks.

The two shotguns used in the sport, MOG 12 and the SG12 are only useful in certain situations. However, it’s hard to find anything comparable to an SG12 shotgun when you need to clear rooms in a building. For instance, the SG12 especially has a semi-automatic firing feature, and a large mag is a deadly adversary at close ranges.

Its SAUG-9mm variant, MX9, GKS, Spitfire, and Cordite all belong to SMGs category. They’re especially impressive at close range, and with the addition of a few components at a medium range well, because of their firing speed. It’s a good idea to own an SMG and an assault rifle or sniper rifle to stay away from standing in a public space in a pants-less position.

The guns with the designations, Titan, Hades and VKM 750 all fall into the category of light machine guns. They are powerful and effective in medium and short ranges; however, they have recoil that is difficult to control, and the rate of fire isn’t as good. There’s no better weapon when you need to take on the enemy under massive attack. Particularly against armored adversaries, These lighter machine guns are typically the best option.

The Auger DMR is a semi-automatic sniper gun with an enormous magazine that can cause damage mostly at medium distance. However, compared to other sniper rifles, Auger DMR does not stand out as much in our view. It is simply not accurate and lacks penetration power. In other words, the large magazine and a significantly more rapid rate of fire won’t be of much use. For most enemies that aren’t armored, Auger DMR is a good choice. Auger DMR is a viable option.

Not often efficient

Strife, Mozu, RK 7 Garrison The three readily available pistols, fall in this category due to numerous reasons. The gun’s firepower isn’t penetrative enough to combat armored adversaries, and the speed of fire is not fast enough; as most of the battles are fought from a distance, it is simply unable to reach. This is the only option if you cannot locate anything else to start an event, such as or even, in that case, we’d advise against using the mozu and get another of the two pistols.

It is the Ray Gun, which is well-known to zombies, can be located within Blackout. To get it, you need to kill zombies and some luck. Sometime the dead zombie may drop the Ray Gun for you. However, we believe this Ray Gun will not be very useful for Blackout. The damage it can deal is not enough against armored adversaries, and it fails in most weapons at the range.

The Essex Model 07 is a rare weapon you typically find from dead zombies. But, it’s not worthy of the time and effort. If handled properly, it’s risky, but even then, there are more suitable alternatives than an old, however very precise firearm with a bolt-action.


Similar to the weapons, we’ll classify all equipment into three types. Highly useful, based on personal preference or situation, and not very useful.

Very helpful

Lethal grenade varieties, including poison bombs, Molotov and the cluster grenade 9-bang, the concussion, and, of course, the regular grenade, will likely aid you in the future. This type of grenade is uncommon and only located in areas with zombies. It is a great weapon for attracting zombies. Molotov will be the perfect weapon to draw enemies from the safety. This Cluster Grenade explodes into numerous tiny grenades, and can cause huge damage across a vast area. It is also known as the 9-Bang is an explosive flash-bang that explodes several times. The concussion grenade temporarily incapacitates enemies and reduces their speed. The usual concussion grenade? It explodes as usual!

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Sensor Arrow Sensor Arrow is among the finest items of equipment you’ll discover. It is only a single shot, but if shot at a place in the area, you suspect that there are enemies in the area; for instance, Sensor Arrow can make them appear for a longer period in that area when you look at the map.

Sensor Arrow Arrow Sensor Arrow is among the finest items of equipment you could get your hands on.

A climb hook is the top piece of equipment available in Blackout. The possibilities that the hook can open up for you are endless. Are you a sniper hiding behind trees? It’s no problem. You can reach him in only a few minutes with just a few targeted climbs. Do you want to reach an otherwise unreachable roof? There’s no problem. Throw a targeted climbing hook, and you’re already in a situation where nobody would ever suspect you.

Personal preference / situational

Hits with the War Axe can be a quick kill for players in Blackout because it’s a multiplayer weapon. But, throwing an Axe around during combat is much riskier than throwing a bomb, particularly because there is no risk of explosion. axe does not explode. If you’re confident about your arm’s accuracy and throwing ability, go for the ax. Anyone else is free to get off the ax for the war and utilize the space to get additional weapons.

The barricade has indeed been a lifesaver for us several times. However, there aren’t all situations where it can be beneficial. Sometimes, there’s no time to put it in place, or the terrain isn’t suitable. In the end, at all times, this is a barricade that can only be used for defensive purposes. The choice here is yours to make whether you prefer to defend my team and me, or would I rather be aggressive?

A trigger mine trigger mine isn’t very effective for many reasons. It is the first reason that opponents can detect it quickly. Secondly, to activate it even once, they need to be able to get close enough as well. Thirdly, as it is similar to the barricade, it’s defense equipment. If you’re looking for some fun, you can snare enemies by using golden weapons or mine the area and see what happens.

A smoke bomb could be a blessing or curse. Yes, the enemy cannot see you, and neither do you be able to see your enemy. Using the smoke bomb is a great tool if you need to get away or lack cover and no cover. Additionally, if you wish to rescue the body of a teammate that has fallen and is recklessly lying in an open field, it can improve the odds of getting them. So, having a smoking grenade included in your inventory is not a mistake.

Very rarely practical

Cymbal Monkey Cymbal Monkey may appear cute and will always want to be your friend, But don’t let him fool you. He’s explosive. Others won’t be aware of him, but when zombies and zombies surround you, you’ll notice that the Cymbal Monkey will catch the attention of other players and explode by itself when they’re close enough. It’s not logical keeping this Monkey within your possession. It’s best for picking up on the moment and then instantly throwing it away.

Barbed wire barbed wire is probably the most ineffective apparatus in Blackout. We’ve yet to come across any situation in which we’ve thought, “What if there was the barbed wire in my bag? If you’re trying to shut a door, you should use the tripwire. Do you not have one? You can leave the wire in place anyway.

The remote-controlled vehicle for reconnaissance is enjoyable, but it is utterly useless. We rarely could locate enemies using it. Most of the time, it’s destroyed before the attack since it is easy to detect and hear. However, if you’ve got time and enjoy playing with remote-controlled vehicles, You can test it out.

The Trophy System destroys enemy shells within a short area. If you’re in an area where running away isn’t feasible, the Trophy System could help you avoid some bombs. Most of the time, it’s better to move around instead of installing the Trophy System and waiting for explosives.

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